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Part 28: Episode 28: Field Trip

Episode 28: Field Trip

Museum Theme

Before we get started, do you remember this room?

Well, dis astranagant has informed me that you can actually sneak around behind the plants!

Like so!

This leads us to this little corridor, complete with another quiz!

I don't know why you'd put one of these in an area that is clearly Employees Only, but whatever. Correctly answering "Mitochondria" (the answer to everything in this game is "mitochondria"), nabs you some bullets. The chest behind me also contains bullets. Yawn.

The storage closest here contains much nicer things. Like a Defense +1 and an Offense +1

There's also this, which is still worse in every way compared to my current armor. But, I guess if Aya ever worries she's too strong of a character, she can throw on a catsuit.

This box is just begging to be pushed.

That will open a secret room containing a Tool and some more Yugioh for Wayne. Secrets within secrets, folks. We're through the looking glass here.

Anyway, where were we?

Oh yeah, the fire escape.

We need to go up to progress so...let's head down first.

We're immediately rewarded with a treasure chest. And on the other side of that door?

We're back in the Shrine of the Silver Monkey. There's a Tool stashed behind the head to Aya's right, but otherwise this is a dead end.

Heading up to the Third Floor, we find that this fire escape actually does not extend to the whole building. That seems like some sort of building violation. Stuck on the roof during a fire? Tough luck!

Anthropology wing? Or maybe just biology. Still neat.

: I hope I don't have to fight any mutant livers or anything.

Another quiz, another handful of bullets.

I like the evolution chart on the floor in this room. Sadly, none of those monkeymen attack us.

Oh, hey, Klamp told us the answer to this one, too! It just gives us a Medicine 3, though.

Another neat room, here. Seems to cellular biology themed.

I think this is supposed to be a living cell, with the glowing mitochondria and the red nucleus in the center.

Downstairs, we are reminded that it is, in fact, Christmas time.

We are even rewarded with our own Christ-like resurrection power! If you cast this during a battle, it auto-revive you if you go down. Ideally, you should never, ever have to use it.

That was a festive dead end, though, so we head back upstairs.

More cells and shit. How very thematic.


A new enemy burst out of a window and soars across the museum towards us!

Pterodactyls are fairly mobile enemies, but mostly attack by breathing pink fire at you. Not really that big a deal.

The dead 'dactyl drops a Medicine 4, and we find another Medicine in that chest. Guess they thought the fight would be tougher than it was. Moving on!

Another long ominous corridor.

In the next room we find a Brontosaurus! Wait, I mean a Brachiosaur? A Gigantosaurus? Look, it's definitely some sort of skeleton.

: Whatever it is, I bet I could kick it's ass.

Finally, we find our way back to the central stairwell.

Unfortunately, that completely soundless alarm is keeping the stairway gates closed, so we need to find someway to shut it down.

So let's go in here.

Oh no! However will I escape from this room with the massive broken window?

Also, there's this.

This isn't the window the pterodactyl broke out of, by the way. I dunno what happened in here.

Okay, we'll have to very carefully... at full speed along the ledge.

That's the window our leathery friend broke earlier.

Yeah, Aya just fucking drops to the next level. Don't try that at home, kids. She's trained video game professional.

Through the window, we find this room. Looks safe enough.

: Clever girls.

Let's blow this joint.

This seems...familiar, somehow.

No, not cuz of these guys. Jeez, Scorpion's been demoted to regular enemy already? Tough break.

That's why I know this place! It's Klamp's lab! Let's drop in and say "Bang"!

Oh, he's a crafty one.

Looks like we'll have to come back later.

I'm not sure what's going on with this room. I mean, there's display cases on the wall, but...

...this tent is labeled "Museum Shop". So, I guess it's the gift shop? There's a Defense +1 and a Tool hidden under there, though, so I like this room.

We find ourselves on another walkway overlooking the main central display room. I'm not sure if there's a name for rooms like this, but it's a nice effect.

Up ahead, we find this door that is clearly not on the tour.

It leads to the extremely blurry Museum Security Office. I have no idea why that one texture looks so bad when the others are so clear and readable.

The what? Oh, right, the alarm.

I thought we were just here to satisfy Aya's firearm fetish.

Right, so disabling this alarm removes the gates around the central staircase and unlocks certain door. We need to do this to progress in the level.

Aya spots something on the security monitors.

What the fuuuuuuuuuuuck

: Where... is she..?!! That room... where is that?

Hey, we have a goal! Let's go find...completely naked monster-lady Eve...ugh.

Really earnin' that M rating, eh Squaresoft?

A Cutscene Cometh

Unfortunately, Aya walks right into an FMV!

The camera creeps forward to reveal...



You ever open a pack of hotdogs, and a bunch of weird meat juice spills out?

Yeeeeah. This is kinda like that, if the hotdogs were people.

The ooze closes in on the Rex skeleton.

The bones begin to writhe and growl.

The goo solidifies into a makeshift system of muscles and nerves.

I don't believe it either! It's so dumb!

So dumb I shit my pants!

I don't have any artwork for the pterodactyls, so instead, have this:

Some neat concept art for Aya.

Next time!

This happens