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Part 17: Episode 17: Product Placement

Last time, we met a buffoon with a gun and let him wander off without supervision. Now, we should probably get back to solving that whole monster infestation thing.

Well, after we take in the view, of course.

This is another one of those bizarre 4 second FMVs that no one on the internet bothered to rip from the disc. Because it's 4 seconds long and nothing actually happens.

We do get to learn that Dryfield does, in fact, have rooftops. Valuable info.

Hmm, something seems different over there. If only we could get a closer look...

Oh, thanks, game. That truck looks familiar...

Oh, right, that dude. He seemed pretty cool. We should go talk to him and see if he knows anything about this mysterious "shelter" Kyle was blabbing about.

But first, there's this lever placed directly behind Aya. Wonder what it does?

Oh, it opens the gate. Wait, so that whole thing where I had to run around the fence to hit the switch, get a horse in the face, and then still race to beat the clock on the gate or do it all over again could have been prevented if Kyle had just thrown this one switch? Right next to where he was standing? But instead he just stood there and watched me get trampled repeatedly? MADIGAN!!

Oh, there's also this ladder going up. Let's check it out!

Hmm, looks like someone left a pile of beef jerky out in the sun up here.


: Mr. Douglas must not have come up here.

Yoink. We also fish a Recovery1 out of his pocket.

: Just skin and bones... The blood's been drained. The flies seem to like the stench. Not that I'm one to talk.


Okay, let's head back down and go check in with Mr. Douglas.

Looks like a pack of arachnids were waiting for us down on the ground. How ever will we deal with all these foes at once?

Oh, right, Aya's a goddamn wizard. Or at least her mitochondria are wizards. All of them.


Yeah, so Plasma is pretty rad. As mentioned earlier, Plasma sends out a 360 degree arc of lightning (because of completely accurate medical science, of course) that deals minor damage BUT stuns and knocks down pretty much any enemy. It will even knock a Chaser right out of a charge straight on his ass. It's great for giving yourself breathing room, and since it costs almost no MP to cast, you can even stunlock foes if you're feeling particularly dickish.

Lightning is fun

After venting some leftover frustrations from Fallout, we continue on towards Mr. Douglas's garage.

This narrow passageway actually leads to an alternate entrance to the garage.

It sure would suck to fight something like a Chaser in this tight hallway~

Yup, saw that comin'.

This is a tricky fight, since there's very little room to dodge, and the camera angle isn't exactly helping matters. On the other hand...


And then you just plug 'im in the head while he's down. Plasma fukkin' owns

With that done, we find the damn door is locked.

At least we can use this handy intercom to complain.

: Oh, it's you.

Dude has a peg leg? Shit, how much more grizzled can he get?

: You'll have to open the door yerself. There's a key to yer left. Just come through the garage around the to the trailer.

A key to our left, eh? Behind that grate, maybe?


: I can't reach...

Welp, I guess that means it's time to go find some kajigger to finagle this whatsit.

So, in addition to a bunch of new Hot Zones, we have that key we found from the stiff on the water tower and a nearby door we haven't checked out yet.

By the way, that key was this key.

Inside, we find...wait a minute...

My God...

These horrible infant/mosquito hybrids are Mind Sucklers, close relative to the Bone Sucklers aka Exploding Zombabies we met earlier. Mind Sucklers don't explode, but they can fly and peck at you like the Crows from Resident Evil. Fortunately, a shot or two from the rifle will knock the little bastards out of the air, reducing them to helplessly inching across the ground.

They're a bit of a non-issue, to be honest.

So, we are now free to scope out this kitchen we're in. This locker contains a Recovery1, by the way.

Aya is straight edge as fuck.

: There's something on the door. This might be useful...

Anyone else feeling thirsty all of a sudden?

: I'll just borrow this.

: Permanently...

Just imagine, Li'l Aya wandering around the playground, picking up bottle caps after lunchtime, puttin' 'em all in a little jar, happy as a clam until half the school bursts into flame during a DARE presentation. Adorable

Yeah, that'll happen when everyone in town is eaten by monsters.

: Lots of nonperishable goods. There's nothing of interest here.

Well, this kitchen's gotta be connected to something, right?

Ah, the saloon. Full of local flavor and history...


Bug-spray is for pussies who don't have super powers

Aw yeah, rakin' in them BPs.

Hey, I smell an obscure PS1 game reference over here.

: Wish I had time to play a few balls.

: Mostly oldies... Probably mostly older folks out here. No time for music appreciation now.


What's this?

: I'll enter it in my GPS.

We now have a complete map of Dryfield!

Exciting, isn't it?

Can you believe there's still more stuff in here?! It's craziness!

: It's probably been here for years.

: The food is all dried and caked-on.

: The owner liked to keep things clean and tidy.

: Except for those nasty-ass dishes, I guess...

Let's cheer ourselves up with PRETTY COLORS

: The cue balls been left out. Like the game ended suddenly...

: Wonder why that might have happened? *steps over melted remains of horrible man-fly creature*

Nice place, really. Wonder what's left to poke at...


Aw, refreshing.

Wait, what were we doing, again?