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by Stayton

Part 19: Choose Your Own Adventure

Hello again everyone as promised here's the very short beginning of chapter eighteen. The rest of this chapter is up to you.

I don't see our boat around Mindy. The cultists must have been worried that we'd get away before we converted them. I think I'll use my ultimate magic to make them divulge its location.

Like true cultists almost all of them say the same thing now. I decide to talk to Piaz, as he's the only one allowed to deal with outsiders.

You know he just wanted people to like him. It was yet another disaster a little poon could have averted.

That isn't irony, it's a headache inducing time loop.

Of course, he wouldn't be much of an end boss if that were the case.

Oh so all this is even more my fault than it was before? Eveyone on this planet sure likes to blame me for everything.

For all of you trying to figure it out, Dal Gren works like the machine in The Forbidden Planet. If you know of this movie you get a nerd prize. It starred serious actor Leslie Neilson. In the movie and alien machine creates a physical manifestation of the user's negative emotions which then just kills everything.

So while the whole planet gave me the run around, the manifestation of my evil thoughts has been getting ever stronger? Why is everyone so stupid? We should have been working together to stop this as a planet. I like how everyone is willing to sacrifice their lives just to teach me a lesson about pushing unlabeled buttons.

Oh no I wouldn't expect you to get up. Even though you know the secret of time travel. No I'm sure none of the vast powers of the many sages and wise people I've met in my travels could possibly be of use in the battle ahead.

You recharged it eh? It can't jump through time, but I'll take flying over another long night at sea any day. Now you just stand right there, I'll show myself out.

Let's see if this baby lives up to the cult leader's promises.

Yeah it does! Alright Mindy, is there anything you wanted to see or do before we go to our likely deaths?

That's a question I now ask of the readers. I'm at a threshold here. There's only a short dungeon and a boss fight before the end of the game. If there is anything you'd like me to see or do. Now is the time to suggest it. I can visit any town, explore any area, or even change my mercenary team if that's what you would like. I'm leaving it in your hands, and I'm looking forward to your suggestions.

Hello Archive readers. I'm breaking in at this point to tell you a little about this chapter. At this point I suffered a major computer failure, and so the images and requests from the middle of this chapter are lost. There wasn't anything plot relevant, or even funny or profitable that happened in this area, though a lot of the filler I posted is going to be put into bonus chapters for the archive. Now we'll pick up at the end of chapter eighteen. When a reader suggested I try to get assistance from the people of the world in fighting Dal Gren.

Raise An Army

You know Mindy, that's an excellent idea. Surely everyone must be aware of Zaygos' world destructive tendencies at this point. Let's see if we can raise an army to help us fight Dal Gren. Even if I'm the one who has to fight it. I'm sure there are a lot of random monsters they could help us with. Let's start with Shimrek, that's closest to Zaygos' base, and work our way out.

Hello? Is there anyone here? I don't get it. The town looks abandoned.

Even the Mayor's house is empty. Not even a note about the whole town going on a pizza run or something.

Hey there's someone. What's going on here old timer?

He's turning on his own people. It's worse than I thought. He's in the final stages of evil madman disorder.

You can blame that one me if you want, but that's crap. He knew we were coming. He's just using that as an excuse.

That's rough. I'm sorry. When this is over we'll set up some kind of a relief, I promise.

Well I know at least one place we're sure to get some help. The resistance should be more than willing to lend us some aid. After all we've been so helpful to them.

And their base is abandoned. Either they're all dead, or they're hiding because they know I need help. I think hiding is more likely.

As long as we're in Saskuot, let's check out that racist merchant that stabbed me. Now that we're destinkified he should be willing to do business with us. After which I will stab him with the sword he just sold us.

This is where you get the best items you can buy in the game. I outfitted Johnny and Mindy accordingly.

Saskuot is full of sheep and lazy people. Next stop Naskuot. Specifically that tourist town we met MeanMa and Wild at.

Yeah buddy. Don't get out much do you? The mountain's gone.

I'm glad to see Wild and MeanMa got back to town safely.

As much as I'd like to reunite team boobies. Saving the world is actually more important. Maybe some other time Wild.

This is probably a lost cause but let's see if Jurayn will help us militarily.

Everyone here just acts like we never left. Damnit, just say know to drugs you hippies. Mary Jane has no negative side effects my foot.

This is our last try to get some military backing. Daphne seems to have a lot of clout. Maybe she knows of a group that can help us.

Actually no, I haven't heard that.

Yes. We went over evil madman disorder in health class. It's required education in a magic school.

I understand that, but shouldn't we get some backup. At least a small squad of elite soldiers? I guy carrying a flag to lead our charges? Anything? Why am I still surprised by anything at this point? Mindy I think we're screwed.

To be continued.

I hope you got a kick out of that. Tomorrow the final confrontation with Zaygos will mark the beginning of the end of our story. I'll see you then.