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Part 5: Loyal Citizen Part 6

Update - Loyal Citizen Part 6

I was full of cold while recording this so be prepared for a few more fuck ups than usual. A major one on the first day in the video. No new or amended paperwork but there's a couple of new booth instalments.


News & amendments for day sixteen

So now do we not only have to take care of the bureaucracy we also have to turn into Rambo any time a terrorist decides to show his head. Although we can't access the tranquilizer gun unless an attack happens. So we can't go all postal for no reason. What makes it even more difficult we need to use a key to unlock the gun instead of just whipping it out from under the counter:

As you can see there's a second gun slot in the cabinet. More on that on a later update.

Calensk returned and announced he's leaving to work at the prison, but he will still pay us for detaining people. He also gave us our due money including an unseen money note we haven't seen yet.

Messof returned to us and paid us for our efforts, he also gave us this nice looking collectable coin.

News & amendments for day seventeen

No paperwork changes but we met a new friend. Here's Sergiu, one of the new guards:

Ezic paid us a visit and handed us another message claiming that they weren't behind the checkpoint strikes.

Then in the usual fashion handed us a cryptic card.

We had a new document thrust upon us which isn't in the rule book.

News & amendments for day eighteen

I completely missed the Impor thing in the video, I had some severe luck with it though.

Now we have this new contraption that means we have to stamp every passport we deny with. Unfortunately "I don't like your tone ace\odour ashion sense" isn't in it. We can't just deny anyone quickly any more.

Day eighteen as you see ends pretty abruptly. The next video we will see an old friend, see more storyline and see more bureaucracy. Until then, have your documents ready as entry is not guaranteed.