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Part 13: Episode 13: Police Brutality

Last time, Aya arrived in Dryfield and began her investigation into the NMC sightings. And then she found a horse.

Yeeeah. So, we should do something about that.

Hunt in Dryfield

Meet the Chaser. Chasers are among the most common enemies in the game, and is definately the one everyone remembers. Largely because they can completely ruin your shit if you don't know how to deal with them.

Chasers only really have one attack, which is to charge you like a bull. This hits pretty hard, and can knock Aya flat on her ass, leaving you vulnerable to other attacks, like, say, a second Chaser's charge. You can't interrupt a charge by attacking, so you just need to dodge, which can be tricky in tight spaces, or if the Chaser is off screen. This is a pretty open arena, though, so it's not that big a deal here.

Usually, Chasers are smart enough to stop once they miss you, but it is possible to trick the ugly bastard into smashing against a wall. When this happens, the Chaser doesn't take any damage, but he does get laid out for a moment, leaving them wide open. Ideally, fighting Chasers is just a matter of playing bull fighter with them until they hit a wall, at which point... slap the SHIT outta them! While prone, Chasers become more likely to take critical hits, but they still have a lot of HP compared to what we're used to dealing with, so you'll probably have to do this a few times. It doesn't exactly help that I'm using the Club instead of that shiny new assault rifle I bought, but fuck it.

: Oh no, a retarded horse-thing is attacking! What ever will I do?!

: Pfft, chump.

: I punched a T-Rex to death! The fuck you think YOU'RE gonna do, Mr. Ed?

: Saints Row, bitch!

Okay, that's done. Let's poke around with motel, shall we?

: Nobody's home...

So, naturally, Aya just lets herself in. We do have a warrant, after all!

The place is about as nice as you'd expect a motel in Dryfield to be. Not much to see here, either.

Just some flavor text to be had!

: "Doc Holliday" "1851 - 1887" A gambler... He fought beside Wyatt Earp at the O.K. Corral.

: There's no picture. It must be broken.

: Top shelf's empty, too. Nothing of interest here.

By the way, this game has a LOT of bathrooms. It's like a refugee center for all the toilets missing from Raccoon City or something.

Aren't you glad we came in here?

Okay, let's check the next room.

Hey, what's that?

"Hey, how ya doin'?"

And so, Aya Brea beat two naked mutants to death in the john. Just another day in the FBI.

Now that that's done, we can take a look around.

: "Wyatt Earp" "1848 - 1929" A Wild West sheriff... Fought at the O.K. Corral.

: Maybe on the top shelf...? Wait a second...

Stealin' someone's prescription, awww yeeeeaaah

Those filthy mutants!

: There's something... in the waste basket.

Eatin' pills outta the garbage, nothin' unusual here

What kind of skeevy-ass place has windows IN the shower, anyway?

Alright, next up?

This one's locked, too.

Hey, what's that?


: It is hot today... But I don't need any ice.

There's also a gate here, but eh. We'll get to that later.

For now, let's go through this gate.

This brings us out to the other side of the motel.

Here's the main building.

: Nobody's here... It's locked.

Well, let's keep on truckin'

: ...Something's inside!

Clearly, this town had some hardcore freegans.

What's in here?

Ah, a lovely disease-ridden bathroom, of course.

Oh shit, a civilian!

Wait, no, false alarm. Just another face to smash.

The Club is lots of fun to use this time around.

Well, that's done. The Stranger dropped an MP Boost 1, which is nice I guess?

:: Urinals. 4 seems like overkill... I can't tell which is dirtiest.

If you keep examining them, Aya seems to get slightly annoyed. So, let's see what else is in here.

: I don't need any of these. Though this place does need a good cleaning.

Y'know what? Let's just go.

: vomitus and other fluid discharge...

Good God, let's go already!

Back outside, we find this little Saloon sitting in a dead end.

Unfortunately, it's locked. So nothing else for us over here.

We can head upstairs to the second level of the Motel, at least.

All the doors up here are locked, sadly.

Nice view, though. Sorta.