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Part 17: Episode 17: Assault on Precinct 17

Episode 17: Assault on Precinct 17

Last time, we visited good ol' Dr. Klamp and found out he had a mysterious list with Daniel's son & ex-wife's names on it. Despite this suspicious behavior, and his apparent breaking of the city's quarantine, we decided not to push the issue and just let him go.

No need to be rude, after all.

Urban Noise

One of these days, Alice! One of these days!

Maeda, you're kind of in the shot, buddy. Could you just, move your head a little?

Ehh, nevermind.

: It's a list to see whether organs will be rejected when transplanted.

I don't know, Daniel. If only there was some way we could...apprehend Dr. Klamp somehow, and make him explain his suspicious behavior! Sadly, as police officers, we have no way of doing such a thing.

: ...biggest goddamn gun I can find, and I'm gonna shoot the whole goddamn museum!

I like that the way the whole city lights up on the nighttime map.

What? Did they have a kegger while we were dicking around in Soho? No fair!

And they invited her? This is some bullshit.

I do like that the plot kind of goes out its way to give you a reason why Aya has to do everything herself. Better than randomly splitting up for no reason. I'm looking at you, Barry Burton

Daniel status: Still Owns.

He runs off into the station, risking being mauled or burned to death for the sake of his retarded son. Again.

Oh, no.




See this? See this stupid thing? You'll notice it's a key item, so we can't just throw it away. So, what does it do? Nothing. Not a goddamn thing. It just sits in your inventory, taking up space, eating your food, and playing Halo: Reach all goddamn day. Hamaya needs to get a fucking job, man!

Luckily, this isn't so bad. We're at the Police Station, so we can just pop in on Wayne and throw it in storage. But this is not the last time Maeda will have a useless ass good luck charm for us. The only way to avoid this scene, and others like it, is to have your inventory completely full already. Which is a completely different problem! This game has tons of cool hidden shit, so you need to constantly have room in your inventory to pick it up. You can't do this if all your space is taken up by useless-ass good luck charms!

In conclusion, fuck you, Kunihiko Maeda.

Maeda, I want you to stay here and think about what you've done.

This place is trashed. It also has some familiar music.

Let's make sure Baker and those other two guys are okay.


Oh, it's just a palette swapped rat and one of those birds from the park. The different color means this brand of rat is stronger than those back at Carnegie Hall.

Of course, I have a gun that shoots grenades.

Well, the office doesn't seem too badly messed up.

Oh no, it's...Who is that again?

Oh, right. Warner.

: Aya... Man, Eve really caught us off guard... Most of our men were out...

: I'm getting help! Hang on!

Haha, Warner, you suck so much you can't even die in your own death scene.

Even Baker's office got trashed! Dammit, Eve, the janitor already evacuated!

Sup, dead guy?

Well, good luck with that!

So, you're probably thinking we should look for Ben in the dog room downstairs, right? After all, that's where we last saw him!

But did you know there's actually an extra scene if you go upstairs first? Until this playthrough, neither did I!

The last guy was Warner, so this one must be Nix. How's it going, Nix?

: Aya! We'll hold them off here, you go downstairs!


Yeesh, looks like someone made a mess down there. Let's stop in on Wayne first, and get rid of this shitty useless good luck charm.

So that's what that smell is.

: No! My allergies!

That status icon is Defense Down. Wolfmans can inflict that with their howl. It's a pain.

Ding! Plus, we got our first offensive spell. It does exactly what it says on the box.

Man, I can't wait to show Torres this hideous frankengun I've built.

Oh no.

A somber version of Wayne's theme plays throughout this scene.

: Why...? Why didn't you shoot, man ?

: Haven't used a gun since...

: Since your daughter was shot? Torres, you can't blame guns for that!

: I... suppose... You're right.

Wayne hands us an old handgun.

: Hasn't used it in ages, but he always kept it in shape. Torres wasn't just good at gun tune ups... He was a real good shot, too. But ever since the day his daughter was killed by a gun accidentally going off... He stopped shooting altogether, and he came to this department to keep guns in check...

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