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Parasite Eve

by Crowetron

Part 1: Episode 1: I love the theater!

Episode 1: I love the theater!

By the way, this game was great music

The game starts with a slow pan over The Statue of Liberty. The old girl's looking a little rusty these days.

From there, we get a nice little tour of New York. Y'know, like every establishing shot of New York in everything.

At last, we arrive at our destination. Carnegie Hall. Nothing bad ever happens to famous locations in these games, right?

Out of pretty FMV land, we meet our heroine and her nameless date.

You can actually rename her here, but I refuse to play as BUTT Brea.

: ...I dunno...I just...You're right...I'll try to have more fun.

See all those ellipses? Definitely a Square game.

: I even had my dad get the best seats for us tonight! So lighten up! We're gonna have a great time! You'll see!

Gee thanks, this dude's dad. Anyway, we head inside

Great, they've already started. Now I missed the previews!

Prince: Father, please give me permission to marry Eva.


Prince: She is the one that has suffered after the deaths.

Damn, this is getting pretty good

Prince: ...then I ask that you take my life along with hers...

With that, Eva steps forward for her big number

I hate opera. Nothing interesting ever happens

Okay, that's kinda weird.

Oh fuck!

Jeez, guys, I'm not that bad!

So, the cast burst into flames. Except for Eva, who just keeps singing away.

"See, this is why I didn't want to come to the opera."

Yeah, this looks like a good time to leave.

Action roll!

Okay, that's pretty metal

Oh, sure, this guy survives.

It's tough to tell in screenshots, but Aya actually shoulder checks his ass out of the way.

Oh shit, gameplay? Naw, that's for next time.