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Part 30: Episode 29: Encyclopedia Brea

Just a brief apology for the short update today. I had a pretty busy weekend, plus a friend of mine loaned me his copy of Skyrim, so getting anything done has suddenly become very challenging! Killed a shitload of dragons, though.

Anyway, hope you guys like exposition!

Wow, we really did a number on this place, didn't we? Before we showed up, everything was just peachy. I mean, yeah, mutant horse-people were walking around and eating the townspeople, but at least the architecture was untouched!

After our little showdown with Ol' Flamethrower Face, the hotel is pretty wrecked. There's even debris blocking the gate to Doug's place, so we have to take the long way around or cut through the sewers.

Ice machine still works. So, if the owner of the Bronco motel ever returns to the place where his friends and family were murdered by blood-soaked abominations, GOOD NEWS FOR HIM!

A short trek later (nothing interesting happened, just Aya killing infants and bunnies as usual), we arrive at Douglas's garage, and we find our old pal, Kyle Madigan!

Seriously, dude, you missed some craaaazy shit.

: Something happen?

Fuck you, Kyle.

: We needed you.

: Well, not really. I kinda have this shit locked down. But still, skipping out on boss fights is a dick move, unless you have a PhD or something...

"Jeez, you're so touchy about my mysterious disappearances and general uselessness!" No, but seriously, fuck you Kyle.

: It gets even better!

: What does?

: Listen to this!

Oh, right, this is a Parasite Eve game. Time for a biology info-dump!

: I forgot, you're the expert.

: Well, after my sister turned into a mitochondria and gave me super powers, I kinda decided to brush up on microscopic organisms. Did you know they can make you shoot lightning?!


Or that. That was my next guess.

: A transport system for inserting manufactured DNA into cells. Some civilian organizations are using them for DNA treatments.

: Right.

Y'know, I actually like how Aya isn't just standing there and having this shit explained to her. She actually knows stuff beyond shooting and giving no fucks. I think I've said it before, but Aya might be the single most intelligent survival horror protagonist. Unless Harry Mason is secretly Rainman or something.

: As the virus spread, mutations would occur.

Aya, I swear to God, if you say one word about aliens, I'm shutting this whole thing down right now!

Oh...okay. But I'm watching you, missy.

: Just flashbacks to when this series was a different genre, that's all.

Local organisms like scorpions, mosquitoes, horses, townsfolks...

So, there's our apocalyptic scenario we need to avoid. Previously, Eve was just gonna turn everyone into goo and make a demon baby. Now, everyone may end up as a horse with a baboon face.

The goo's not sounding so bad anymore, is it?

: Yeah, I'm honestly not seeing any possible way for anyone to profit from this. It would just be bad all around, really.

: Yeah, well, whatcha gonna do?

: What we do know is...

Wait, how do we know that?

: Of course... We may be too late. But if we can get to the shelter, we may be able to find a way to stop this...

: your plan is to go out into the desert, TOWARDS the source of probably leaking, probably AIRBORNE virus and just sort of hope there's a big off switch when we get there?

Hell yeah, we're all gonna die!

We are so totally gonna die!

Anyway, Kyle reminds us to stash whatever we need in the back of the truck, which we already did back when Douglas told us to. So, really, this is just the game giving us a moment to go pick up our reward from the Burner boss fight.

Okay, okay, we're going. Christ.

This is also our last chance to buy anything for quite a while. That's right, kids, we will be saying goodbye to Dryfield in the very near future.

: Thanks for yer help earlier. I got a present for you in the box. It's a little heavy for full-auto...

Okay, that sounds awesome, gimme gimme gimme

Is Aya trying to avoid a Kojima style gun info dump or just eager to get her hands on a new firearm? You decide!

Yeah, so this big metal crate holds our reward. If Flint had died in our pitched battle with The Blob The Burner, we'd be rewarded with a new armor. Since we don't suck, we get a new gun instead!

Oh, it's just this hunk of crap. Honestly, a fully-automatic sub-machinegun that uses the one type of ammo we almost always have an infinite amount of sounds pretty sweet, but remember that we've had access to a goddamn Assault Rifle since the beginning of the game. Even if you can't afford to constantly buy rifle ammo, the M950 still isn't that great. It chews through ammo much faster than the P08, while ultimately doing less damage per shot, AND having a much lower critical hit rate.

On the other hand, it's free and it looks pretty cool, so I'll take it.

Before we leave, we should probably call Headquarters and let them know about our plan to punch a bio-hazard in the face.

Oh, well look who decided to come into work today. What, was everyone waiting for Aya to kill the boss before reappearing? Lazy jerks.

: I heard from Jodie -- you're heading to the shelter?

: Actually, Boss, there was a giant goo-monster that knocked over the Statue of Liberty during the New York incident. So, uh...

: Size of an elephant! Gotta be some kinda record!

: *sigh*

I'll say. And before you ask:

Yeah, I'm starting to think Aya is the only active agent of MIST in the whole agency.

Yeah, we'll get right on that, Baldwin.


Tomorrow, in our proper update, we go on a road trip straight into Disc 2.