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Part 21: Episode 21: Sacred Heart

Episode 21 - Sacred Heart

Aya and her goofy sidekick Maeda have decided to head to Alchemilla St. Francis Hospital to prevent Eve from impregnating herself and making an evil death-baby.

Yup, artificial insemination is a major plot point in this video game.

This was a very strange game to play as a 12 year old boy.

While Aya remembers that time she remembered a thing, Maeda decides to run up to the door.

Well, let's kick her ass! Or her...tree-spike thing?

What is going on down there?

Anyway, let's go.

Maeda, I swear to God...

This had better be some bullets or medicine or a fucking Blah Blah+1.

You son of a bitch.

: Oh, I'll hold on to it. Right up until I shove up your skinny ass so far you'll be sneezin' key items for months!

: Ooo, I'm Maeda. I'm a big dumb idiot. Here take this bell to go fight giant murder-beasts! Fuckin' jackass.

Right, so, Brookhaven St. Francis Hospital.

First things first, there's a Tool in this festive closet!

The lobby's pretty nice. No monsters either!

This door is locked.

Jesus, guys. Your decorations are still up? Christmas was yesterday! Duh!

Only one way to go.



Well, it literally turned around and ran away in front of your eyes. Probably not your reflection.

It's locked, sadly

To open it, we have to play DooM.

Aya decides to just take the elevator, because keycards are dumb.

Going up!

Haha, nice one.

Grab your monitor and shake it back and forth a bit, and you've seen this scene in motion.

Aya survives the drop without any real issue. We were only on the first floor, after all.

This is the basement. If I've learned anything from Survival Horror games, it's that nothing bad ever happens in the basement of the creepy, deserted hospital.

I like to think Eve is using the hospital's PA system to drop these witty lines. Just mashing that button with her giant mitts.


Thank Zeus for emergency lighting.

This door is apparently electronic, so we can't open it right now. If only Daniel was here to shoot it...

Yeah, so our current goal is to get the power back on.

Gloom and Doom...again

Off we go!

Wait a minute. Just because the elevators are down doesn't mean we're trapped down here.

We'll just use the...

How did you even do that!?

Whatever, let's just try to get the power back on.


This door is open, luckily.

Storage rooms always have good stuff!

gimme dat shiny


Whoops, monster time

Haha, what?

No, seriously. You guys used up all your ideas back at the Zoo, didn't you?

Ammo here!

I have no idea why you'd need a grenade launcher in a hospital, but I don't care. Why?

Because it has this. Tranq grenades put enemies to sleep. It does no extra damage, and I don't think any bosses are vulnerable to it, but it's still one of the best effects in the game. By planting each bullet in a different enemy, you can basically shut down every random encounter, sending enemies off to snoozeville while Aya runs around completely unharmed, laughing her ass off.

I immediately move it to my Frankengun.

Now that Aya's joined the Ordos Naptimeus, we run into ghosty-pants again.


That was a stupid thing to say to a ghost. Let's just move along.

Y'know, Silent Hill would have use solving wordy puzzles in a place like this.

Parasite Eve just has us fight Jeff Goldblum and the jellyfish twins.


There's nothing else in here, so we duck behind the curtains to see what's up.

A savepoint, some Medicine in a chest, and...

This fucking key hidden in the desk drawer. Do you know how many times I wandered the halls of the basement because I forgot I could open drawers? Too many! Stop doing that, game!

By the way, we can't follow Maya.

Not until we kill the Cyberdemon, at least.

Let's just use that Autopsy Key.

Why couldn't you do this back at Carnegie Hall? Or the fucking Zoo? Aya

Right, so, the autopsy room.

It's got some dead guys.

It's got some handy stuff.

Nuttin' else, so let's bounce.

I guess this is the crematorium? Do hospitals actually have those?

We got a new enemy and...I'm sorry, those blob things are dumb as hell. I mean, there's some cool-ass enemies coming up, but goddamn. What are they even supposed to be? Bacteria that got fucking huge? Cuz of Eve?

That's dumb. You're dumb, Squaresoft.

: Thanks, buddy.

: No prob, bro.

I am very disappointed there's nothing hidden in these burners.

There's this, though.

Next time, we might actually use those Fuses!

: I'm back, bitches!

: Yeah, I dunno da deal wit' dese guys neither. Dey can spit dere red nucle-thingies atcha an' poison ya, but dat's 'bout it. Dey sure ain't no Rattigan Johansen!

: Dese guys can really bug ya, if ya ain't careful. Dey can barf green goop all over da floor, and flow youse down like da Spiders from earlier. All dat pukin' don't help dere weight none, though, so they can't get to far on dose wings. A fly dat can't fly! Ain't dat a shame?

I couldn't find a picture of the Ratman anywhere, so have this preview of Parasite Eve 2 instead: