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Part 3: Central China: October 1, 1937

As the campaigning year nears its close, we're closing in on our final goal in central China. If we push hard enough, we can take it.

We don't have much more to do here but take Shanghai. Let's get to it.

Axis Turn 8: Oct 1, 1937
Day, Cloudy (Dry)

We finally clear out all resistance in the south (The infantry here pushed them back to the river, and a fighter strike handles the rest).

While Shanghai is the main target of our assault, there is some fighting going on elsewhere along the coast.

An enemy cavalry unit is trying to slow our advance. After a day of difficult fighting we manage to push them aside.

The squeeze is on from the south. Our superior forces smash into the Chinese left side.

Allied Turn 8: Oct 1, 1937
Day, Cloudy (Dry)

The units in Su-Chou are cut off. They try to fight their way out, but there is little hope of that happening.

Axis Turn 9: Oct 8, 1937
Day, Fair (Dry)

As the days grow shorter we continue to press forward to Shanghai. We're clearing out the units in the outskirts, but there is still a difficult fight ahead for the city itself.

It appears that now there are no other enemy forces remaining in the region.

Allied Turn 9: Oct 8, 1937
Day, Fair (Dry)

Our fighters pay the price for flying into the range of Shanghai's heavy anti-air guns.

Down at ground level, the city pushes back our initial infantry guard. Those were not intended to be the main assault force anyway.

Axis Turn 10: Oct 15, 1937
Day, Fair (Dry)

Bombers soften up the city's defenses, and then in a bloody fight our Engineers eliminate a whole unit.

We continue to push hard, leading to unfortunately high losses for our tanks when they try to knock out those anti-air guns.

Note: I was desperately trying to reduce the ammo in those AA guns here, in order to keep the heavily-damaged fighter unit that was forced to refuel at the nearby airfield alive.

More territory is claimed along the coast.

Allied Turn 10: Oct 15, 1937
Day, Fair (Dry)

Despite their reduced number, our tanks stand firm when the Chinese troops come at them to retake the city.

Axis Turn 11: Oct 22, 1937
Day, Fair (Dry)

The south is securely in our hands.

The battle for control of the city lasts a few more days, but at the end of it, Shanghai surrenders entirely.

The city has been taken, and almost every enemy unit was eliminated. It has come at a heavy cost for many, but it is a win nonetheless.

Final VP: 931 - 88 (Decisive Victory)
Ending Prestige: 475 (+800 Victory Award)

Unit Spotlight

Type 38 Improved 75mm Field Gun
PG Name: Meiji 38 Imp.75 Type: Artillery
Effective Date: 7/36
Value:6 Cost:72 Spot:1 Move:1 MM:Gun Trans:Naval Fuel: -
Init:1 Range:2 SA:11 HA:5 AA:0 NA:0 GD:2 AD:6 CD:0 TT:Soft Ammo:9

This model was introduced in the 38th year of the Meiji Emperor, or 1905 in the Gregorian Calendar. The 'Improved' version came out in the 1920s, and it's a fairly standard field gun of that era.

In-game analysis: 75mm Artillery pieces are typically the least effective (outside of rockets) but when they are the only thing you've got, they'll do the job. Thankfully the separation of movement and combat in Pacific General makes 2-range artillery units actually viable for assaulting fortified objectives. I'd still rather have something with more punch.

Nakajima Ki-27 (Nate)
PG Name: Nakajima Ki-27 Nate Type:Fighter
Effective Date: 7/36
Value:12 Cost:144 Spot:3 Move:10 MM:Air Trans:No Fuel: 51
Init:5 SA:2 HA:1 AA:6 NA:0 DA:0 GD:6 AD:6 Ammo:8

The Ki-27 was the successor to the Perry as the Army's primary fighter. Compared to more modern designs of the time, it was a relatively poor performer, but it did prove superior to most Chinese and Soviet aircraft that it faced in the 1930s. It continued to be used by the IJA into 1941.

In-game analysis: In contrast to the Perry, this is an above-average fighter for the early war. It's better on offense than defense, but the decently high initiative makes it likely that it can win the battle; it therefore works well as either an escort or interceptor. All of that said, the A5M4 (Claude) is a better plane that's available at the same time for the same price.