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Part 7: Episode 7: Meet The Press

Episode 7: Meet The Press

Last time, I wrote an update that was way too long and had to be split in two. This time, in that very part two, we need to go tell Baker that we are now packing serious heat.

But first...

DOGGIES! If you walk up to the gate, they'll actually come over and sit for you!

Ahem. Cathy was standing here the whole time Daniel was having a little family drama. Let's see what she has to say.

: You met Daniel's son, Ben? Daniel divorced his wife last year. This was before you were assigned here. He kept saying every boy needs a father... So he fought for Ben's custody with Lorraine... his ex-wife. Well, he won, but... being a cop, I doubt if he has time to spend with him.

Well, there's some backstory on Daniel. We also found out that Aya is relatively new to this precinct, and that Daniel presumably never told her all this. Probably doesn't like to talk about it, poor guy.

Anyway, let's go see Baker.

: You were looking for me?

: Me?

: That's right. You'll be on national television as the sole survivor of that incident.

: I see.

: But you only answer when I ask you. The media is just looking for anything to grill us about. They may even turn you into a suspect. So you let me do the talking. Understood?

: Yes, sir...

: OK then... Let's go meet the press.

We head back down the hall to the press room.

The Press Conference
(The music doesn't kick in until halfway through, so the silence in the beginning is normal)

I like all the stuff scribbled on the chalkboard. This game has some really nice background details.

: That is what we currently speculate.

: How about accounts of officers and firemen at the scene bursting into flames?

Aya's text actually auto-scrolls here as Baker quickly cuts her off.

: Another question. Then how did Detective Brea survive without so much as a minor burn ?

: This is a result of her quick thinking and training as an officer...

: I'm asking HER the question!

: She...

The music kicks in as Aya totally blows it!

: Aya!

: Your...mitochondria? Who said this?

The reporters are occasionally filling the screen with flashes as they snap pictures. I failed to get any shots of it, though.

: But according to a report, Melissa Pearce was killed in the fire!

: Melissa did die. Her body had been taken over by this...Eve.

Yeah, they'll totally believe that.

: What's this Eve!? Some kind of an alien!?

Oh, they are believing it. Was Fox News around in 1998?

: People, please! She is very tired, and we are still investigating...

Baker throws out the ol' "No more questions", then retreats back to his office along with Aya.

Why is Nix here? Or is that Werner?

: I'm telling the truth, sir.

Baker actually slams his desk here, but my masterful screenshotting skillz make it look more like a half-hearted hand-jive.

: You'll only stir up the media and cause people to panic!

: Sir, she was only...

Daniel is cut off by the phone on Baker's desk ringing. No doubt some cop needing to save his game somewhere.

: Well, put him through then. This is captain Baker...What ? Meet ?...You'll have to speak up ? Yes,...what ? Yes, All right.

: Some Japanese scientist, I think. Couldn't understand his English too well. He was raving about some mito-something... Says he's coming over here.

: Might-O?

: Is it... Mitochondria?

Oh, I guess it's Nix. Nix! We got Nix here!

See? Nobody cares.

: That's what Eve had said... That's it's time for the mitochondria to be set free...

Nix: Hey, I just read that some researcher at the museum wrote a new theory on them.

: Sir, I'm taking Aya to go talk to this researcher.

Wait, we already have a mitochondria researcher coming to here, don't we? The dude on the phone. Why don't we just wait for him to get here?

Are we really going to talk to an expert with no clear connection to the case instead of waiting here for twenty minutes to talk to an expert who shows a personal interest in the case? An expert who is literally coming here right now?

Guess so!

I changed Aya's little talking head to reflect her costume change. Unfortunately, that one pic seems to be the only official art of her in that outfit on the internet. S'okay, because it's a pretty bad-ass pic, but I thought I'd ask you guys. Stick with this one? Go back to the other one?