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Part 33: Episode 33: Air Wolf

Episode 33: Air Wolf

Last time, super-cop Aya Brea volunteered to ride in a remotely controlled flying device and fire a nuke at Eve's Goozilla.

I have no earthly idea why they made a 3 second FMV of Aya putting on her seatbelt, but there ya go.

She's preparing to fire a nuclear weapon at a pregnant monster that spawned from her dead sister's kidney.

It's been a weird week for Aya.

Aya takes off along with a several other of what we'll call U-Boats.

The admiral said that Aya's ride was on auto-pilot. Now, I don't know shit about how these crazy iron birds work, but I'm pretty sure auto-pilot doesn't work quite the way the game thinks it does.

How many times have we flown dramatically through the city at this point?

This time is particularly unnecessary, as we'll later see that the only thing between the ship we took off from and our target is water.

So, basically, we flew around to the other side of the island instead of heading straight for our target just to get this shot.

Standard naval procedure does say that coolness takes precedence over tactics.

Jesus, is this still going? I got a nuke and an itchy trigger finger! Let's blow some shit up already!

Yeah, I don't think Auto-pilot should've been able to do any of that.

Right, so Eve had Goozilla head directly for Liberty Island. Given Eve's obsession with theatrics, this makes perfect sense.


That is one of the other pilots over the radio, by the way.

I guess this is them switching formation? I dunno, it was hard to see the formation before what with all the joyriding.

: Well, that basically means...


The US military uses kamikaze tactics all the time, right? In fact, I'm pretty sure we invented it.

: Hey, when we get home, drinks are on me!


: ...All right...! Please, move away from me...NOW!

Cutscene up in this bitch

: When I get home, I gonna marry my girl and open a pet store!

Aya flies right through the goo, amazingly unharmed. Everyone else is dead as hell, though.

: Why me...? Why is this happening to ME? I... I don't understand...

I just love how quickly Aya goes from "Why me?" to "Fuck it, I'ma kill you". No lengthy moping around, no "Whatever"s, no need to have a childhood friend jump into your mind and actively fix your shit. Just good old therapeutic blowin' shit up.

Let's do this right

: And you can't sing for shit anyway, bitch!

Well, I guess it wasn't a nuke, just a regular old high explosive missile. Still, FUCK YEAH!

Oh, gross.

At least the Ghostbusters just gooed up the inside. Goddamn.


Oh, shit!

: Uh...

: Okay, that was totally not my fault.

We knocked over a national landmark! Whoo-hoo!

: Well done ! That was magnificent ! Return to base, Aya.

Did we get her?

: The bitch better be dead if she knows what's good for her.

I dunno, Aya, looks like we got her.

Oh, goddammit.

If she comes outta that with one wing, I quit.

Are...are those arms coming out of her HAIR?

: You didn't think it'd be that easy, did you darling?


: No, fuck that. I'm goin' down there!

Bonus Stuff

Here's some more official art of Aya with the best weapon and Eve's new form.