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Part 35: Episode 35: I'm On A Boat

Episode 35: I'm On A Boat

Last time, we killed Eve and saved the day! We're going to ignore the fact that the final battle was technically a New York City police officer punching a pregnant woman until she died and celebrate!

The Navy is still poking around.

Just making sure Eve is really dead and no horrible hell beasts are gonna pop outta that goo.

Aya is on the deck of one of the battleships, probably freezing her ass off. It's December! Somebody get her a coat!

Well, she was just forced to kill a monster lady that grew out of her twin sister's cells. That could mess you up.

Since this is a different ship than before, Daniel and Otacon had to take a chopper over. I'm not sure why the Navy dudes who picked up Aya after the fight decided to bring her here instead of back to the Nimitz. Maybe she swam here!

Daniel is gonna be bragging about this for months. "Hey, Warner. Remember that time MY partner saved the entire human race from goo monsters?"

As usual, no one cares what Maeda has to say.

: ...because of the ocean and what it symbolizes... The sea is the mother of all creation. This is where she wanted to give birth...

: It was a rhetorical question, Shakespeare.

So, now we gain control of Aya and are free to dick around on the ship.

Danny's still feeling a little down about his ex-wife melting, forming into a giant amorphous nightmare, and then exploding. I bet Hallmark still has a card for that, though.

Well, there's nothing else out on the deck, so let's head in the door.

This is not the door, but for some reason, I always think it is. Even replying this same section twice in the span of an hour, I still tried to pry open this solid metal wall because it looks like a door! I swear it does!

THIS is the door. It's worth noting that Aya actually has an animation for turning the handle and pulling the door open.

This dialogue appears before the room shows up. I guess Aya shuts her eyes every time she passes through a door?

So, here's the only other place we can go on the ship for the time being. Nice of the Navy to put a giant map on the wall for visitors.

: Ayyyy!

: Haha, you pussy.

Wayne is eager to congratulate us.

He's so excited he pestered the military into letting him onto battleship just minutes after a battle!

: I goddamn better be!

: I guess you're in shock or something huh...? Yeah... uh you're probably tired, too... I'll take the things that are in your way... So you rest up now, you hear?

We can fiddle around with our inventory, but I dunno why. I mean, we just beat the bad guy! Let's go get drunk!

Also, Wayne will let us rename any one weapon and one armor for some reason. Seems a little gaudy to carve your own name into your gun, so let's go with something different...

Might as well call it what it is, right?

I couldn't think of a name for the armor, so

Yeah, I dunno either, Aya.

There is also a phone here. This is the last save point in the game, so you should probably take advantage of it while you can. Later, this phone will prove to be the most diabolical foe Aya will ever face.

Let's head back outside and see if Daniel wants to do anything awesome.

Lethal Weapon staring Daniel Dollis and Aya Brea. With Joe Pesci as Kunihiko Maeda.

The sound of a helicopter landing offscreen grabs the gang's attention.

Apparently, the Admiral and Captain Lynch flew over from the Nimitz to pat Aya on the back. I guess there's a chopper pilot just flying around, taxiing people in for the award ceremony here on the deck. Next Ben and Baker show up, followed by Cathy and zombie Klamp.

: If you hadn't shown up, we were just gonna keep throwing jets at it until the monster got bored of killing them and left.

Aya ignores the brass and reacts to something unseen by anyone else.

Daniel's being facetious, of course. Nothing scares him.

You mean that thing we blew up? What about it?

Suddenly, the ship shakes violently!

How would that even work? Is this like some really disturbing version of a kangaroo's pouch?

Smells like a Cutscene in here.

Something weird is happening out there.

Something glowing under the goo.

There's something alive in there.


It's a boy!

It's proper Navy procedure to celebrate a birth by exploding.

Happy birthday, U.B.!

The Ultimate Being. Lookit the dome on this kid!