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Part 9: Loyal Citizen Part 10

Update - Loyal Citizen Part 10 (This is the end, my friend)

Kinda wish I could of recorded this again but it happened and so I rolled with it. But I guess it would break tradition making a flawless video in this play through. This is it, the end of the month! The tireless amount of work we've put in, all we've done to protect Arstotzka from terrorism, all we've done to uphold the rules and regulations we should surely receive high commendations, special rewards and recognition for our service! Watch (or read) to see just what we get for being so patriotic!


News & amendments for day twenty eight

All Arstotzkan passports are fair game. A surprisingly uneventful day considering it's heading to the end. Some asshole handed me this card though:

Thankfully I got to deny his application!

News & amendments for day twenty nine

AAARRRGGHHH!! Damnit man, at least give us a warning!

So now he's auditing us, we've been nothing but patriotic but still we're being treated with suspicion! But someone comes to the rescue in our predicament:

Despite being a total dick to Jorji he still tries to help us. He gives us a lifeline by providing us with one of his forgery contacts.

If we had a reason why we needed to escape, then at least we have that option now! Jorji is such a top guy he even thrusts his passport on us. I've been such a dick with him throughout this whole play through he still unselfishly goes out of his way to help me by handing his passport to me:

Even though I still get this, I want to frame it. The most beautiful citation ever!

Shortly afterwards this guy comes into the booth:

Turns out his daughter is the victim of Simon Wens and he wants revenge. He even hands me a photo of his daughter:

I shall bring justice!

News & amendments for day thirty

When we get to the booth this cute photo is waiting for us:

Mr. Wens finally shows up:

We promptly detained him as he was in the bulletin. The father wanting revenge returned and was pissed that we arrested him!

News & amendments for day thirty one

So this is it, our last day maybe. We're facing an audit and the checkpoint is under review! I gave up a successful life as a surgeon to earn $5 a day doing this? Jorji though, despite being a total dick to him just randomly gives us a gift:

This is last day, nothing could go wrong! No, nO, no, NO!!!!

OH SHIT! He's coming right for us! Well motherfucker! Here is a man who would not take it anymore. A man who stood up against the scum, the cunts, the dogs, the filth, the shit. Here is someone who stood up. Here is...


This is it, the end, the last day! Our audit is due, our job is out of our hands! Welcome to ending 20 out of 20. Apologies for linked thumbnails but in one way I'm not technically skilled enough to produce exact cropped screenshots with mostly a black background for 80% of each screen. Plus this kinda is spoiler so if someone really wants to see this then they'll click.

As I said in the video, the code can be found with a simple search so I didn't feel the need to censor it. As you can see though, through all our hard work and diligence we get a week away from work and we get to keep our job. For all we've done we get sweet FA! You've done a good job, despite some discrepancies we won't sack you!

Well now! What would of happened if we sided with EZIC? Will we get more recognition? Will our role be more appreciated? Will they crown us Emporor of Arstotzka or just give us the ol' "Well thanks for the help but we don't need you now, just keep stamping those passports!" talk?

After this I kinda wish I did escape to Obristan!

The next time on Let's Play: Papers, Please you will see just what happens when you turn against the government and sympathise with EZIC. Surely we will receive more recognition! Surely we'll be held in such high regard as Rene Artois from 'Allo Allo?

Tune in next time for Let's Play: EZIC rules!