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Papers, Please

by Rocket Baby Dolls

Part 4: Loyal Citizen Part 5

Update - Loyal Citizen Part 5

This video is covering days thirteen to fifteen. No real advancements to the storyline but the new M.O.A. Director turns out to be a dick. I did end up moving to a class seven apartment and in the LP tradition I forgot to show off another upgrade.


News & amendments for day thirteen

Well, this damn piece of paperwork makes your work a lot harder:

The description can be almost anything from overweight, good eyesight and even killer sideburns.

We also met this gentleman by the name of Filipe Hasse who apparently plays for the Arstotzka Arskickers. He even gives us something to hang on the wall. But he doesn't have his ID card so I tell him to sod off. Celebrity or not, Papers Please damnit!

News & amendments for day fourteen

Now it's mandatory to look out for criminals, which isn't so much of an issue but it's still something else you need to check with everyone who passes through. The list here isn't one seen in the play through, I've got one game running for the LP and another save I'm using for screenshots and such. FRAPS goes a little crazy while trying to take screenshots while it's recording video with this game.

The wanted list is randomized, I got lucky in the LP with all three. In the alternate save it was just the first entrant who was on the list.

News & amendments for day fifteen

Absolutely no changes to paperwork or rules. I double checked regarding the suicide bomber, it's a randomised event for that day, so if I denied that person the day wouldn't of been cut short and the headline for this day would of been:

It's a pretty quiet day until someone drops a present on my desk.

But Calensk is just one calm motherfucker who casually helps save the day then decides to pawn the parts off for cash.

Plus Ezic gives us a note, apparently they're pissed that I'm not playing ball. But at least they removed some of the clutter from my desk.

That's it for this video, in the next we will be receiving another collectable, making a new friend and starting to wish we sided with EZIC because the new director decides to make our job even more difficult!