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Part 14: Episode 14: Dig Doug

Last time, we explored a sizable portion of scenic Dryfield, Nevada, and found a considerable mutant infestation. And then we pummeled a horse to death with a stick.

So let's move on, shall we? Since the eastern gate led to a dead end and several locked doors, let's take that tiny little gate next to the ice machine and see where it takes us.


Oh, good, the smelly little alleyway opens into a larger, smellier alley. Awesome. Fukkin' love Dryfield.

Is that a well?

Hmmm...I dunno, might just be one of those holes you hear about with the water in 'em.

Yup. That's a well, alright. Glad we cleared that up.

: I wonder if I throw a quarter in, can I wish for my murder-gun back?

: Oh balls.



Fun fact: this little ambush is not one set of bats. No, there's actually three waves of the screeching things that rise up out of the well. Luckily, PE2 Bats are mere annoyances compared to the ordeal that was PE1 Bats. Even so, fuck bats.

As a nice bonus, killing 20+ bats means getting BP for 20+ bats! 450 from one encounter is nothing to sneeze at! They also dropped a Combat Light, which blinds nearby enemies when used. You can sneeze all over that shit.

Let's move away from the well. Far, far away.

We're trapped

: There's an old wooden box under this sheet. I'll just pull this off and...

Y'know, if MIST would just GIVE their agents supplies instead of charging them made up "Bounty Points" for them, maybe Aya would spend less time rooting around in the garbage for Tylenol.

Welp. At least there was that door over near the well. That...wretched well...

Naturally, the well has a bucket full of flavor text for us.


: What in the world is down there?

I dunno, Aya, probably some sort of midochondrial mutant or something.

Look, I already used my one bucket joke, so let's just go.

But wait! There's still one more bit of text for this fucking well! I'm beginning to think this well is important somehow.

fuck it, lets bounce

: Yeah, well, I have a warrant so...

: Suck it.

So, let's take a look around.

: A drafting table. It's a little small. Eraser shavings everywhere...

: There's some engine oil and a variety of bolts. Nothing of interest here.

Well, then we're just gonna have to go over there, aren't we?

Let's go do that riiiight... just a minute, because whoa, there's a fukkin' barrel.

: It's filled with water. Probably used as coolant.


Never met a control panel I didn't like have to use to progress in the game. Too bad the power's off right now.

So, it looks like there's a completely open doorway directly adjacent to the locked door that leads to the same place. Or it would if there wasn't a junked car in our way. Still, I don't exactly understand how the security in this place is supposed to work.

If only we had some sort of control device to allow us to move the hydralic lift so we can get to that shutter over there. Hmmmmm...



: Is someone on the other side?

I'm scared, you guys

Hey, a blinky light on the wall!

Nah, I think I'll just chill in here with the nuts and washers for a few hours.

How did she know which one to turn on?

So now, both the shutter panel and that big-ass control panel from a few seconds ago are both powered on. But first, let's check out that door near the nuts.


All right, let's get this show on the road.

Now, using the hydraulic lift, we need to make a path over to the shutter.

So just move it up and turn it to its side! Easy!

Now we can reach this shiny red button!

Pay attention, Aya. Christ.

Just press it, and the shutter is unlocked. Only one problem.

Now the car's blocking the fucking shutter! If we just move it back, we can't get over here at all, so we'll have to take drastic measures.

By opening this gate that exists only to lengthen this puzzle by two seconds.

After a short visit to the control panel, the car is back in place and we can access the shutter! You don't have to lower the car back down to ground level, by the way, I just wanted to be polite.

And inside the garage we find...another garage?

A cutscene kicks in as Aya is compelled to poke this red truck.

Music - Douglas Blues

: FBI!

: Since...always? That's kinda the whole point of search warrants, chief.

: Don't look much like a fed, though.

: Can I show you my badge?

: Go ahead.

Aya once again fishes her badge out of her boobs. I know that demin jacket has pockets, Aya, just put it in one of those!

: Right, "MIST."

: But if my boss asks, I didn't tell you that. It's kinda really secret.

Our friendly host hands Aya back her badge.

: Just me.

: (Ask for the cavalry and they send a city girl...Alone!)


: Are there any creatures around here?

: I mean besides the couple dozen I stomped on my way into town?

: The damn things are smashing up stuff and poking around in everybody's personal property! Jus' like the government!

: Uhhhh...

: Fuckin' pansies.

: Really? You'd think more people would want to live in a nice place like this.

: Can you tell me what happened?

He's checking his watch as he says this.

: It's time for my rounds.

: I'll help!

: 'sides, I don't need no womenfolk swoonin' over me while I'm tryin' ta work.

: ...really, dude?

: Go ahead and use the motel.


: Hey, I forgot to introduce myself.

: Aya...Aya? Hunh?

: No, I'm pretty sure I read that name in the newspaper a while back. Wait, are you the one who was there when a slime monster ate all them liberals in New York?

: Uh, yeah. Although the slime monster was actually made from people who were melted by a super-powered sentient mitochondria who was also kind of my dead twin sister except not.

Well, that went well.

Voting Time!

So, after clearing out various Hot Zones and wrecking NMCs' shit, we've managed to collect a number of EXP points. To make things interesting for both you and me, I'm going to have you goons vote for what spells I will unlock and level up!

We currently have over 2000 EXP, but instead of spending it all, I'm going to ask you to pick two of the following spells. The two with the most votes win.


Pyrokinesis - lvl 2 We started with level one, remember. At Level 2, Aya will fire two fireballs directly forward, dealing more damage and reaching a longer range than before. MP Cost: 7. ATP (Casting) Time: 22. EXP Cost: 1250

Combustion - lvl 1 High damage fire attack where Aya fires out a stream of fire from her palm in a small radius in front of her. MP: 14. ATP: 38 EXP: 750


Metabolize - lvl 1 Cures status effects over time. MP: 7. ATP: 36. EXP: 500

Healing - lvl 2 Restores HP. MP: 12. ATP: 30. EXP: 1750


Necrosis - lvl 1 Fires a lighting bolt directly forward that inflicts light damage and Poison status. MP: 7. ATP: 38. EXP: 500

Plasma - lvl 1 An electric shockwave that knocks enemies back and deals minor damage. Can also knock enemies prone. MP: 6. ATP: 18. EXP: 750


Antibody - lvl 1 Buffs physical defense, temporarily reducing damage received from enemy attacks. MP: 6. ATP: 36. EXP: 500

Energy Shot - lvl 1 Magically makes Aya's bullets hit harder, termporarily increasing damage dealt with guns. MP: 10 ATP: 36 EXP: 750

Let's say the deadline for voting is...I dunno, Wednesday? I'm kinda playing fast and loose here so we'll see how it goes.