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Part 9: Episode 9: Urgent Urgent Emergency

Episode 9: Urgent Urgent Emergency

Last time, we visited Dr. Klamp, and now we know everything there is to know about mitochondria!

Gah! Yes, we do! Go away!

Today, we're heading back to the precinct, presumably to report in about the clearly suspicious mad scientist we just met.

Seriously. Why are insane, reclusive scientists always so rude!

: That man... I've seen him... before. But I can't remember... where.

: You weren't listening to me at all, were you, Shatner?

Just then, Daniel's radio beeps!

Shouldn't we be able to hear what the other person is saying? It's a radio, not a bluetooth.

: Aya, looks like we got a break in the case!

: I said, we just got a break in the case!

: I can't hear you over my foreshadowing. What did you say?

: Seriously, did you say something?

I'm gonna link the PD music again, because it's chill as fuck.

Daniel hurries on ahead, but let's take our time and chat with the doorman.

: Hope you bag this creep soon... I'd hate to bump into him on the street!

Man, could you imagine? You're just walking down the street, then bam! You walk right into a floating lady with a tree stump for legs. Talk about awkward!

Oh, Cathy. You are so super useful.

: Who are you again?

Enough screwing around. We go catch up with Daniel and head into the Press Room.

: Let's go, folks, we're starting the meeting.

I guess it also doubles as a conference room? Check out all the little notes and shit on the chalkboard. Makes me kinda miss prerendered backgrounds

: but people are still gathering at the stage. We must NOT let another massacre happen again!

: Hey, the concert was canceled because the performer turned into a crazy monster and set Carnegie Hall on fire. Wanna go hang out at the stage anyway?

: Do I?!

: Central Park!?

: What is it, Daniel?

: Are they retarded?

Daniel Dollis: good dad to a retarded son.

: Aya. Watch his back...!

: Yes, sir!

A shiny new Mod Permit? Well, we should probably go catch up to Daniel and help him save his son from a charbroiled fate.

But...Let's just make a quick stop downstairs.

As an added bonus, we get a neat little scene between Wayne & Torres. For some reason, Wayne's Theme Song plays throughout.

: I didn't ask to be assigned here to watch over the warehouse all day, ya know...

: As long as you see guns as toys, you'll never touch them!

: Hey, I KNOW I can make a stronger gun than you!

: They're supposed to be safer!

: Fine, ya geezer!

: But that goes for you, too. You can never be too careful with a gun!

With that finished, we should probably go save Dan's dumb kid. And his ex-wife, I guess. And while we're there, we might as well try to save all those other dumbies. If we have to.

Let's drive recklessly!

Warning: Cool Ass Shit Incoming

I'm sure Daniel will drive safely and cautiously despite his urgent situation.

: Get the fuck...


: Thank God we live in New York City, a town well known for having very little traffic.

: Well, it looks like she wants to gather people in one big area...

: ...And then?

: I'unno.

: Let's hurry!

: Did you not see that sick drifting back there? How much faster to you think this thing can go?!

I wonder if Eve is still getting a cut of the ticket sales to her canceled but still standing room only concert. She'd probably spend it all on wood finish. And blow.

Lotsa blow.