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Part 20: Episode 20: Talkin' 'Bout Jizz

You guys know what happens when you say nice things about me?

Episode 20: Talkin' 'Bout Jizz

Day 4. Yesterday, Eve made it personal. Today, we...Wait, Conception? I don't like the sound of that.

We start today having an emergency meeting of the remaining New York Police Force. Or at least the ones left at Precinct 17.

Baker's not dead, by the way, just recovering at an unnamed hospital. In the manga version of the game (Yeah, there was a manga apparently), Baker actually gets horribly mauled by Sheeva and bleeds out in Daniel's arms.

I like this version better.

Told ya Warner sucked too much to die.

: But why did Eve decide to attack the precinct...?

: To get rid of us...?

I hope Cathy's okay. I honestly can't remember if she ever gets mentioned again.

I don't know, Daniel, why don't you tell me?

Thanks, bro.

Chop chop. I want that shit sparkling by the time I get back!

Good news, one guy in the thread who cares about Nix! He survived getting his shit stomped by spiders!

Out of Phase

Look at this mess. That one cop has his work cut out for him.

: Still smells like wet dog.

Maeda can wait, we need to stop in on Wayne.


Oh, cool, cuz I have this SMG I really like and

You tease. Yeah, that Trading Card we found is the new Mod Permit. It functions exactly the same, but we'll find Trading Cards hidden throughout the game world.

Here's all the stuff Wayne can do for us. Wait, what Rare Trading Card Collection?

You got it, buddy.

Alright, all the way back upstairs to find Maeda.

: See, look now they're arguing about what "Random" means.

: Haha, I thought you said this thread was about Mortal Kombat.

: I know, right?

: Lemme just look up the script for the third Parasite Eve

: What the fuck? Time travel? Really? You guys aren't gonna like this.

: I'm here now.

: What I want to know is why Eve didn't show herself this time... I felt her presence here, but as soon as we arrived, she was gone.

Well, it fucking worked!

My God. She's after the amulet!

: Oh, Christ, this again? What is with you and sperm?

: You got some problems, boy.

: You guys should see his Deviant Art favorites. Ha!

Wait, is Eve the parasite or the host? Do we need to rename the game? Cuz we already printed the manuals and...

: So if we can stop her from getting there, she'll die eventually ! I think a doctor at St.Francis Hospital specialized in artificial insemination...

: How do you know that?

: I...I don't want to talk about it.

Yeah, let's roll Da...Maeda?

What if we run across a locked door? Daniel is literally the only person in the whole genre who can shoot background objects!

Pfft. Excuses, excuses.

Uh, thanks? I mean, I already have over four hundred bullets but...

Whatever, see ya, Danny!

Urban Noise

: Finally, I get to drive.

Because of those reasons Aya just said in the last scene?

He didn't say that at all!

Oh. Well, that's sweet.

: Oh, yes, of course!

: Maeda...

: Y, yes?!

Godzilla kicked its ass is what happened.

Godzilla is how

Oh, so the Ultimate Being was a Death Star. Got it.

Maybe...maybe I should read that book.

There's a Loss.jpg joke in here somewhere.

Next time, we visit a hospital in a survival horror game! Guess what happens!