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Part 18: Episode 18: The Grim Dark Future

Episode 18: The Grim Dark Future

Eve's monsters have assaulted the police station. Ben is missing, Torres is dead. Shit just got real.

Last time we saw Ben, he was in here, the Dog Pen. This looks bad already.

Don't see Ben's chewed up corpse anywhere. That's promising.

: Where?

: I... don't know... Sheeva went berserk, and... Ben went after her...

: What!?

Perhaps you, the master of unlocking can

shoot...guys. I guess. Thanks Cathy.

She's just gonna chill out on the floor for a while.

If we try to step into the dog pen, two Dogmen will appear. This is a nice fight because you can trigger it repeatedly by just leaving the room and coming back. Handy if you can't decide what gun to use.

I decided to try out that SMG we found in Soho. Notice the bullet display says Random. That's an effect of Rapid Fire and means you can't pick your targets. This is only an issue in fights with more than one enemy, of course.


A dog.

See dog run.

Run, dog, run.

We should probably go find that kid before he gets Cujo'd.

Requiem for an NPC.

Looks like Nix decided to take a nap, too.

: Come on, we need to take care of that wound...!

: I'm all right! Just... go after Ben!

He doesn't give us this, by the way. Aya just rifles through his pockets while pretending to care.

Right, we need to save Ben!

No time to lose!

Headin' upstairs right now!

We're comin', Ben!

Going straight up those stairs at this very moment!

Here I go!

Looks like Nix's battle with the spiders didn't go so good.

This door is easy to miss, especially if you're running around in a panic for some reason.

This little cell block contains a few things.


And fucking spiders! I hate spiders for one very simple reason.

Webs. Stepping on the webs will damage you AND slow you down considerably. They stay on the ground for a while, and Spiders almost always attack you in narrow-ass corridors like this, so chances are, you will get webbed one way or another.

Slow status and narrow corridors can even make the rats a threat!

Fuck spiders. Let's move on.


So, the dog is flipping out, growing at everything, and possibly foaming at the mouth. Yeah, seems like a good time to get as close to it as possible.

Yes, Sheeva's actually growling at Ben for most of these scenes.

The dog runs off, and Ben pursues. Because he's dumb as hell.

Want me to go get Dr. Klamp? He fucking loves explaining that stuff.

Looks like Ben's in trouble!

We should probably get on that!


Hey, remember that part in Resident Evil 2 where the Licker burst out of the two-way mirror? You totally knew it was coming, and you were all "Hell no, I ain't going in there!" but the chess piece key or whatever was in there, so you had to. And you knew that fucker was gonna jump out, but when he did, it still scared the shit out of you?


Betcha Leon was only like, Level 12


Ooo, shiny.

Weapon Storage? But, Ben's in trouble now. We can't afford to run all the way back downstairs...

I'm sure he's fine.


We also find a Tool and an Offense +2, but this catches my eye.

Submachine guns have very short range, but fire faster than any other gun in the game. I like speed, so I decided to Tool around with it.

In short, I made a fully automatic hand held grenade launcher. Basically, Aya's now packing an Imperial Bolter.


Let's look in here. Ben probably went in, right? Sure he did.

Fancy. No Ben, but we can find a CR Evade +1 and a Medicine 3. There's also a phone if you need to take a save.

I wonder where Daniel got off to. Bet he's doin' something awesome.


"No, no I am not. Definitely do not hug me." ~ The Dog

"What did I just bark?" ~ Also The Dog

I think I'm out of ways to make fun of Ben for being stupid. I mean, I know kids do dumb things, but goddamn!

You notice how there were no burnt corpses anywhere? That's because Eve isn't actually here. She just flipped all the animals' mitochondria into "Evil" mode from somewhere else. Eve is actually pretty frighteningly powerful.

Monsters are real, and like to hide under beds. Good luck, kid!

Close your eyes, Thread!

That's not good grooming.



Fuck this game. I quit.

: Heya, goons! It's yer ol' friend, Rattigan Johansen! Time ta earn dat paycheck!

: Dese two-faced schmucks can be real nasty customers if ya ain't careful. Dey can let out a howl ta weaken yer defenses, den mess up yer face wit' dere claws! I guess youse could say dere worse den dere bite! Nyuck, nyuck, nyuck!

: Peter Parker over 'ere can be a real nuisance. He likes ta get ya all tangled up in his webs, so's yer movin' nice and slow for him an' his buddies ta mess you up! His bite hurts, but he ain't got no venom or nuthin'. Just watch out fer dose webs! An' get me a giant, fuck-ass coffee!