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Original Thread: Let's get trapped underground with mutant zombie things in Overblood


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Evening all. I'm Psycho Serum and you may remember me from... uh... you know what, I'm new at this. Let's go with that.

On the table today is Overblood, an interesting and more than a little weird mix of survival horror and adventure game released on the original Playstation after the success of Resident Evil convinced everyone to create a featureless mass of transparent, featherweight rip-offs. However unlike the tedious mass of shit that was expelled alongside it, Overblood is actually pretty good. Well, it's okay. It's unintentionally hilarious and plays like zombies invaded a brewery on bring-your-issues-to-work day, what more could you want? The controls are beyond horrible but you guys don't have to deal with that so uh congratulations on your choices in life. It also doesn't feature pre-rendered environments which I guess was a novel approach to survival horror?

The protagonist of this little trek is one Weinerless Steve Raz Karcy, pictured below, who wakes up in a cryo tube in an underground lab suffering from a bad case of the who the hell am I's. The main objectives of the game are, in order, 1) find out who you are 2) find out where you are 3) find out how you got there 4) leave 5) Retire to France and open a bakery. Standing between us and that goal are a number of spoilers, and also zombies, because back in '97 no one was sick of them yet.

Update schedule will be consistent but mysterious. Commentary will be me and anyone who hits me up on skype (psychoserum) and tells me their favourite song. Videos are on blip and viddler, also below. Don't choke. We can deal with this.

By the way this was a no weapon run, did I forget to mention that before


Intro: BlipViddler
Episode 1: Trapped Under Ice: (with Clorox Disinfecting Quarter Knots, his favourite song is over here) BlipViddler
Episode 2: Taking the Night Off: (with Nursing Theory and TI-420) BlipViddler
Episode 3: Useless Generation: (with Cyberdud. A nice change of pace, musically.) BlipViddler
Episode 4: What is Love Without Loss: (With Habermann. This one is a lot more pleasant than the last time we met.) BlipViddler
Episode 5: The Most Miserable of Men: (with my old friend Coulis. Check out his new thing, its pretty good. Uh never mind) BlipViddler
Episode 6: Corridor Fighting Men: (with me ol mate Hbomberguy.) BlipViddler
Episode 7: Another Great Escape: (with Terror Van and Terrorvani Fatfat) BlipViddler
Episode 8: Remember This One: (with Coulis again) Blip Viddler
Episode 9: Downfall: (with TurboFlamingChicken, that bastard, and FirstAidKite) BlipViddler

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