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Original Thread: I've never met an innocent man. Let's Play Outlaws.


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Murder, revenge, and some of the smarmiest horses this side of the Mississippi. Outlaws is a FPS set in the untamed wilds where the boys are seperated from the men. I plan to play the entire single player, the extra Handful of Missions and show off the multiplayer, so kick back for a spell and enjoy.

Single Player
The single player has nine missions with animated cutscenes to link the story and levels together. I will be doing as close to 100% runs as I can, but due to the counter being broken it is difficult to know for sure. Mission two and on will be played in Bad difficulty to make it more watchable.

Vimeo Viddler

Slim's Hideout - Introduction
Vimeo Viddler

Slim's Hideout
Vimeo Viddler
(Opening Music: Johnny Cash - The Man Comes Around)

Vimeo Viddler
(Opening Music: Dead Kennedys - Rawhide)

The Train
Vimeo Viddler
(Opening Music: Loretta Lynn - Have Mercy)

River Basin
Vimeo Viddler
(Opening Music: Beck - Farewell Ride)

Vimeo Viddler
(Opening Music: Eagles Of Death Metal - Chase The Devil)

The Fort
(Opening Music: Ennio Morricone - The Slaughter)

The Mine
(Opening Music: Queens of the Stone Age - God is in the Radio)

The Cliffs
(Opening Music: Snot - Deadfall)

Bob Graham's Ranch

Vengeance Speed Run
The old western look of the first video seemed to be well received and since the second mission has so much going on I'm going to try and make it as clean as possible. I put this together as a good faith offering until I can get the second mission up. It is running at 200% so if you want the actual time just multiply the video length by 2. This also isn't meant to be an absolute perfect speed run, and is just for fun. There are quite a few areas I could have shaved off more time but that is more time spent redoing this and less spent on the second mission.

If you like it I will make one for each level.

Slim's Hideout
Vimeo Viddler

Outlaws Multiplayer Guide

Network: Outlaws SA Posse
Password: marshall

Status: Inactive
Schedule: [?]

Multiplayer Results
September 27th
Video xite (dead)

September 28th
Dry Gulch
Video Sylpher (dead)

October 4th
Simms at Night, Buckshotville, Sanctuary, Wilderness
Video Xite (dead)

The Bad and the Ugly


Ol' Bastard




"Spittin'" Sanchez

"Bloodeye" Tim

"Henry" George Bowers

"Rattlesnake" Dick Farmer

"Chubby" Russell Simms

"Bloody" Mary Nash

Matt "Dr Death" Jackson

Chief Two Feathers

"Buckshot" Bill Morgan

"Gentleman" Bob Graham

How to get Outlaws Multiplayerable
Your one stop shop on how to get Outlaws all updated for multiplayer on XP/Vista. I will expand this as we run into issues and ways to resolve them. I'm not going to detail how to install it, but I will offer a couple tips:

Patches, we don't need no stinking patches!
Once the game is up and running you will want to make sure you are updated to the latest patch (2.01). If you are not sure go ahead and download it and when you try to install it will tell you if you are already patched. LucasArts still hosts all the patches and a Direct3d update here:

Multiplayer Utilities
Now that you hopefully have the game all patched up you will need two utilities for playing mutliplayer.

Gunslinger (Look for the Gunslinger download about halfway down.)

Hamachi is pretty simple to install. Follow the on screen prompts and the little tutorial and you should be fine. Here is the SA Outlaws network info:

Network: Outlaws SA Posse
Password: marshall

I will keep the OP updated with the current status of the network, when games are planned, etc...

Gunslinger is a little cheesy application to make working with Outlaws multiplayer a little easier. I have to run it as administrator in Vista or it gives me all sorts of hell. There are a lot of little features it offers, but the ones we need are as follows:

Select Multiplayer Settings and click Go. Go through the list and change your settings. Nickname and Enter IP Address are probably the only two you will really need. The Host IP is (You will need Hamachi setup and logged in to the Outlaws SA network to connect to this IP).

Looks like you need to join by launching the game outside of Gunslinger, selecting Windows Socket and putting the Host IP above in. Seems to be the most successful way of getting in.

You might need to do your game configuration through Gunslinger as it seems to reset all the video and key settings you do launching Outlaws normally. I still need to play with it a bit more as it seems to be hit and miss.

All the video settings except the Glide driver gives me a strange video issue of displaying only shades of green, making playing extremely difficult. If you are having issues the glide wrapper is available from the Outlaw Dad site linked above for Gunslinger. I also can only record through Fraps using Glide so if you are planning to record any video you might want to experiment with it.

Gunslinger also comes with a map manager for custom maps that I have not looked too much into. I will expand this when I have had a chance.
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