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Original Thread: House Hohenzollern Rising: Paradox Mega-LP


Hello, and welcome to yet another attempt at an actually finished Paradox megathread. The aim of this thread is to follow the exploits of the Hohenzollern dynasty from 1066 to 1945. Historically, House Hohenzollern were the rulers of Brandenburg, Prussia and eventually all of Germany until they were dethroned following Germany's defeat in WW1. Though the ultimate aim of this LP will be a unified Germany under Hohenzollern rule, it will not pursue strictly historical routes to do so - much like the Hohenzollerns of real history, we will grasp whatever opportunities come out way in our attempt to claw our way up from an insignificant feudal county to rulers of the German Empire. This LP will be written in a narrative style, and I will focus on maintaining a coherent story and try to avoid 'gaming' the game.

This thread was chiefly inspired by the Kingdom of Jerusalem thread, which offers an excellent description of the games I will be playing along with being one of the best LPs ever made on this forum.

The Paradox Curse will take you!
Nope, nope it didn't.

So what's different about this LP?
Mods, for starters. I never play Paradox games without them. Crusader Kings will only be minorly modded (hardly noticeable), but I will be significantly modifying Europa Universalis and Victoria with balancing measures and plot-driving events and decisions. For instance, I've made it substantially harder to keep a large empire together in CK via events and loyalty tweaks, and I will be playing EUIII with a badboy limit of 5. This ultimately means less territory taken in wars and overall a somewhat slower pace of gameplay, but thankfully I can leave the less interesting parts out of updates. Of course, there will still be plenty of wars and intrigue to go around. I will also throw in the occasional custom event where I feel history needs a little help.


EU3 Scenario [1.10]
This is the full EU3 scenario played in this LP for Europa Universalis 3: In Nomine 3.2. It includes all the events, rule changes and restrictions that I played with, although an option will fire in any new game to turn the new HRE and Historical events off.
Victoria Scenario [1.23]
This is the full Victoria scenario for Victoria: Revolutions 2.01. Make sure to read the readme and follow the installation instructions to avoid any problems with installation and gameplay.
HOI2 Scenario [1.00] and Latest Patch [1.03]
This is the full HOI2 scenario for Hearts of Iron 2: Armageddon 1.3 BETA 2. You will need to first install the base scenario, followed by the latest patch.

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Crusader Kings (1066 - 1400)

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