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Part 1: Loyal Citizen Part 2

Update - Loyal Citizen Part 2

As you saw with the last video it had a bit of an explosive ending. This video is days three through to six, they're pretty uneventful and I finished it off with the next development. I will admit now this video isn't action heavy, it's mainly highlighting the games difficulty progression which is still a picnic compared to what's yet to come.


News & amendments for day three

Entry Ticket:

News & amendments for day four

Documents. I love the name Hjalte Thor, sounds pretty manly:

This only comes up when someone doesn't have their passport with them:

The calling card which I forgot to add in the OP:

News & amendments for day five

No real changes today, just the ability to detain people.

News & amendments for day six

Work pass document:

Message for help:

Bonus photos

Here's our friend Jorji. He's a persistent little bugger but he's so upbeat (or high) it's hard not to like him despite his constant appearances. The passport always makes me laugh, but despite playing through this game several times before, this was the first time I actually noticed the picture on the front of the passport was a cobra. Will this be the last time we see Jorji?