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Part 16: Episode 16: Cougartown

Last time, we scoped out our rad new room at the hotel, and now we're ready to continue our search of the town.

Just gonna equip this assault rifle for absolutely no reason at all.

Let's step out onto the balcony and enjoy the scenery.

The Water Tower is actually the most popular tourist attraction in all of Dryfield! It actually won the Best Water Tower in Town award six years running! (it is also the only water tower)

There's actually an FMV here that lasts all of 6 or 7 seconds. I didn't record it because I was relying on a series of rips from Google for FMVs because I am lazy. Unfortunately, no one seems to have actually ripped this or up-coming FMV, probably because they are extremely short and nothing is actually moving in them.

So here it is in screenshot form. I can go back and record it if you really want to see this glorious water tower in "motion".

Hey, what's that?

FMV over, by the way. Yeah, I'm not sure why they bothered either.

Oh, right, there's some dude trapped on the tower. We should probably do...something?

Luckily, we have a convenient way down! Also kinda creepy, if you think about it. Why is there a ladder leading directly into my room, again? It had better not be related to those shower windows

Dryfield is made almost entirely of alleyways and dirt.

Here's a gate, and it looks like it leads to the Water Tower, so let's just go on through!


There's another gate, but it goes in the opposite direction, so we'll ignore it for now.

Let's keep on trucking and see if we can't find a way to turn off that electrical fence.




Alright, time to fight a pair of Chasers. Luckily, bullets can pass through chain-link fence so I get a few cheap shots in right at the start.

The M4A1 is pretty great, so it makes short work of these goobers.

Yes, you can examine objects in the field during combat! This doesn't come up often, but when it does it's pretty important, so don't forget.

: I might get stuck if I tried to crawl through...

You may notice that we're still technically in combat, although our foes are pretty dead right now. This is a unique situation, so we're not quite done here yet.

This whole area is one big square, so we just keep turning corners until we hit the end.

Here we are!

hit dat switch

Naturally, this opens the gate. Annoyingly, the gate is on a timer, so we need to book over there before it shuts.

Here we go!

Well, this is pretty easy, I dunno why they bothered with the time limi


This guy's kind of an asshole. He spawns when you hit the switch for the gate, then he just tries to ram you once and takes off, despawning once he gets off screen. He's literally just there to fuck up your timing and make you try again.

If you're quick, you might be able to farm this dude for extra BP, but I've never tried.

I had time to spare on the gate, so Aya and the Chaser paused for a brief dance off.

Once you're inside, the gate closes behind you.

And then Chasers just start pouring in through the hole in the fence!

This can be a tricky encounter as Chasers charge in in groups of 2 or 3 (but usually just 2). You have enough space in here to dodge fairly easily, unlike out in the narrow corridor around the fence, but they are pretty aggressive in the battle.

Worst of all, they just keep coming. Every time one goes down, another comes crawling out of the ditch to replace it, which can make it tough to find a safe moment to reload or heal up. I think you have to fend off a solid 8 or 10 of the fuckers before the assault ends.

But, eventually, they all die and our stranded friend on the Water Tower lowers a ladder down to us. Coulda lowered that down a little earlier so we could snipe the ugly buggers from the high ground at our leisure, but noooooo

We get a nice chunk of change from the fight, at least, plus a Recovery2.

After the fight, I remembered the PE votes, and bought myself the spells you guys picked (Plasma and Energy Shot). Plasma would've been useful a few seconds ago, BUT OH WELL!

Welp, let's go up and see if this jerk-ass was worth all that trouble.

Water Tower tunes

Nice joint.

You coulda lowered the ladder, you fuck! Those things don't have thumbs, it's not like they're gonna follow me up here!

: Nice turtleneck. What, did you get lost on your way to a Leon S. Kennedy look-alike convention?

: Oh, you're a charmer.

: I'm here investigating a murder or some dumb shit. I forget. It's been a long day.

I like that Aya doesn't actually shake his hand here.

: Was that one of those...NMCs?

: Wait, back the fuck up. Did you just say "puma"? Those things are clearly horses!

: Yeah, I know. And "puma" is just another name for the North American Mountain Horse. Duh!

: Uhhhh...yeeeeah... Anyway...

Remember when MIST was a big government secret that you needed top clearance to even know about? Me neither.

: May I ask who you might be?

: I was looking into an APB on an AWOL teenager, but it looks like I'm SOL now that things are FUBAR. Besides, this place is a POS, IMHO.

: TMI.

: I ran into some of those monsters on my way out here. They totaled my car.[/i]

: Is that what smells like a pile of used gym socks?

: It was a long walk, okay?

Aya still owns.

: So, what's supposed to be in this shelter?

: That's client-confidential. I'd lose my license.


: Say, since we seem to be looking for the same thing...

: No way in hell, buddy boy. I don't do escort missions.

: Oh don't worry. I won't actually do anything outside of cutscenes. I'll stay out of your way.

: Well, in that case...

: But if this turns into a romantic subplot, I swear to God...

: Now if you'll excuse me, I have to robot walk to the next scene.

: Here I go!

: Dundundun dun dun, dundundun dun dun...

: What a maroon...