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Part 13: Episode 13: Shut Down EVERYTHING

Episode 13: Shut Down EVERYTHING

Last time, Eve demonstrated reckless driving. This time, we try to figure out what to do now that our protagonist is probably dead.

First off...

Do you guys like flashbacks?

How do you feel about recurring flashbacks?

Do you recognize that guy? DO YOU?!

Huh. Wonder what that could mean? Probably nothing important.

We wake up from the fog of time to find Daniel screaming at trees.

Suddenly, Ben comes running up from off screen! Hey, we managed to save someone after all!

And why do you smell like beef jello?

:...I came here with mom, but she...she was all weird...

: What do you mean, Ben?

: I came with mom so the three of us could be together.

: So that's why you came to get me...

: I got near the stage and I started to feel sick. I wanted to go home... Mom wasn't herself, dad... She left and everyone else went too...!

Sounds like Eve mind controlled them somehow. Or, maybe just manipulated their cells to make them move into position, like an army of horrible puppets! Awake and aware as their bodies move forward, compelled by an outside force, unable to do anything but watch and await their melty fate.

We're still totally taking credit for saving Ben, though. That was all us.

Later, Baker is talking to the interchang-o-twins

: We can NOT put the lives of citizens in jeopardy any longer. We have orders to evacuate all citizens out of Manhattan. Fortunately, most people are out of the city for Christmas.

: What do we do, sir?

: We will stay and assist in neutralizing Eve.

: Shouldn't we leave it to the army?

As if fearing Baker will out-bad-ass him, Daniel runs in just then.

Everyone just shakes their heads.

: Daniel, I need you to help evacuate the citizens.

: She's our only hope against this thing now. I'm going to look for her!

Shut up, Nix.

: He's lost Lorraine... He'll find Aya. You two help with the evacuation.

Downstairs, Daniel stops in to see Ben.

Damn right you do. She has my grenade launcher!

: Where'd she go ?

: I dunno, but she's the only one that can fight the thing that hurt your mommy.

: If you don't come back, does that make me Batman?

: Where'd you learn to talk like that? Ain't no son of mine gonna be readin' DC! Now you read those X-men comics like I told you!

: Yes, daddy.

: Am I gonna need to take my belt off?

: No, daddy.

: I will, don't worry.

: Wolverine for life!

Wait, did you just say...?


: Can I show this boy the dog?

: Sure, let me open the fence.

Please, God, don't be Jack Slate's dog.


: Just watch out her her tele-stomp. That shit is total BS.

Meanwhile, the police evacuate the island of Manhattan.

Mondays, am I right?

: Hey, no cutting! That's it, you don't get to evacuate!

The city is a ghost town.

Even the opening to 30 Rock is desolate and empty.

Apparently, someone misheard "Evacuate" as "Rapture".

We come to some nameless cops hanging around a barricade.

: What?

:...Er...uh... I'm not getting anywhere with my English...

: Hey, you Chinese?

: No! I'm Japanese!

It would be really funny to me if this was actually babelfish nonsense.

: Oh, yes! Can you speak Japanese?

: Chotto dake ne. Daredesuka ?

: Calm down. Take it easy, man. It's bad for your heart.

Otacon sees an opportunity...




: Just like my Japanese Animes!

On that note, Maeda slips into the quarantine zone while a Tea Partier burns to death.

Maybe Eve's not so bad after all...