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Parasite Eve 2

by Crowetron

Part 3: Episode 3: Welcome to the Party

YOTC posted:

Hey Crowetron, who is this Pierce guy you keep talking about. I thought her name was Shaundi?

Today, we start with another FMV!

Click this blue thingy to watch it!

We see the authorities have gathered on the street, as a helicopter flies noisily overhead.

These two police officers discuss the events of last night's "Deadliest Warrior".

: Hey, is the helicopter supposed to make that loud explody noise?

: Uh...I dunno, why don't you stay here while I go ask.

: Whoop whoop whoop!

Evidently, one of those NMCs is packing heat!

The helicopter is forced to make an emergency landing in the middle of the police blockade.

I believe I promised you guys some explosions.


The LAPD's thermonuclear police choppers, ladies and gentlemen.

At about this time, the protagonist mobile rolls up on the scene.

Cue heroic entrance music of your choice.

: Ugh, I just know none of these guys are gonna be remotely helpful. I'm gonna have to do everything myself. Again.

: Oh well. Let's get to monster killin'.

Music - Aya Again

This sequence if kinda interesting. The entire background is an FMV that follows you as you walk through the area. Here's a video demonstration.

This dude look pretty rough.

He'll be alright, though, won't he?

Aya soldiers onward.

She stops to check in with Sgt. Powell.

: Oh right, you're cleared for entry.

: What's the situation?

: We had a team on the roof, before we lost contact... and now our helicopter's down. The military better get here soon!

He has one last thing to say as we move forward. Looks like Aya got here just in time.

Near the entrance, Aya pauses to survey the carnage.


All right, let's get to work.

Did you know that the difference between regular Agents and Special Agents is that only Special Agents have the authority to arrest suspects?

Aya is refreshing profession compared to most survival horror protagonists. The only member of the entire STARS team that bothered to find out the situation before rushing in was the guy who was a secret traitor.

: Well... SWAT went in about 10 minutes ago, but we seem to have lost contact.

: Wow, all dead already, huh?

: What?

: Nothing. Nevermind.

: They were yelling about "creatures."

: Any specifics? Giant rats? Bipedal crocodiles? Big ass crabs with laser eyes? What are we dealing with here?

: I...uh...They didn't say.

: Look, buddy, if I'm walking into zombie dinosaur situation, I wanna know!

: Yeah, thanks, kid. Just stay down here and try not to burst into flames.

Officer Doorman runs over to his boss to tell him what he already knows.

The flashing police lights occasionally mess with my master screenshottin' skillz (tm)

: MIST, Sergeant?

: Yeah, haven't you heard of 'em?

Damn rookies not knowing about top secret government monster hunters.

Seriously, isn't this like a state secret?

The two cops look on as the elevator rises up the building.

The elevator doors slide open to reveal...




: Okay, let's see here. Dramatically exit the car? Check. Lament loss of dead SWAT dude? Done. Intimidate rookie? Double check. Pose with gun? Yup. So far, so good!

Akropolis Tower theme - Watch Out!

Okay, so let's take a look around.

I bet they can't see a damn thing happening inside the building, but at least they got to see that massive chopper explosion.

Yeah, it's quiet. A little TOO quiet.

Okay, not that quiet.

There's nothing else interesting in this little room, so let's press on.

Neat little touch with the reflection in the door there. Let's head through.

: Totally fucking called it.