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Part 22: Episode 22: FF8

So, last time, we discovered the source of the blood-curdling screams was coming from a boarded up house. But the only way in was through a wardrobe bolted to the wall. So, we had to go back to the garage to get a wrench. But we could'nt just TAKE a wrench, oh no, we had to ask permission from Douglas to borrow a wrench to save a screaming woman from a no-doubt grisly fate.

Oh yeah? You're sure? Wanna go ask him again, just to be really sure? Not like there's a life on the line or anything.

This particular sequence of events is dumb, is what I'm getting at.

It's not a long trip back, but the annoying part is that due to the Hot Zone system, no enemies re-spawn along the way. So, you're basically just running from Point A to Point B and back again with nothing to blow up or shoot or electrocute or nothin'.

Naturally, I'm cutting all that out because I'm such a nice guy.

And here we are.

I like that they have a little animation for taking out the bolts. The lady's not screaming anymore, though. I'm sure that's unrelated to our retarded little side trip, and she's perfectly fine.

It sure was. Actually, this isn't as crazy as it seems, since Douglas mentioned that he was barricading up this house earlier. I'm not sure why he decided to bolt a dresser over the hole instead of just nailing up some boards, but at least we have an explanation, I suppose.

Finally inside. Let's take a look around, shall we?

Y'know, the windows aren't boarded up. Why couldn't we just smash one of those in? Aw, nevermind.

Before we head through that door, there's a thingy here.

"Sol..e my ri..dle ....fore y... go."

"One.. ..ou know, go to t.... ro..m. W..ere at 21 y..ars a boy met hi.. doom."

Well, that's odd. Oh well, probably nothing.

Watch the Cutscene AND Boss Fight!

: Oh my God, you're alive?! Wow, that's amaz--

: Oh.

: Actually, I was just fuckin' around killin' horse-men. Honestly, kinda forgot about you. You were the guy with the rocket-launching backpack, right?

: Why did you kill this woman?

: Woman!? Heh! Hahhah!

tone down on the misogyny, pal, this isn't The 3rd Birthday

The woman melts, implying she was an NMC in disguise.

: when that tower exploded? Murderer!

: You should thank me, little girl.

: What do you have to do with these creatures?

: Ooooh... You gonna kill me?

Boss music GO!

So, here we are, in our second proper boss fight of the game. Actually, he's one of the easier bosses in the game, especially compared to that Stalker from earlier.

As you may have noticed during the cutscene, he's wielding Squall's Gunblade from Final Fantasy 8. Why? Because Square made both games, and gunblades are so stupid they swing right back around to awesome. Our foe here, I think we settled on calling him Ned last time, seems to have forgotten whole "GUN" part, so he can only really slash at stab at us with it.

Unfortunately for Ned, we have a whole big room to run around in, and he only has melee attacks. So, if you can manage the tank controls and fixed camera angles, you can pretty much just dance around outside his range and laugh derisively at him.

He has a lot of HP, though, so Energy Shot is not a bad idea. Towards the end of the video, I also discover that Pyrokinesis is quite effective against him as well.

The only real trick to Ned gauging the reach of his attacks. This lunge is pretty much all you'll need to worry about, because it can hit you from surprisingly far. Of course, if you keep moving it's not much of an issue.

If you're feeling cocky, you can run up on the fucker and give him a taste of his own medicine with your bayonet. It doesn't do THAT much damage, but it feels pretty bad-ass.

Of course, that puts you at risk of his grab attack, where he pretends to be a much more interesting boss from Resident Evil 3 and chokes a good 30-40 HP out of you.

Then he tosses you aside like a ragdoll. Careful there, Ned, you almost seemed threatening for a second.

Now, for all the grief I'm giving for being a push over, you may notice my health is pretty low here. Well, that's because I was fucking around for the sake of screenshots, so I could show off all his attacks and how much damage they do. He's really a non-issue with even a smidgen of caution, and you can see that in the video.

Finally, we finish this the same way Aya solves all her problems: concentrated fire.

Cutscene, got yer cutscene here! <---WATCH THIS

: Bullets HURT!