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Original Thread: Strategy: Do Nothing? Let's Play Paper Mario! (VLP)


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Paper Mario was released in North America in 2001 by the developer Intelligent Systems; known for their fantastic WarioWare, Fire Emblem and Advanced Wars series. The game is the first in a series which continued on the Gamecube (Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door) and the Wii (Super Paper Mario). The game has been criticized for being ridiculously easy, and it is.

I'll be playing the game and commentating with Wogturt.


Once again Bowser has a fiendish plan to take over the mushroom kingdom. With the help of Kammy Koopa, Bowser infiltrated Star Haven and has taken the Star Rod, while also trapping the Star Sprits, that guarded the Star Rod, into some cards...? Of course, it's up to Mario (not Luigi) to save the day. On his journey, Mario befriends numerous characters and explores new areas across the Mushroom Kingdom. He also has slight retardation.

Here's a Rooreelooo version:

Rooreelooo posted:

A man made out of paper chugs an entire bottle of maple syrup to power up his hammer while his talking mushroom-friend tells him information about the turtle dragon who kidnapped the princess by stealing the rod which stars in heaven use to grant wishes to good boys and girls, which he then used to grant his own wish of having a giant castle powered by ball-swinging underneath her giant castle so that he may lift the entire plot of land into orbit to stop her escaping, but then he just goes and lets her wander all over the place using the same obvious swinging door so she is out collecting pretty magic badges and jars of jelly using her magic parasol which she puts in a magic treasure chest so that the paper man can access them back on his home planet on the quest to reunite the seven stars in charge of heaven for some reason that was never really explained but has something to do with the one with the mustache ordering him to do it in a dream, and now that he's united the seven stars one of which is a sailor and one of which is a snooty scholar he can somehow access the outer space castle-on-top-of-a-castle to try and rescue the princess from the turtle dragon.


Paper Mario is a turn-based RPG, much like previous Mario RPGs (Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars). There are also some minor platforming elements, but they're trivial. There is also a fuckton of text in this game, and I'm going to try to show what's important. Although, if you choose not to read it, that's fine. You won't miss much in the storyline as I'll give a general summary of what's going on in the video with the commentary.

You'll find your basic RPG elements in this game. You can use items, spells, and have a party (Albeit only one other person can be in your party at a time). The game also has an action-command battle system, where successful button timing can mean extra damage or damage mitigated. You don't get the ability to use action-commands until the first chapter of the game, which sucks.

When will you be updating the thread with new videos?

At the very least, I plan to have a new video every 2 days.


The Beginning of the End
Fear and Loathing in Goomba Village
Goomba Stompin'
Occam's Razor
Shooting Star Summit

Merlon Hates Black Toads
Koopa Village gets Fuzzified
Koopa Bros. Fortress
Bombette has a Blast
Fuck Bullet Bill
Koopa Bros. Battle
Toad Town Exploration 1
Toad Town Sewers and Stuff

Toad Town Exploration 2 and Mt. Rugged
There's No Beard on Mt. Rugged
Mario thinks he's Princess Peach
Into the Dry Dry Desert (With guest Jenny)
Tutanblooper (With guest Jenny)
More Exciting Puzzles! (With guest Jenny)
Tutankoopa (With guest Jenny)
Bonus Video 1: Oinks and Gambling (With guest Blister)
Toad Town Sewers and Stuff 2 (With guest Blister)

Forever Forest (With guest Blister)
Boo Mansion (With guest Blister)
Dry Dry Desert 2.0 (With guest Blister)
Tubba Blubba's Castle (With guest Stux)
Escape from Blub's Place (With guest Stux)
Skolar: The Athiest (With guest Stux)
Shy Guys are Jerks (With guest Stux)
Toad Town Sewers and Stuff 3 (With guest Stux)

The Toybox (With guests Notinghamington and Francisco)
Travel to the Pink Station (With guests Notinghamington and Francisco)
Travel to the Green Station (With guests Notinghamington and Francisco)
Travel to the Red Station (With guests Notinghamington and Francisco)
Shy Guy Third Reich (With guests Notinghamington and Francisco)
Cooking with Peach! (With guests Notinghamington and Francisco)

Whale Rider (With guest Blister)
Bonus Video 2: Quiz Round 1 (With guest Blister)
Where'd the Yoshis Go? (With guest Blister)
Bonus Video 3: Quiz Round 2 (With guest Blister)
Quote the Raven Nevermore (With guest Francisco)
This Volcano Sure is Hot! (With guest Francisco)
Bonus Video 4: Quizmo (With guest Notinghamington)
Super Boss Fight Extreme (With guest Francisco)
Bonus Video 5: Don't watch this (With guest Notinghamington)
Dull Tom loses again (With guest Francisco)
Video with lots of Bloopers (With guests Notinghamington and Dectilon)
That 'Ol Koopa Koot (With guests Notinghamington and Dectilon)
Mario Has Aspergers (With guest VoidBurger)
Kent C. Koopa (With guest VoidBurger)

Nothing Happens
Flower Fields
The Great Berry Puzzle (With guest Blackbelt Bobman)
Lily Has a Nice Bidet (With guest Blackbelt Bobman)
I Hate My Parents (With guest Blackbelt Bobman)
Most Sequence Breaking You Will Get (With guest Blackbelt Bobman)
Done With This Shit Zone (With guest Blackbelt Bobman)

A Fetch Quest for a Badge (With guest Schurik)
Penguin Murder Mystery (With guest Schurik)
Starporn Valley (With guest Schurik)
Spike Fucks Me Over (With guest Schurik)
Mirrors (With guest Voidburger)
Kooper? (With guest Voidburger and every Pokemon in existance)
My Favorite Part of the Game (With guest Voidburger)
The Last of the Quizmo (With guest Voidburger)
No Country For Old Koopas (With guest Notinghamington)
Star Piece Round-Up (With guest Notinghamington)
Cooking with Tayce T. and Friends (With guest Notinghamington)

Bowser's Castle (With guest Dectilon)
Obligatory Lava Part (With guest Dectilon)
A Force To Be Reckoned With (With guest Dectilon)
Definitely the Last Boss. (With guest Dectilon)
The Final Battle!
End of the Road
My Credits
Bonus Video: The Master

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