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Part 5: Episode 5: Eve Walks into a Bar

Episode 5: Eve Walks into a Bar

Last time, Eve made a cunning escape into a hole in the floor. Again. So, Aya pursues

Into an admittedly impressive looking sewer.

: Ugh, why do all my dates end up in the sewers? These are open-toed shoes, too!

That frog looks super tough.

: The hell kind of sewer has staircases, anyway?

: Fuckin' opera. This was such a dumb idea. Fuckin' crazy magic bitches. Fuckin' stupid date. I never even asked that guy's name!

: Fuckin' rats. What is that smell? I don't wanna smell poo gas! Just cuz I'm a cop, I have to smell poo gas? This is bullshit!

Those rats dropped two Revives. They're basically extra lives. If you die, a Revive is automatically used to get you back on your feet. Our inventory is full, and this game is pretty easy anyway, so we swap one out for a Medicine and leave the other one.

There's nothing up on this walkway except for those rats, by the way. It exists purely to show you two treasure chest that you might not otherwise spot.


And here. These are both on the floor below, where we are supposed to go anyway. On the way back down, we open that chest right next to the stairs.

: Incredible. The feeding ramp is polished to a mirror sheen. The slide's been
reinforced. And the interlock with the frame is tightened for added precision.
The sight system is original, too. The thumb safety is extended to make it
easier on the finger. A long-type trigger with non-slip grooves. A ring
hammer... The base of the trigger guard's been filed down for a higher grip.
And not only that, nearly every part of this gun has been expertly crafted and

Actually, it's not that great. But it is a clear upgrade to our default weapon. Attack equals damage, Range is exactly what it says on the box, and Bullets is clip size. The little shooty-gun icon tells you how many shots you can manage to fire in one turn. So, our first gun to shoot twice, and the 1911 can shoot three times.

Aya is completely stationary when firing, however, and you must use every shot per turn, so a higher number is not necessarily better. Three's good, though, so we'll stick with this.

Aya also started the game with this Club. The nightstick does poor damage and requires melee range, but it takes no ammunition so the game gives it to you in case you are really awful and run out of bullets. You also cannot remove it from your inventory, which can be annoying if you run low on space. But Aya swings it around like a tonfa, and that rules, so it can stay.

And yes, Aya brought her sidearm, kevlar vest, and nightstick to a quiet night at the opera. Why do you ask?

Moving forward, we encounter a familiar face.

Again, she runs in the direction we need to go and disappears.

But we have goodies to loot! Remember those chests we saw from upstairs? Well, one has a medicine or something shitty in it, but the other one, the one on the left, has a very nice item!

Dammit. Hold on a second. (Aya's hidden by the stairs in the foreground, by the way)

Right, so we ditch a medicine and get this: an Offense +1. It does exactly what the Defense +1 did, and we slap it on our shiny new 1911.

Here's why the inventory system can be a problem. First off, healing items don't stack, but you can heal yourself with magic, so you don't really need more than two or three. Secondly, even items you have equipped take up inventory space. Those are the items highlighted in blue. Finally, you see that Theater Key and Rehearse Key? Those are key items. We already used them, and there's no more doors they unlock, but they don't disappear and you can't get rid of them. At until we gain access to a storage function in the next update, at least. They suck and I hate them.

Anyway, let's follow that ghost kid or whatever.

: I'm never gonna get the smell out of this dress.

The phone is, again, just a save point. The switch, though...

Opens the gate!

Aya runs down the corridor to confront her.

: ...My body...My body's again!!!

: Well, even if you did have more people with you, they'd just BURN, right?!

: TELL ME, Eve...! Why...? Why me? Why am I the only one...?
: You'll find out. Eventually... Even if you don't understand...don't worry, your mitochondria will ...They've always known...
: I'm going to give you some time...some time to thinks and some time to evolve...

Eve turns to escape

Of course, there's a barred gate in her way. Yay, we win!

Uh, what?

Oh, I guess she just turns into orange goop, melts through the bars and reforms on the other side.

Wait, what?

Well, fuck. Even if we catch her, how are we supposed to arrest her? Anyone have a pickle jar or something?

Hey, what's that?

Oh, balls.

Electric crocodile alert!

Boss Tune ~ Plosive Attack

First real boss fight!

I won't be recording every boss fight in the game, because not all of them are interesting to watch, but I will cover most of them. You may also notice that I use a slightly different tactic for fighting the boss in the video compared to the screen shots.

First off, there's two targets in the fight. The croc itself and its tail. Go after the tail first, because it has less HP.

The tail can also fire sonic booms.

He's not too tough, though. After you "kill" the tail, he roars and the camera angle changes.

And he gains the ability to spew fucking fire! I'm trying to think of something more terrifying than a fire-breathing crocodile, but I simply cannot. Do you know what the difference is between a crocodile that can breath fire and a dragon?


He still goes down, and we level up! We learn Slow, a new spell that...slows enemies. Fighting all those rats and frogs in the sewers also earned up Scan, a spell that shows enemies' HP and weaknesses. Unfortunately, the internet exists so Scan is no longer useful.

Crocomire also drops a new armor vest, but it's worse than the one we found in the prop room so who cares.

Why are JRPG villains always so cryptic? Would it kill them to just go "Hey, buddy, I'm gonna blow up the world. Please don't come to my flying evil castle to stop me. Thanks."

With Eve gone, Aya heads back upstairs to leave. Unfortunately, our super helpful back-up is gone and replaced by a foe more diabolical than any mutant rats.

: Miss! You are the sole survivor of this horrible ordeal, CORRECT?!
: ...I...
: Until now, this combustion theory has been acknowledged only by occult enthusiasts.
: Please... just... leave me alone...
: This incident happened to take place on... Christmas Eve, of all nights!!

A large man in a nice suit walks over without a word...

and decks that dude right in the 'stache!

: Are you CRAZY?!! ...Jim! Did you get this on tape...?!
: Scram, buddy!
: Daniel...

This is Detective Daniel Glover Dollis. He's Aya's partner, and according to the manual, they are known as the "Father and Daughter Team". I can't find his age, so I'm forced to assume he is at least too old for this shit.

: Yes...Oh, but my date...
: Heard from a cop that your boyfriend ran outta there like a wuss ! Haha !...Er...sorry your date didn't go well, ahem...
: It's not like that ! I had him escort me 'cuz he kept pestering me for a date.
: Yeah, but of all places...the opera ?! There's a story! Ha! So why the opera, huh ? Is that the "in" thing right now ?
: Saw the ad in the paper. I dunno... just caught my eye...
: Don't tell me you were onto this case ?! you finally got some cop instinct in ya, huh ?
:...Instinct...? Daniel...shouldn't you be with your son ? It's Christmas Eve...
: He knows his dad's a cop... My boy understands... Anyway, to change the subject... I heard things from people who were there... but this is one hell of an incident, huh ?!...
:...Mitochondria...mitochondria?...Symbiosis...? When was I in the hospital...?
: You hungry, Aya? I was thinking of picking up some exotic. Not too exotic, though. Like, falafels or something. I saw this dude on TV, Andrew something, and he was eatin' the craziest shit! Like, he was in Mongolia or someplace, and they took him to this cow, stabbed it, and caught the blood in a tube! There was like chunks of black stuff in it and everything! But this dude, he just grabs that shit and chugs it! Is that crazy or what?

: I'm still gettin' a falafel.

: Heya, goons! It's me again, Rattigan Johansen, here ta tells youse about my sewer-dwellin' neighbors!

: "Go Away!" Geddit? Dat's what he says, right? Da frog? Anyways, dese guys are tougher den us rats, but dey don't got much by way of attacks. Best dey can do is give youse a nasty lickin'! Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk.

: Dis cold-blooded killer is da real deal! He can fire wave o' pain outta his tail, or jus' give ya a good whackin'! Shockingly, he don't got no electric attacks, jus' fire breath. What a crock! But watch out if 'e charges atchya! He'll whack youse wit' his claws an' have youse cryin' crocodile tears! Best ta gator outta da way! Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk.