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Part 4: Episode 4: Man Hands

Episode 4: Man Hands

Last time, we discovered Carnegie Hall has a major rodent problem. We also found a key, so let's use it.

Y'know, while looking through my screenshots, I noticed something. Presumably, we're backstage, right? There's dressing rooms and prop storage and parrots and shit. But the only way in or out of here is there that hole Eve made. So this area was actually covered by a solid floor until a few minutes ago.

I'm used to survival horror NPCs passing through locked doors and barricades without opening them to get ahead of the player, but does this mean Carnegie Hall has some sort of terrible dungeon where clowns and understudies and sealed away to rot?

Anyway, this room. This room has two very important things stashed away.

First is this. You use this on any piece of armor, and it permanently boosts its defense by one. But we'll hold onto it for a second, because that wall is looking at me funny.

On the other side of this secret passage is...

A clear upgrade to our current armor! Defense is just general protection, but P.Energy reduces damage taken from magic attacks (like the rats' fireballs), and Critical causes enemies to score critical hits against you less frequently. There's also that strange little box icon, but it means nothing to us at the moment, so I'll explain it later.

We slap that +1 Defense on our new armor and move on.

There's some Medicines and Ammo (and random battles) in the other rooms, but nothing particularly interesting.

This, on the other hand, looks like a dressing room for a leading lady.

What, you thought we'd be spared rambling, ominous files? Ha!

: "November 3 /Mon/ The Christmas Show is set. This has been my dream! The main actress has a solo concert at the theater in Central Park. I took all that medication to get here. I HAVE to get the lead part!"

420 sing opera erryday

: "November 17 /Mon/ The cast was announced and Suzanne and I were double cast. I want to play the part alone, but everyone knows she's good..."
: "November 21 /Fri/ I think I'm over doing it. My body is getting hotter than ever for some reason. I'd better take more medicine."
: "December 6 /Sat/ I collapsed today. I lost consciousness after my body got hot. I don't care if I die. I just want to get through this show."

Actors are so melodramatic. "Oh no, I'm shooting lasers out of my hands!" Whatever, princess, just read the damn line.

: "December 10 /Wed/ I passed out again. They told me to go to the doctor and get some rest. If this continues, Suzanne will definitely take my part. I need to get better. I'd better take a lot of medication tonight."

: "Is it because I wanted the part so bad? God, forgive me..."
: "December 17 /Wed/ It looks like I'll be the lead. I'd better take more medication and work it."
: "December 23 /Tu/ Opening night. Everything went smoothly. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. We should have the biggest crowd of the season. And...I have the solo concert the next day in the park. But I'm not feeling well. I'd better shape up if I want to get through this. I'd better take more medication."

Maybe she just as a lot of HP. Ever think of that, Miss Judgy-Pants? <>

Anyway, this was under the diary. The Rehearsal Room is behind those double doors at the end of the hall, so...

Aya draws on the perp, who stops playing the piano.

: I'm... Melissa... I'm... NO...! I'm... I...

At this point, she calmly resumes playing.

: What?!

Don't you just love lobster?

Lookin' a little different there, Mel.

You seem...


: I don't get paid enough for this shit.

: Haha! Fuck pianos!

: Once again... the day for the mitochondria to be free has finally arrived!!

Time for another boss non-fight. Same deal as back up onstage, shoot Eve a few times and the plot takes over. A few minor differences. First, Eve actually moves around the room now.

She now has not one, but TWO giant fuck-off lasers. You can run between them to avoid damage, though.

Here's me getting hit, because I am super good at this game.

A few shots later

: ...until your mitochondria is completely FREE...
: Mitochondria? What're you SAYING?! I don't understand YOU!

Tragically, Eve could only speak Esperanto.

Oh, fuck, again?

See what happens when you flashback in the middle of a fight? Now she's gotten away!
: Mitochondria... to be free?...

: Oh, goddammit.

SUPPLEMENTARY: Crowetron is really super good at this game!

So, here's a thing that I totally already knew about and intentionally left out for...uh...pacing? Yeah, that sounds good. Pacing reasons.

Open this cabinet and OH NO! A rat jumps out!

It starts out tiny and grows to the normal size of mutant rat-monsters. I guess it's supposed to start out normal and transform like in the CG, but they had really no way to pull that off in-engine. So, close enough.

After you kill it, because it's a single rat and you have a gun, take a look in the cabinet to find...

A live firearm being stored with stage props! Safety first!

Thanks to iastudent. He is also a cool dude.