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Part 22: Episode 22: Hey, Remember That Time?

Hey, guys, it's Friday the 13th. That seems like a good enough reason for another update!

Episode 22 - Hey, Remember That Time?

Last time, Eve trapped us in the basement of the obligatory Hospital level and cut the power. Stumbling around in the dark, we managed to find a Blue Key Card, because this game is very realistic, you see.

Using it opens that locked door from last time. Oh, that key doesn't seem useful anymore? But the shitty souvenir bells Maeda gave you last time do?

You're pissing me off, Aya.

Y'know, if I had a nickle for every haunted hospital story I've ever heard...

I know what'll cheer you up, Aya!

Inexplicably placed firearms! I think there's a stairwell behind us, too.

Say what you will about Eve, she certainly is thorough.

What exactly would the real world version of these items be?

I mean, logically, probably high-caliber bullets or something. But it could be Aya attaching tiny knives to her bullets. Wouldn't be that outlandish with this game's weapon customization system.

We have to go through two doors to enter this room. Maybe they keep really infectious shit in here. Good thing we're just barging in!

I'm gonna make a Knifewrench joke here. Just for you, IronSaber. Because you're Voltron.

Whoa, what the balls? it shooting brains at me? I officially forgive you for the Bacteria enemies, Squaresoft. Holy shit

Yeah, so the brains bounce around all over the place once it shoots them. Supposedly, you're supposed to get a very nice item for killing the brains until John Merrick here stops shooting them. This is according to several FAQs and posters in this very thread.

But I killed like 40 fuckin' brains, and still got jack. I'm going to have to assume that everyone else on the internet is wrong except me

Actually, you need to kill upwards of 90 brains, so I just gave up too soon

After all, I clearly know everything about this game, and definitely haven't missed several cool things until they were pointed out to me.

We do get this, though, which is honestly just as good. Haste does the same thing it does in every RPG, and it is just as useful. Faster movement means easier dodging and faster AT means more face-shooting.


I was very disappointed that there was nothing in this...What is this thing?


I want to stick a penny in this door so bad, you guys.


Now, if you ever played Resident Evil, you're certainly expecting some sort of elaborate puzzle involving fuses and Victorian art to get the power back on.

Nope! Just gotta plug those shits in. I'm both saddened and relieved.

You do have to do all three individually, though.

We'll probably need some equipment for this, like a replacement wire and some heavy gloves.

Or just grab those exposed wires with your bare hands.

: I am a master electrician.

There's no way that should work.

Which means, of course, that it does with no problems.

Missing Perspective

Now we can take the non-crashed elevator back up to the first floor!

Riding da elevator

Huh? What the!?

The strange children run off.

There's monsters in the lobby now.

Plus, this door is now open!

Someone trashed the joint.

So let's shoot them repeatedly!

Thanks, I guess. And yes, I still see you there, Mayoke, you useless bastard.

: Did you guys see that? I'm goddamn unstoppable!

Mrs. Nusebaum is my new favorite character.

: Are you okay?

: Yes, thank you. However, a nurse is trapped in the other room. Could you help her out?

Yeah, sure, no prob.

Lemma just poke around back here real quick


EDIT: There's a trick here. For some reason, if you keep pressing X here, Aya will keep finding Trading Cards. Until:

You literally have more Trading Cards than you know what to do with.

Thank you, forums user Dis Astranagant. I have no words for such a beautiful sight.

Okay, let's go help this nurse.

Haha, that's all you got?

That fight goes about as well for them as you'd think.

Remembering Cutscenes

Yeah, like a dozen times now. Sometimes in the middle of boss fights, even! an extremely specific fetish, Aya.


All alone in the mooooooonlight...

I can smile at the oooooold daaays

I was cryptic and vague theeeeeen...

Aya pulls herself together and remembers to check on the nurse we were rescuing.

: Glad to help, but you could help me even more by telling me where the doors next to the elevator lead.

: the storage of the hospital... That's where we keep oxygen tanks and our main supply of liquid nitrogen.

: What do you use liquid nitrogen for?

: How can you not know? Don't you work here?

: Hey, I'm just reading the script here, honey.


: Heya, goonies. I only gots one for youse today, but it is a doozy!

: Jeez-a-Loo! Lookit dis guy! Or, dese guys, I guess. I can't really tell. Da Apple-dumpling Gang over 'ere may look nasty, but all he/they/it can really do is spit bouncy brains atcha. Is dat an octopus tentacle hang over da side dere? Goodness! Dis ain't yer grandpa's abomination!