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Part 8: Loyal Citizen Part 9

Update - Loyal Citizen Part 9

Considerably less mistakes this time around, the end of day two threw me off my guard on day three. More changes to paperwork, some romance and more violence.


News & amendments for day twenty five

So today we're denying entry to the filthy United Federation. At the start of the day Sergiu pops in with a request.

While he was away at war he fell in love, his intended wants to live with him in Arstotzka and will arrive any day now. She gave him this sweet memento:

Shortly after Sergiu leaves, someone comes in with the incorrect paperwork, hoping that they could enter with this lovely note:

Well, thanks, but no thanks. But a little while down the queue, a gentleman was feeling depressed so I handed the note to him to cheer him up. Even though I denied him, he left feeling happy and gave me this nice token:

Dimitri's bit of crumpet, Shae, arrived at the gate with incorrect paperwork. I didn't want to piss off the boss so I let her in.

News & amendments for day twenty six

I forgot to screenshot the bulletins and rule book, I took the first rulebook screenshot from a later screenshot. Smacked hand for me. Today, we have a new document to check, the Vaccine Certificate. Which looks like this:

Elisa showed up at the checkpoint, even though she didn't have the correct paperwork I let her through.


But then we had a surprise attack and I wasn't quick enough...

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! SERGIU!!! Ah well, onto the next day!

News & amendments for day twenty seven

United Federation is allowed back in and two documents have been combined to make one. Here's the new Entry Permit:

An old friend decided to pay us a visit and handed us another note:

We let the Kolechian Diplomat through with no issues.

Shortly after his twin brother popped in wanting to know if I had kept the passport safe, fortunately I handed it back to the original owner like a good Inspector should.

So that's it for this episode. The next will be the last of the loyal play through, so be prepared for some last visits from old friends, more violence and more bureaucracy. Day 31 is where everything comes to a head in several ways, will it be for the better or for the worst? Find out next time on Let's Play: Papers, Please!