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Part 26: Storytime

Here's the second of my busted video card filler content. It takes the form of two short children's stories. I hope you enjoy it. What I'm going to do here is take some liberties with the Paladin's Quest plotline, and weave a strange little children's story. So pretend each line has it's own brightly illustrated page.

Johnny Needs Help

One upon a time there was a boy named Johnny.

He was a very good boy and loved his mother very much.

He went to school every day and tried his very best.

But Johnny had a problem.

He liked to push buttons. Even if he didn't know what they did first.

One day after school Johnny heard that at the very tip top of the school's tower there was a big shiny button that nobody had ever pushed.

Johnny was so excited he ran to the tip top of the tower as fast as he could.

Sure enough there was the biggest, reddest, shiniest button he'd ever seen. It was such a magnificent button he wondered how it could have gone this long without anyone touching it.

Without giving it another thought he walked up and pushed the button.

As soon as he did lightning and thunder crashed down around him. Johnny was very scared.

Then a dragon appeared and breathed fire at Johnny. He ran and ran, and hid behind a rock.

After a while the thuder stopped, and Johnny thought the dragon was gone, so he walked came out from his hiding place.

As soon as he did his teacher found him.

"Johhny when you pushed the button you let that dragon go! It burned down the whole school. Because you were the one who pushed the button you will have to fight the dragon." Said his teacher.

Johnny was very afraid. Fight a dragon all by himself? Johnny knew that if he was going to beat the dragon he would need help from other people.

"Teacher will you help me fight the dragon?" Asked Johnny.

"Absouloutely not!" said the teacher "I have very important teaching duties so I can't help you." You see the teacher was in a union, and had no intention of doing one thing beyond the minimum required amount of work listed in the union regulations.

Without knowing what else to do Johnny started walking down the road looking for someone to help him fight the dragon. Before too long he saw a lumberjack named fritz on the road."

"Mister lumberjack, would you help me fight the dragon?" asked Johnny.

"I'm sorry, but I can't really leave the forest right now Johnny." Said Fritz. For a scary girl was stalking him, and the court had not yet issued a restraining order.

"I'm sorry to hear that, goodbye."

Johnny kept walking down the road and after a while met two brothers named JRasav, and GRasav.

"We're the amazing Rasav brothers!" Said JRasav

"We aren't afraid of anything!" Said GRasav

"Because we're high powered soldiers!" Said JRasav.

"Could you high powered soldiers help me fight the dragon?" Asked Johnny

"I'm afriad we can't help you right now, my brother wants to finish his coloring book." Said JRasav.

"That's alright, thank you anyway." Said Johnny, and he started walking down the road again.

Johnny walked farther down the road and just as his feet were getting a little sore he met a man with a book on the road.

"I'm Blades, and I'm a genius spiritualist." Said the man.

"I'm Johnny, and I have to fight the dragon. I could really use the help of a genius like yourself." Johnny hoped Blades would help.

"I would love to help you Johnny, but right now I'm writing a book about what a genius I am.

"Alright maybe later." Said Johnny

Johnny had to walk a long way before he saw anyone else. As the path got close to a lake he saw a pretty girl with pink hair. Sitting on a log.

"I'm Wild and I use water magic." Said the girl.

"I'm Johnny and I'm looking for people to help me fight the dragon."

"I won't fight a dragon." Said Wild. "I'm afraid it will brun my hair."

By this time Johnny was so sad he didn't say anything to Wild when he started walking again.

Johnny kept walking down the path for days and days. He didn't meet anyone who could help him. Eventually he came to the end of the path deep in the forest.

Just as he was about to give up and turn around he saw a girl, the prettiest he'd ever seen, in the woods. Johnny decided to ask her what she was doing in the woods.

"Hello I'm Johnny"

"Hello I'm Mindy." Said the girl.

"What are you doing here all by yourself?" Asked Johnny

"I was looking for my crown, but I just found it. Now I don't know how to get back to the town."

"I just came from there, I can show you the way." Said Johnny

"Thank you. What are you doing all the way out here Johnny?"

"My teacher says I have to fight a dragon so I'm looking for people to help me. So far I haven't found anyone."

"I will help you fight the dragona." Said Mindy.

"You will? That's wonderful! Let's go back to town fast then."

Johnny and Mindy went back to town as quick as they could. When they got there the teacher was very cross.

"I've been waiting a long time. When are you going to fight the dragon?" he asked.

I finally found someone to help me so now we will fight the dragon. With that Johnny and Mindy ran up the tower and found the dragon there. Using a combination of Mindy's triple suplex manuver, and Johnny's patented Pink Belly of Doom technique the dragon was quickly defeated. Johnny and Mindy had ice cream when they were done.

The End

The moral of this story is that finding people to help you is often much harder than whatever it is you need help with.

I hope you enjoyed that little piece of work.

Here's another visit to story time theater with Mindy and Johnny.

Johnny and the Lava Flood

Once upon a time there was a boy named Johnny.

He liked to travel with his good friend Mindy, and have all sorts of neat adventures.

One day Mindy said to Johnny. "We should visit Hagudo, the town of the Godom."

Johnny thought it was a great idea, so off they went.

After a short walk they came to a cave which was the enterance to the underground city of Hagudo.

They went into the cave, and crossed a bridge to get into the town. When they did they were greeted by a running Godom.

"Turn aroud!" He yelled. "Hagudo is going to be flooded with lava!"

But when Johnny and Mindy turned around the a big wave of lava swept the bridge away.

"Isn't there something we can do about the lava?" Mindy asked the Godom.

"The only one who could stop the lava is Smash, he runes the Godom mines."

"Then we will ask him to fix it." Said Johnny.

"Where is Smash?" Asked Mindy.

"He's gettting really drunk at the bar... I mean drinking a lot of tea at the tea parlour." said the nameless Godom.

Mindy and Johnny thanked him and headed to the tea parlor.

Johnny and Mindy quickly found the Tea Parlour. Inside Smash was getting tore up on Fighting Cock whiskey... I mean drinking a lot of tea.

"Mr. Smash will you please stop the lava flood and save the town?" Mindy said.

"No!" Said smash. I'm not doing anything but drink tea until the piano player playes the Godom lullabye for me!"

So Johnny asked the piano player "Will you play the Godom Lullabye so we don't die?"

"Not until the dancers do the traditional Jarayn dance for me!" said the piano player.

So Johnny and Mindy asked the dancers.

"Will you do the traditional dance for the piano player?"

"We would like to, but my sister is sick and cannot dance." Said the older dancer.

"Does she need medicine?" Asked Johnny.

"Yes, but we can't afford it." Said the dancer.

"Then we will get the medicine for you." Said Johnny

So Johnny and Mindy walked to the store, bought medicine, brougt it to the younger dancer. As they did this, the lava continued to rise, and many innocent lives were lost.

"Yay my mild soreness is cured!" Said the dancer when she took her medicine, and the two sisters immediately did the traditional dance for the piano player.

"Now that I have seen them dance I will play the Godom Lullabye." Said the Piano player, and he started to play the Godom Lullabye.

After listening to the lullabye Smash said. "Okay now I will save the town!"

Johnny and Mindy walked with Smash to a big hole that had lava flooding out of it.

"This is the cause of the flooding. I will use a bomb to collapse the hole, and stop the flooding." And he did just that.

So the day was saved. But there was a question that was asked on that day, which they are still asking today. So boys and girls I will ask you that very question. Who do you think saved the day?

The End

Well, another day another fairy tale. I was trying to be straight faced with this one, so naturally a few jokes that demanded to be told slipped in. At least this time the story had jokes. Anyway I hope you enjoyed it, and I'll see you all again tomorrow.