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Part 6: Loyal Citizen Part 7

Update - Loyal Citizen Part 7

Still a little annoyed that the first attempt at recording this didn't take as it went much better. At least I managed to refrain from hacking up my lungs throughout. Two of the days were pretty eventful. Plus I had a slight papers malfunction at the end of day two.


News & amendments for day nineteen

A very quiet day apart from an old friend paying us a visit:

Where I proceed to get him detained and he's very nice about it too.

News & amendments for day twenty

The first of our growing list of friends pays us a visit, Dimitri the M.O.A. Inspector returns with a spangly new plaque. The first go at recorded I made it here with only four citations, frustration made me make more mistakes:

Our son also drew us a picture with the crayon set we bought him for his birthday:

Another friend paid us a visit with another note:

Then handed us this mysterious package:

News & amendments for day twenty one

So now we have a new paper to check, the Asylum Grant:

We make a new friend, Danic Lorun:

Who we detain while keeping his bribe and his watch, which we sold at the end of the day.

Next time we'll see more of our friends, see more terrorist activity and finally become a pain in the ass to some of the booth entrants. Glory to Arstotzka!