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Oregon Trail

by Vanilla Ice

Part 5: Page 5

The Indian is greedy. He thinks he owns this country! I have rejected his offer of help.


SHIT. I still have my life and I am going to make it to my land of milk and honey soon.

I arrive at my Fort. Along the way I get sick, but rest and I manage to live. In addition a theif came in the night and stole 4 bullets. He was a greedy bastard to say the least.

I stocked up a bit more. Here is my new supply list.

[ Screenshot Missing ]

Now we shall continue on our neverending quest for truth, justice, and the American Way.

I arrived at the beautiful Blue Mountains.

We have another tough decision ahead of us adventurers. WHAT DO WE DO?

We head for the Dalles.

Steven broke his leg and got Chollera and we broke a wagon wheel, but we make it there in one piece. Coincidently it is on New Years Eve that we arrive.

Unfortunately they do not allow me to ford this last river. What shall I do now?