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Part 6: Episode 6: Here Be A Post About Book

Today, we rejoin Aya as she hurries to inform Rupert of their organization's incompetence.

Along the way, we encounter some new enemies! Slightly larger than normal rodents, and vaguely menacing moths.

The moths can blind you, but it's their only attack and it kills them in the process. Blindness darkens the screen slightly and removes your auto-aim, making it inconvenient, but not catastrophic. One hit from anything will kill them, and a well-placed burst can take out multiple moths at once.

The extremely underwhelming rats can inflict Poison, which slowly ticks down your health over time. Poison can be problematic, but it goes away after battle, so the rats can't really keep you busy long enough for it to do too much. A single 3-round burst or one whack from our club will do in a rat with ease. These guys are pretty much just here to warn that yes, there are in fact status effects in this game.

They're total wimps, though, so we don't get much for killing them.

We return to the cafe to find that Rupert was wandered off, presumably to practice his dramatic entrances, and...

Whoa, wait a minute

I want you guys to meet my friend, Skippy. Skippy has made a comical blunder.

You see, Skippy has spawned in the kitchen of the cafe, which counts as a separate room, because it is separated from the cafe itself by this impassable counter. You need to go around and find the door to enter the kitchen. Unfortunately for Skippy, we can still see into the kitchen over the counter. So can he, but he cannot bite us over the counter.

We, however, has the amazing ability to attack at range, allowing us to shoot Skippy right in his dumb face. There is literally nothing he can do about it, either.

Now that we're done with that nonsense, let's check out that magazine that our first boss fight was reading before she went all..."Chelsey smile" on us.

: It's open to a feature article on mitochondria.

We can pick up this handy info-dump and carry it around with us to read at our leisure. But, fuck it, let's read it now.

This magazine exist because the writers didn't feel like explaining all science shit they brought up in the first game all over again. As such, you can skip it if you want to.

We will read about none of these things, and instead focus on...

Basic vocabulary! Yeah, like I said, you might just wanna keep scrolling until we get back to shooting things.

: "Mitochondria" Organelles found in the cell of most eucaryotic organisms. Mitochondria contain different DNA from that of their host, supporting the theory that mitochondria are relics of separate organisms that joined with the cell nuclei of host organisms soon after life began on this planet.

Hey, Maeda is famous! I wonder if his paper includes the mitochondria's fierce hatred of pianos.

: "Genes" Sections of DNA responsible for determining genetic traits.

: "DNA" Deoxyribonucleic acid. The physical gene. These strands carry genetic information on adenine, thymine, guanine, and cytosine bases.

Hey, remember that? That thing with the stuff?

: These events, including mass immolations and the destruction of police property, ended with a forced evacuation and temporary blockade of the island. Marines brought the situation under control, but not before the toll of the dead and missing rose to 1287 persons.

Sadly, our old friend, Dr. Klamp, has succumbed to Translation Typo Syndrome (TTS) in the years following Parasite Eve 1. Godspeed, you crazy, crazy bastard.

: Other sources hint at a government cover-up. That the N.Y. police detective, Aya Brea, whose heroic actions helped end the incident, was a former patient of Dr. Klaup (sic) raised further suspicions in the media.

Is that it? That's the end of text barf? Okay, good, let's go do anything else.

Aya has nothing to say about the classy decor.

So, let's just go.

We find ourselves in a tiny little corridor with not much of note in it.

Well, except for this major health code violation.

Solvin' a problem.

See this odd little yellow box on the wall? The one that looks like the kind of thing you'd completely ignore in every other game?

It's actually a key box containing a key necessary to progress. I never had trouble finding it, since this game does a pretty good job of teaching you to examine everything in sight, but I've seen people complain about this before.

The flavor text isn't terribly helpful, honestly.

There's stuff to check out in here, too.

: "In the event of a terrorist attack, exits can be barred from the outside."

: It shows part-time employee shifts.

No idea why we can examine this, but okay!

Let's see what's behind Door Number One!

It's the extremely unsanitary kitchen!

: He's soaked in blood. These teeth marks look...human! There's something here.

Robbin' graves. A good rule of thumb for this level is to check out every corpse you find for goodies. Usually, it's just stuff like this, but there are a few items you don't want to miss.

: The lingering smell of burnt chicken...

: Swollen fries float in the oil.

: There's a puddle of orange juice.

This place is gross.

What's in the fridge?

Drugs. Drugs are in the fridge.

Let us leave this terrible place.

At least this looks clean.

Here's another door for us to check out.

This appears to be the security office. Let's take a look at that bulletin board!

: Aw shit, there's gonna be puzzles in this game, aren't there?

Let's take a closer look at this blinking light.

Huh, wonder what that's about?

Well, whatever, let's just fiddle with this security monitor.

The camera is actually on, it's just the screen is too dark to see anything. We'll have to fix that.

Just fuck around with the brightness settings for a sec, and here we go!

By pressing the buttons on the bottom here, we can cycle through the different cameras to see if we can find refreshing, cool flavor anything of interest.

We can find Rupert struttin' around like he owns the joint. I was a little quick with the screencap button, but Aya just says "Hey, there's Rupert!"

That dude looks legit.

And there's a couple other views of later areas, but nothing particularly interesting.

So, I think I figured this thing out.

Green and Yellow makes Blue, right? Sorta?

Well, let's try it.

It works, and the green light turns on!

Which opens the glass doors and activates the escalator, allowing us to check out more of Akropolis Tower! Next time, at least.

: Heya, kids! It's me again, Rattigan Johansen! Ya miss me?

: So, what we got here? Moths? Really? Moths is what yer goin' wit'? Moths dat blind ya wit' dust? Like erry other videa game Moths? Yeesh, da picture business has changed since I left.