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Part 23: Episode 23: Sick Burn

Watch the Cutscene

Today, we begin with a small child waking up in some sort of crazy hospital.

That is a worryingly short skirt.

Huh. That was weird. Well, let's get back to Aya, shall we?

Fancy FMV this time!

Since this is a Japanese game, the moon is only about a mile above the earth's surface. For dramatic purposes, of course.

Aya is still zonked out from her little episode earlier.

A mysterious figure blunders into the room. I highly recommend watching the video so you can fully enjoy this guy's drunken stumbling.

Oh, it's Kyle. What's this goofball up to this time?


Uh, Kyle? Buddy? Why are you aiming your gun at an unconscious woman?

: Whozawhat?!

: Hey, what's that smell?


Yeah, that's gotta hurt.

: Oh man, that was crazy. Lucky being engulfed in flame didn't damage my perfect skin!

Psst, Kyle. I think she noticed you were gonna shoot her. Just guessin'.

: Welp.

Wait, what's with the question marks? Does the game really assume we don't recognize this dude we met like two hours ago?

Oh, I guess it does.

: And how did you switch guns so quick, anyway?

So, we're just gonna ignore the fact that Kyle was about to shoot an unconscious woman? Really?

I guess we are!

By the way, our recurring villain buddy has disappeared, but I'm sure that doesn't mean anything.

: But...

: I...

: I have strange nightmares about hospitals and small girls all the time, honestly.

: That's...Y'know what? Let's just change the subject.

I'm still not clear on what kind of shelter this place is supposed to be. A fallout shelter, I guess? Built in the middle of the Mojave? Maybe we'll get lucky and it will be filled with plant monsters instead of radioactive zombies.

Or it will be filled with baboon-faced horses, that works too.

: Do NMCs even make nests?

: *shrugs*

: Now you're talking!

: Okay, so we'll just head back through the gas station and...Wait, why do you have a health meter?

: Oh, well, I mean, my hand did just kinda burst into flame, so I thought maybe you'd just escort me?

: son of a bitch.

Let's Play Parasite Democracy!

So, we have quite a few Experience Points built up, and a lot of spells to upgrade, which means it's time for another vote! We currently have 4968 EXP to throw around, and here's our choices:


Pyrokinesis - Fireballs! We can bump it up to level 2 to fire two blasts with a slightly longer range for slightly more damage at a lower casting cost.

Plasma - Radial electro knock down! Upgrading to Level 2 doesn't add much to its range and damage, but does reduce its casting cost.

Healing - It heals! Level 2 heals more and casts faster, but no change in MP cost.

Energy Shot - Magic bullets! Level 2 lowers the MP cost and casting time, as well as slightly increasing the duration of the damage boost.

New Spells

Combustion - Flamethrower sweep in a 180 degree arc in front of us!. High damage, but lengthy casting time and MP cost.

Necrosis - Lightning bolts! A cheap and quick spell that fires a lightning bolt directly forward. Low damage, but can inflict Poison status on the target.

Metabolism - Cure Status Effects! That's...about all it does, really. At Level 1, it won't work 100% of the time.

Antibody - Defense buff! Boost our resistance to damage with a low MP cost, but moderate casting time. Not flashy, but hardly useless.

Pick your two favorite spells and post them in the thread. The two with the most votes win! Will Aya become a heavily buffed tank, or will she run around farting lightning and breathing fire? You decide! Vote deadline is Sunday evening.

...or Monday. Look, I'm not good with deadlines, okay?