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Part 12: Episode 12: Album Cover

Episode 12: Album Cover

Last time, we explored Central Park and learned all about compost.

This time, we...

get poisoned by an easily dodged, heavily telegraphed attack! Wait, shit.

I mean, this time, we pursue Eve.

Gee, this large open area looks ominous. I'm sure it's nothing, though. Hey, remember that placard we saw back in the Zoo?

Yeah, that one! Kinda weird that we never saw any giant Amazonian worms. Oh well, lucky us!

Wait, fuck!

So, these are the giant Amazonian worms. They get boss fight music because they are technically a boss.

I didn't record this fight because they are an extremely boring and easy boss. Really, they're more of a mini-boss, if anything.

There's four of them, and they pop up periodically like a game of whack-a-mole. They attack by spitting spiky balls that explode when they hit the ground, firing spikes in different directions.

I attack by shooting them repeatedly with my goddamn grenade launcher.

When you kill one, the worms' gimmick becomes apparent.

Every time one dies, the remaining worms get bigger. Their HP remains the same, but they do slightly more damage.

Just for funsies, I decided to try out Barrier.

It's very showy, but ultimately unnecessary.

Grenade launchers, on the other hand, continue to be great fun.

Two worms left, they get slightly bigger again. The spike balls can hurt you by hitting you directly, in addition to the projectiles they fire. They can also shoot in two patterns: a 180 fan or a 360 ring.

My strategy remains unchanged.

When there's only one worm left, he moves to the bottom corner and gets gigantic.... my dick

He also gains a new attack: slamming into the ground and sweeping across. This hurts, and could be a problem.

Unless you dash under him and hang out over here. Then it just gives you a free hit. His hit box is kind of weird, so if you're on his right side when he comes down, you just clip though and keep on trucking.

He'll alternate between spike bombs and belly-flops. That's basically all he can do. I alternate between casually strolling to the right and shooting grenades in his face. Guess who comes out on top?

I love my grenade launcher.

We level up and get some nice goodies, to boot!

That was a fun little distraction. I wonder what this grenade launcher will do to Eve?

: My ears are burning...

: Come my dear, let's go for a ride. Hahaha!

Yeah, right. What kind of idiot would do that? I should just shoot you right here and...


Aya? Aya, what are you doing?

Welp, I guess we're going for a carriage ride!

Cutscene and dialogue and boss fight! Oh my!

: Damn kids and their devil music!

: Actually, this is pretty good.

: My God. Judas Priest rules!

: Told ya.

: Why not? I'm a human.

: Why are you going with them and not ME?!

And so, the REAL boss fight begins.

Eve floats around the carriage while Aya grenades the fuck outta her.

Occasionally, she flies up off screen. No, that's not rocket exhaust, I just tried to take a pot shot at her while she flew off.

Then, Eve attacks her her ORBITAL LASERS!

This is Eve's main method of dealing damage. There's not a lot of room to maneuver on the Carriage, but it's not hard to dodge the lasers. The swirl purple thing marks where it's gonna hit, so when you see that just run to the opposite corner. Ta-da! No damage!

She'll also swipe at you on occasion.

At the end of this boss fight on a speeding carriage, Eve flies up to the screen, then hovers back down next to the carriage.

Did I mention we just had a boss fight against a flying monster lady firing lasers while riding in a speeding carriage being pulled by flaming horses? Because we did.

: Well, if you don't know, your mitochondria will... That's why you were drawn to the opera.

Eve is the kind of mitochondria your mother warned you about.

We're still speeding down the streets of New York, by the way.

Poor Aya has the worst luck on dates.

In case you were wondering, fire is not good for horses.

: Ffffuuuuuuuuu


: Heya, kids! It's me again, Rattigan Johansen. Today, we're gonna talk about...

: Da worm! What da worms do is...what? Oh. Is this a bad time? S-sorry.