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Part 21: The Wrap Party

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After countless trials and adventures Johnny and Mindy are victorious over Zaygos, Kaymat, and Dal Gren. This victory has changed the fate of Lennus, and contrary to everything that has happened so far in our story the inhabitants of Lennus are now holding a celebration in honor of our heroes to show their gratitude.

I smell food Mindy. I hope they have soft serve ice cream. I've got my Sunday best on, and you are looking stunning as usual. Let the party commence!

The top of the Patchouli Tower sure has an excellent view. Thought the smell is a bit off putting. Wow, they really did invite everyone we know.

Yeah you better not try to take credit for averting global disaster mister mayor. I've got my eye on you.

As long as it isn't the masturbatory fantasy of a lifetime I'm cool with that Zuran. Thanks for coming.

Oh come on now. It's not like I delivered a philosophical epiphany to anyone. At least I don't think so. I love boobies is barely considered a philosophy as it is.

The higher we climb in this tower the better this party gets. Where's the food!

Glad to hear they're felling better sir. Your daughter was a source of constant support through the rough times. She kept me honest too. Thanks for bringing her up right.

Go ahead Mindy I know they need you there.

You're... not going back? Oh my little heart soars. You've made me the happiest boy alive yet again. You must be magic Mindy.

I'll be there for sure Dan. Can you get me front row seats? I want to see your head kicks in action again.

Hey Wild what's up? You're making me blush. Everyone's acting like I'm some kind of messiah.

I appreciate the sentiment Hawk. Though I think it lost something in the translation.

Wow. This level has dancing girls! And a buffet! With shrimp cocktails!

Dancers say that, but we know you're dying inside. You should go back to college and get and education. I'm thinking of starting a scholarship fund with some of the gold I got on my adventures. How'd you like to be the first person to receive a full scholarship from the United Boobies College Fund? Because the only thing hotter than a nice rack, is a nice rack with an education.

I can't believe it either. Can't believe they invited you that is.

I'm afraid to turn my back on this one. Watch for switchblades Mindy.

Thanks strange save woman. You know I spent a lot of time trying to get you people to say something different, and then you just up and start blabbing now. Life sure is funny sometimes.

J, G, my deepest thanks to both of you. We would never have done everything we did without your help. If you need anything all you have to do is say the word.

I'm so glad you got better G. Don't forget to improve yourself every day.

Fritz, buddy! Did you finally get your cabin rebuilt?

I'm glad you finally saw through the excessive body hair to the beauty within. You're a good guy Fritz.

Though you continue to say the creepiest things. "Come to my cabin in the woods little boy. I have all sorts of things to give you."

Glad to see you could drag your lazy self all the way here. How many sulking fits did you have on the trip?

And I'll never forget what a big baby you were. Or how willing you were to sacrifice the well being of others because someone wouldn't play your request.

From one badass to another that means a lot Mouth. Keep on truckin'

Sorry Slayer, but I've got some other plans. Thanks for the invite though.

Don't talk to me Tiger I'm still mad at you. Now that you've got the purpbirds back can you get back to your favorite sport of bird tipping?

Hey Zaran. No, you didn't cause us any trouble, but there is something I have to tell you, it's about Joyce.

Oh you already know. That's a relief. I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner.

She was right too.

You're taking this well. I'd like to thank you for not blaming us for her death. Anyone else on this planet would have.

Yeah I remember who you are. Are things going well in the mining business?

I have no idea what that's supposed to mean. Good luck to you.

Thanks, next time remember to help the scared little boy in need from the start.

Yes, but I'm sure that isn't going to stop you from taking hostages is it?

This message is very poorly written. Did Fiery get a concussion? Oh she fell down a mountain and broke both her legs. How did that happen? Distracted by Blades endless yammering you say? Yeah I could see how that could happen.

Well I hope she gets well soon.

Well good luck with your future wedding plans Grunt. Don't take the bridesmaids hostage.

We're going to if we can get tickets. I hate to tell you Gunny, but a log and a rock still count as armed, even if they're in their natural states. Do they have and improvised weapon, or organic weapons competition?

Mom? You're okay! I was so worried, when I went back to the town it was abandoned.

Yeah mom, but I owe it all to the amazing power granted to me by your casserole.

Aw mom. Here's a tissue.

I'm way ahead of you mom. I know mom. Wow did I ever mention what a total mom you are?

Lucky for you that's only the second creepiest thing someone said to me today. I'm hoping the restraining order will go through any day now.

Well congratulations Meanma. Who's the lucky guy? Heaven help him if he ever wants a divorce.

Sure you will. We both know you're just going to sit in the rubble and likely demand that I rebuild the place by hand myself. Forget it Consider this my notice that I'm dropping out of your lousy school.

I earned that title. I don't need you to infer it upon me.

You have no idea how much harder you made it, do you?

That's cool Daphne. Just so long as you're not here to tell us we somehow haven't finished this quest yet.

I knew that.

Knew that too.

Yes I've been wondering about that. Do you know what's up with that?

Wow you don't know anything do you? Is the title of sage inherited or something?

Goodbyes what do you mean goodbyes? If you mean thanked everyone for coming than yes.

Spoken like a true cult leader.

Oww again with the eye damage.

Well flying away in the time machine is one hell of an exit. How did we get in here though? I'm not sure where were supposed to go now Mindy. I guess we should just fly around for a bit and see the sights. If this were a movie I think this is the part where the credits would roll.

You know I was so convinced we were going to die I haven't really planned for the future.

I do know what whatever I do, I'd like you go be with me.

Things sure have been weird lately. It's nice to be able to relax and gather my thoughts for once.

I don't even know where to start though.

Yeah I suppose it doesn't matter much.

I'm glad you're still here.

Mindy I know I couldn't have done all this without you.

I just can't stop thinking about all the things we've done. I wish I could focus on what to do next. You know, let it go.

We've got to turn this world around Mindy. Everyone is so apathetic and rude. Ready to pass the blame on everyone else instead of taking it upon themselves to make the world a better place.

You know what I think the world needs Mindy? Ice cream. Soft serve ice cream.

Yes Mindy I'm talking about opening a chain of soft serve ice cream parlors. It would be a huge hit. What do you say? Want to go into business together?

Mindy why are you looking at me that way?

Why are you unbuckling your seatbelt? This no time to show me some of those wrestling moves your dad taught you we could crash. What did I do wrong this time?

Don't come over here. I'm begging you for our safety stay away!

I guess it's true what they say. You never see the one with your name on it coming.

The End

Wait a minute The End? Hell no! We've still got a super special awesome bonus chapter to go before we can call this game done! It's going to take a bit of graphical razzmatazz on mine and An Pan's part so that will be up today or tomorrow. Stay tuned, and thanks for reading.