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Part 20: Episode 20: GIGABASS

Last time, we very narrowly defeated a mini-boss in the form of a HUGE JERK, as we attempted to reach a scream of mysterious origin.

Today...well, nothing much happens, so I apologize in advance.

Now we're in a cave/sewer/well. Yup.

On the far wall, just ahead, we find another switch.

I'm fairly sure this switch turns on the lights in a room just to the south, but I forgot to actually check. I can't really think of any reason NOT to hit the two switches in this room, so I always turn them on.

Here's that South Room, by the way.

Hmmm, looks like there's a bit of a vermin infestation in here. We should do something about that...

Now we can poke around freely.

: So many! I wonder who was storing them here?

: This place certainly has a great atmosphere for gaming... It's perfect for an all-night "Caves & Creatures" marathon...

Board games and booze. Now that's my kinda party!

This looks important.

: A built-in closet. I'll just take a peek inside...

Man, this room fuckin' rules.

: ...a rifle. THE long-range weapon of choice in the Old West.

Pretty sure rifles are still THE long-range weapon of choice, but okay.

: A German semi-auto P08 handgun... A must-have for collectors.


: This should fit my handgun.

And so we find the P08 Snail Magazine! A handy little upgrade for our new stylin' handgun that bumps the amount of ammo it can hold from 7 to a whopping 32!

This modification fixes the P08's biggest problem of frequent reloads in the middle of battle! It's pretty cool, but honestly, not that big of a deal at the moment. This is a fresh play-through, so we haven't even unlocked the higher difficulties yet, and ammo/health conservation isn't that big of a deal on Normal mode.

Still a good find.

: Pierce was bragging about winning some tournament with cards like this. Why are grown men so excited about collecting things? Boys will be boys...

Pierce seems like the kind of guy to brag about beating 10-year-olds at Yugioh, so this isn't that surprising.

: Actually, I don't want to know.

Aw crap, Madigan's not gonna be the love interest, is he? Fuuuuuuuck

There's actually a little corner hidden behind the barrels over here.

We can find one last goodie back here.

Oh, gee, that could've been helpful ONE ROOM AGO

That's all there is to find here, so let's move along.

Back over by that switch, there's this ladder that we can...wait, a ladder?

This...this isn't a sewer. We're done? That was it? The whole sewer level was three rooms? Really? That's...that's fantastic!

I wonder where we are now.

oh fuck that's a lot of bloody babies

These are the Blood Sucklers, which are exactly like the Bone Sucklers, except they're red and they can bite you. Otherwise, they're basically the same extremely explosive infants we've come to know and love.

Shot that little bastard through an ice cream machine, aww yeah By the way you may have noticed our new environs. Apparently, the town well leads to a secret passage into a convenience store. Makes sense to me!

: After a long day of blowing up babies, I reach for a cool, refreshing Coca-Cola, the drink of choice for Action Heroes and Super Cops the world over!

Plus, that shit's on sale!

Goddamn your polite disposition, Aya. That's dozens upon dozens of free healing items in there!

Anyway, let's see what else is in here.

: A cash register. No traces of tampering... I'll leave some money by the side of the register...

Yeah, I'm sure that'll be a great comfort to the cashier, while he's digested by baboon-faced horses.

: The latest issue is August 28th... So there haven't been any deliveries for a week...


Takin' the time to passive aggressively insult a store clerk who's likely dead. Aya Brea - a class act.

By the way, if we head out the front door, we'll find a nice little shortcut.

This is actually the gas station we parked outside of when we first arrived! But we're not done in there, so let's head back in.

: I already have a map of the Mojave Desert area, though...

: Instant coffee and tea... Plus a breakfast cereal lineup. Nothing I need here.

: I've never seen so many lures... Probably the owner's hobby. "Dryfield," a fisherman's paradise...?

: I doubt this'd have much effect on NMC scorpions, though...

: Look at all the junk food! Chips, gum, beef jerky...

: Lots of canned foods. Must be popular with the locals.

: It's still frozen... The power must be on.

Y'know, this bugs me. Earlier, Aya pretty much said her crazy mitochondria keep her youthful and healthy via *~science~*, so it seems to imply they will keep her in peak physical condition no matter what.

So, what does it matter what she eats? If you had bullshit magic that kept you thin and athletic with no effort, wouldn't you just eat whatever the fuck you want? Aya's missing out some quality consequence-free gluttony.

This is the last thing to grab here in the gas station.

Here's where we want to go.

And here's another dusty alleyway! Hooray!