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Part 27: Episode 27: You've Bred Raptors?

Episode 27: You've Bred Raptors?

Last time, we hit Disc 2. Now, you may remember that the beginning narration said Eve's crazy mayhem lasted for 6 days. We went through 4 and a half days on Disc 1, so how much could be left? Well, a lot. And, Disc 2 is heavily weighed down with FMVs, as well as the best level in the game. So let's get started.

First of all, you may notice there's something different about my gun. This was less decided by your votes, and more determined by this post:

AndwhatIseeisme posted:

Loose the sleep bullets. Putting enemies to sleep isn't nearly as cool as the ability to make some nice puns while chilling out in the museum.

So, let's skate on outta here.

Now, we're supposed to go the Museum. Y'know, like Maeda said we should before we dicked around abandoned warehouses and Chinatown sewers for 12 hours? But I decided to make a trip back to the Station to drop off all this useless shit I found with Wayne.

And to spite Maeda.

I mention this because I discovered that I can't remove the Narita from my inventory. I knew you couldn't ditch the last Good Luck Charm he gives you, but I remembered him giving me 4 instead of 3. Whoops.

And here I am glaring at my inventory screen. Goddammit, Maeda, I might need that one item slot! What if I find an even BIGGER Rocket Launcher? What then?

I was originally gonna call this update "Night at the Museum". But, while looking for the level's music on Youtube, I discovered that basically everyone had already done that joke.

I like how Aya has different footstep sounds depending on where you are. Water sloshes around your feet in the sewers, and here, snow crunches loudly as you run up to the door. Nice detail.

Don't need no old fart's permission this time.

Dr. Klamp The mysterious individual disappears behind the door.

: Why do they always run? Don't you think I have better shit to do than chase you around?

: Do you?!

: Ugh, I should've just let Daniel shoot you.

Wheel of Fortune ~ Museum Theme

So, the Museum. I like the museum. For one, it's not a sewer! Plus, there's tons of cool shit to see!

Like this map of the continental United States with random blinking lights! I think they indicate archeological dig sites, maybe?

They even have a diorama of Dr. Grant excavating a...I dunno, some sort of dinosaur.

: You better stay dead, if you know what's good for ya, pal.

Someone made a mess in here.

I've never been to the Museum of Natural History, so if anyone wants to tell me how accurate PE's recreation of it is, that'd be neat. There's a Medicine 3 in that box, by the way.

I really like the backgrounds in this level.

The door at the end of the hall slams shut. I was a little too slow on the ScreenShot button, though.

What kind of monsters could be lurking here? Zombie Tour Guides?

Nope, fucking raptors! Well, troodons, at least.

: Do you know what killed the dinosaurs?


This is a very good question with a very dumb answer. But, it gave us fucking dinosaurs to fight, so I think it's worth it.

We can find this handgun and a Tool in these chests. Again, seems like an odd place to keep firearms, but whatevs

This door is actually locked, so we have to go back.

Our clever friend is accompanied to mutant chameleons. Yeah, I dunno either.

: Time to ICE these chumps!

We level up and learn Medic. Medic is very useful, but costs a lot of PE to cast. Still completely worth it.

Yeah, chameleons drop Junk, just like the Birds. They're about as threatening, too.

Back in the lobby, we need to find a new way to loop around and find Klamp. Why don't we try that elevator?

Oh, I guess there's an alarm? A completely silent alarm that Aya is still somehow aware of? Well, it's better than actually having to listen to an alarm blare for the next 30 minutes of gameplay. So, we need to find and shut off the alarm, and that will unlock the elevators and main stairwell.

Heading north, we find this little doodad.

You press a button, and all the animals quickly light up, then go black again. Can you count them all? Of course you can, it's a still image.

Answering the question correctly nabs you... item! There's several of these little quizzes you can find throughout the museum, and they all give you a minor reward of getting them right. I don't think it's appropriate for the prize of a children's game to be a handful of pills, though.

These guys don't take too kindly to you solving that brain buster. Looks like they need to chill out.

Here is a hallway with no items and no fights. Yay

Hey, another little game! Oh, and there's...

: Cool your heels, bub, I gotta hit up this quiz first.

There's nowhere in game that actually tells you the answers, but chances are you have the Discovery Channel, so you can probably make a good guess. Or, you could just use the process of elimination, since you can simply retry after a wrong answer.

I'm not sure if this is better or worse to give small children than pills.

: ICE to meet you!

So, the scorpion. He's honestly not that impressive, but he's barely a miniboss to begin with. He can hit you with either his claws or his tail, but they're easy enough to dodge.

He can also spew purple poison gas at you, but he rarely does.

Most importantly, he can die an icy, acidic death. So, what was he guarding?

Yeah, this was worth dying for. There's a locked door to the south, and an open one to the north.


Really, shouldn't these chameleons be harder to find?

We'll ignore the staircase for a moment, and check out this room.

Also known as "The Room of Giant Heads".


Trying to leave causes this little event to happen.

The screen is shaking here, but I prefer to think Aya was suddenly overcome with the urge to surf.

So, a bunch of rocks and statues and probably priceless artifacts were shoved down on us from upstairs. And along with them, came...


: ICED that guy!

These guys have a very nice haul. Full Cure fixes all status effects, and Medicine 4 heals 400 HP a pop.

Heading back to the stairs, we find yet ANOTHER grenade launcher. At this point, Aya's basically a walking WMD.

Upstairs, we find another quiz, and this one was already answered for us earlier by Klamp! That is, if you didn't zone out what he was rambling. This one just gives us bullets, too.

Again, the south door is locked, so we head north.

In here, we find where that avalanche in the Giant Head Room came from.

: I just know I'm gonna get blamed for this.

This door was presumably hidden behind one of the displays that almost squished us.

So, of course it leads to the fire escape.

: Time for some COOL posting!

: Ah, Ol' Bitey. I fergit 'is real name, but I rememba he like ta bite. Really, dat was all 'e could do! Bite this, bite that. Bite yer face, bite yer butt. Bite, bite, bite, bite. One time, I bit 'im back, jus' like a joke, y'know? Long story short, dinos don't do so good with salmonella.

: Oh man, dese guys. Always hung around da set in huge groups. Like a dozen o' da bastards just balancin' on lights, not makin' a sound. Jus' starin' atcha. Jus'...starin'...

: Da Dill Brothers! Dese guys rolled up on set one day, apparently ta do stunt work fer guys like me. Y'know, guys dat are too pretty ta risk gettin' hurt. Anyway, dey were jus' showin' off, rollin' high speed across da parkin' lot, doin' jumps an' flips an' whatnot. Li'l Dill, da youngest, wasn't payin' attention, and rolled right out inta da middle o' da street. Neva saw that Semi comin'. Beautiful wake, though.

: Get over 'ere! No, really, c'mere! I ain't done talkin', ya ungrateful brat! I ain't even told ya about Stings Mackenzie, yet! I'm tellin' ya, it's a real interestin' story! I mean, I wasn't actually dere for it, but I heard 'bout it froma very reliable source an'...Where ya goin'?!