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Part 2: Loyal Citizen Part 3

Unfortunately I've been pretty ill in the last few days so I had a few brain farts throughout. After listening back my speech is all over the place at times but it's better than the previous two attempts at recording. But any way, without much further ado:

Update - Loyal Citizen Part 3

This video is covering days seven to nine. Not much action, a few changes to paperwork and the beginning of the branching storyline's.


News & amendments for day seven

We also have use of the scanner and finger prints:

News & amendments for day eight

News & amendments for day nine

It wasn't until this play through where I realised you could turn the documents over. In previous plays I just threw them onto the counter. Seeing the water fowl just threw me.

$10 Arstotzkan Dollars

Today we also made a new friend called Calensk

Who the blazes are Ezic?

So far we've had two terrorist attacks. Are they isolated incidents or is there a more too them? On day eight we had a mysterious visitor who handed us a card:

Strange enough to begin with but who is this Corman Drex? A short time later someone entered the booth with the name Corman Drex, they have the correct paper work so I let him pass through the checkpoint without any interaction regarding the card. Who is he and why was his encounter such an anti-climax? At the end of the day we head home with his card still in our possession. The next day though, someone with the exact same name with correct documents entered the booth and asked for the card. When handed the card he gave us this letter to read:

After handing the letter back to Mr. Drex, he gives us a sheet that makes absolutely no sense right now and then quietly slips away.

How can someone who sits in a checkpoint booth help this organisation? But we're a loyal citizen, so the question on this play through is, how can we stop them?

We'll see what happens next time...