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Part 24: The Angelic Panacea is Awesomely Awesome Gallery

Hello everyone. This is a little gallery I whipped up for all the images that Angelic Panacea made that didn't get used in the actual posts. If you've gotten this far into the archive you're probably interested in this kind of thing. I also highly recommend reading through the entire Let's Play Paladin's Quest thread otherwise some of this isn't going to make very much sense. I'll provide some commentary to give you some context and insight.

Starting off we have this little image here. Depicting Doth, the child molesting maze monster chasing Johnny through the crystal Maze. I think my favorite part of this image is the facial expressions on the two characters. That, and the "Rape Cloud LOL!"

Here is the first of many sketches An Pan did while my computer was busted. Once again the faces are just awesome, and the detail on the second to last frame really hammers the point home.

This is actually something I drew for Angelic Panacea, illustrating why I appreciate her help so much. As you can se my artistic abilities are severely lacking. I've tried to teach myself to draw on a basic level three times and failed. About the only thing I can draw are cubes.

Here's a picture of Johnny hoping to make out with one or more members of team boobies while on a boring gondola ride. Johnny's lip action and Mindy's smile are very nice.

This is a nice drawing of Sophie the immortal. It's important to note she wears nearly the same outfit as Mindy. This is important to the plot.

Here's another one from the breakdown filler. Once again the faces people make are great. I especially like the second frame where Jonny looks very, very happy about what he's having for dinner. Also his expression in the final frame captures shock and pain very well.

This is kind of a thread in joke you kind of had to be there. The only thing you really need to know is the quote An Pan gave with the image. "Goddamnit Johnny!"

Here's another great one from the computer breakdown phase. This one depicts Wild's reservations about Rackgo and Doru relationships. MeanMa's stance in the last panel is especially great. To quote An Pan "My breasts demand an explanation for this rude outburst!"

We see in the second page Wild's concerns stem from *ahem* physical constraints. Everything about this image is funny. Faces on food, both the yay, and grief and lamentation versions. The use of the term grief and lamentation. The final reaction frame is also hilarious.

Here we see combat baker Joyce mixing something with the utility end of a battleaxe. I like the idea of a combat baker and more games need to make use of that concept. The reason I didn't incorporate this into an earlier post is twofold. This was posted when my computer was on the fritz, and also I just couldn't think of the right place to put it once everything was in working order. It's too bad because this is a very nice picture. Lot's of details and other things. It's one of the primary reasons I made this gallery.

More malfunctioning computer fun with Angelic Panacea. Part one of a brief series she did on the breakup of team boobies. Here we see Wild getting downsized. The chart and the GTFO smiley face card are just great.

Warning! Do not use water magic in enclosed spaces.

Here we see team boobies reunited on the path to the strangely short continent connecting cave.

The final part of this series shows us the dual nature of boobies. They can bring people together and also tear them apart.

Here are some of An Pan's warm up and concept sketches. As you can see here Johnny's outfit had a bit more of a school uniform look to it at some point.

More warm ups. These are fairly complete, just smaller than what was used in the thread.

Here's some stuff from chapter thirteen or so. Even if it's only a rough sketch Johnny loves it when Mindy duct tapes him to things.

Even more warm-ups. Nice tongue action on Doth in this one.

To round out the warm up section we have a lot of stuff from The Brothers Rasav which An Pan was kind enough to do illustrations for.

To finish off the gallery we have this picture of a zombie schoolgirl. This was a reader request and An Pan was nice enough to draw it. If you're wondering what this has to do with Paladin's Quest I can explain. In the game the females of the Doru race wear these strange hats that look like caterpillars. A reader speculated that at some point they would change into their adult from, and something resembling a headcrab zombie would be the result. There's a lot of terrifying detail in this image, and it's just great.

I hope you enjoyed this gallery. As usual I enjoyed writing it. I'd also like to thank Angelic Panacea once again for everything she does. She continuously blows my mind with her awesome awesomeness.