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Part 33: Episode 32: Still Whistling

Short update today, because it's Christmas.

I'm sure my last update left a lot of you wondering what the fuck was going on. That's my fault. Even though it's dark as hell, I figured it'd be clear enough what this image was showing, but I now realize that's only because I already knew what it was.

Remember that boring boss we just fought? Well, it's not dead and it's looking round two. Also, its skin is gone for some reason. Welp!

The Zombie Chaser is kind of a punch in the nuts thanks to pacing. The Blizzard Chaser was a draining boss to begin with, and you get no opportunity to save, re-equip, or even heal before being thrust into thrust into a rematch with Ol' Skinless.

The ZC has the same exact move set as its furry form with two considerable differences. For one thing, it moves much fast. I mean, this fucker hauls ass around the room like its running a relay race with itself. While this means it will have a much easier time springing attacks on you, it mostly means you have a much smaller window to shoot him in.

Next, he becomes much more likely to use his other attacks. Yeah, the goomba stomp isn't the only trick the Blizzard Chaser has, but in both my test run and this playthrough, he adamantly refused to use any other move until he sheds his skin.

In one such attack, ZC bites into Aya and tosses her to the floor. This hurts, and since you have to wait to get up before counter attacking, it's easily his most annoying trick.


One nice thing about Round 2 is that the Zombie model has a tendency to pop out of the ambient lightning more, so you can get a better look at his skinless face.

...okay, maybe that's not so nice.

A good method of landing some hits is to dodge his pounce by only a few steps. If you see him in the air, don't run, just move a few steps to one side. He'll miss and you'll have more time to turn around a plug him a few times before he bounds off again.

Any barrels you blasted during the first fight remain torched, which can be nice for the light. If you plan on using the exploding barrels to do damage, however, you may want to save them until now.

Sometimes, in either phase, the boss will crouch down in a corner and wait for prime pouncing time. You can "sneak" up on him by approaching from any direction except right in front of him and get a few extra hits.

Or give him a jolt of VENOMOUS LIGHTNING!!!!

Zombie Chaser doesn't gain any new resistances from his makeover, so poison works just fine. He does gain a whole new batch of HP, though, so...

...yup, more chasing a retarded horse around a dark room. *sigh* Some days, I miss the magic eye-laser crab...

Aya's not actually being Raptured here. Just a different angle of the ZC's bite and throw attack. A Parasite Eve/Bayonetta crossover would be a pretty sweet game, though...

Jesus Christ, are you dead yet?

Oh. Cool.

I just like this shot.

Maybe it's because The Walking Dead has ruined my standards, but I kinda like this little subplot. It's kind of the best case scenario for a shoe-horned in romance; no earth-shattering, heart-pounding true love. No lengthy sequences of longing glances or heartbroken brooding. Just "That dude was kinda hot. Oh well!"

Are we sure Squaresoft made these games?

And yes, we do get EXP/BP for both phases of the fight. I except your apology, boss designer guy.

I always wait around until the Blizzard Chaser finally dissolves. Not taking any more chances.

Here's Kyle's gun. I could be wrong, and probably am, but not a huge upgrade over our P08. The attached flashlight is handy for stunning foes or flat-out killing moths, but I'm not sure the silencer actually has an effect beyond making cool noises. Generally, it seems to do slightly more damage than the P08, but has a low critical hit rate. Ultimately, in my eyes, the P229 and the P08 are roughly the same in terms of effectiveness, so whichever one you pick is purely personal preference.

I decide to stick with the P08 because lugers are for cool dudes


Y'know, that rickety old bridge might have collapsed because some jerk drove a motorcycle over it, but I prefer to think whoever drove it here just just a wicked sweet jump over the whole mess.

: It's big... 1600cc or larger. Hey... A leather side holster with a bottlecap design...

Look at all those ellipses! Okay, this is totally a Squaresoft game.

Oh, what? This monkey-looking dude not only has a fucking Gunblade, but he has a custom holster for it on his sick Harley? Why couldn't I play as this guy in Final Fantasy 8?

Oh, by the way, yeah our old friend Ned is still completely alive and not at all burned to death. What, you thought we'd kill a recurring villain in a cutscene?

Pffftahahahaha! That's funny, you're funny.

: It looks like a remote control switch.


: Nothing happened.

Well, there's your problem. That stupid horse zombie was apparently part rabbit and chewed through the power lines!

: It's a clean cut, like it was done with a blade. None of the other power lines seem to be damaged.[/i]

So that big whatsit in the middle of the room was a...a machine that does things. No, I know what it is. I totally know what it is.

: There's a mine shaft above... That must be where the creatures came in!

After killing the boss, the tunnels fill up with NMCs to slaughter, and it's probably not a bad idea to make a trip back to the truck and resupply. No reason, just sayin'.

Well, let's head out!

Oh, it's just bats.

Time to use our new silenced P229 to quietly and systematically take down the

nah, I'm just kidding. FUCK YOU BATS!

Anyway, a short trip and some easy BPs later, we're back in the power room. Considering we just fought two bosses (well, one boss twice), we should probably save.

Baldwin gives no fucks that our detective buddy was eaten by a horse.

So, that severed power line has fucked up our hard puzzling work from earlier. No problem, we'll just plug that shit back in and be on our way.

uh what the fuck is this

: That's odd... the wiring map is different than before.

So, the trick here is that now we need to make the lines reach BOTH Gate 1 and Gate 2 by plugging thingies into kajiggers.

Good thing we found an extra thingie when we found Kyle's gun!

This is a wrong solution.

This is the right solution! Now we can go press the button on Ned's bike to open...something.

Now, you're probably thinking that making us do that puzzle again was pointless padding and that I would be whining about it. But it's not, and forcing the player to jump through that one extra hoop is actually a good thing, a VERY good thing, for first time players and I'll tell you why in the next update.

What door, you ask?

Why, the completely inconspicuous wall with light shining out of it is actually a cleverly hidden passage! I never would have guessed! Dash cunning, that nefarious Ned.


Bonus Stuff

A friendly goon by the name of Seiren has proven throughout the thread to be far more knowledgeable than me about Parasite Eve 2. Here are his much more detailed thoughts about the Blizzard Chaser:

Seiren posted:

This guy....not threatening at all? I disagree, but eh. This part of the game is designed to wear you down and force you to use supplies to keep going. It is very much a sort of "final boss" for Disc 1, and serves as a painful introduction to Disc 2. You have a long way to go before you get any rest, any opportunity to really restock on items and ammo (aside from 9mm PB). So it's actually quite nice that the game beats you over the head with the whole "prepare to go to the shelter" phase at the end of Dryfield.

This boss is actually extremely dangerous, but that's primarily due to the location you're fighting in. I also heavily doubt it's a spoiler to mention that you have to fight it twice, because we can almost plainly see its red eyes and it getting back up after it initially falls.

At its most basic, yes, the room is in fact a ring with corners. Near each corner is one of the four mentioned barrels. Each "side" of the ring is an extremely narrow walkspace; just wide enough for both Aya and the Blizzard Chaser to fit through side-by-side. This greatly limits your maneuverability, and combined with the camera angles you're given, it's very difficult to keep an eye on the boss for long. The darkness only adds to that, making him surprisingly difficult. Its' agility works greatly in its favor, allowing it to quickly get-in and out, while you struggle with tight hallways, the darkness, and awful angles of sight.

The Chaser itself has multiple attacks; most which are executed from a running start (and it will be running around for 95% of the battle). It has a standard pounce, in which it leaps forward, knocking Aya down and sends her skidding across the ground for a distance. This can be avoided either by luck, or running under it in the direction it's attacking from. Avoiding by luck grants a very short window with which to attack it from the front, side, or back depending on where it landed in relation to Aya. It strikes at Aya's position from when it initially jumps, and covers the entire width of any "side" of the ring (it sort of swings its head & neck around when it lands). Avoiding it by rushing it provides a slightly longer window to attack it from behind, for a moderate amount of extra damage. Trying to avoid it by running in the opposite direction -can- work, but it sets-up for a close-range attack (it skids a short distance when it lands). It can also "disappear" from the ring temporarily -- it climbs on the heavy excavation equipment in the center of the room and pounces on Aya from there. This is its least dangerous (but most damaging) attack, as it telegraphs the motion with a loud moan, sigh, grunt, or whatever you want to call the noise it makes. Either way it sounds weird and staying on the move means it'll miss, opening up an opportunity to attack it from the front, as it seems to always land facing Aya. Finally, it has a melee attack, which it only uses if Aya is close, and the Chaser happens to not be running. It bites & grabs Aya by her neck and shakes her around a little bit. Since that's rare, it's likely to take you by surprise. It deals a moderate amount of damage, and it can inflict Poison status (this may only apply to round 2, I forget). You can shake your way out of this to reduce the amount of damage you take. Either way, you get poisoned, it has quite a good amount of time to work with to deal extra damage to you, and running around more increases the damage you take. If it happens to miss this attack, it's going to start running almost immediately after, so take a shot or two and get ready for the next attack. In Nightmare mode, assuming you haven't acquired better armor, every attack will kill you without Antibody Lv.3, and the big pounce will always kill you.

As for the four barrels, their HP is fixed at 30, even in Nightmare, which doesn't seem like much, but they have ridiculous defenses. You'll find yourself only doing 2~3, so you need to mentally keep a note of how damaged a barrel is if you expect to damage the Chaser with it. The M950 auto-pistol is incredibly effective for this. In higher difficulties, the barrels are extremely effective at dropping it, as their damage isn't scaled by the difficulty level. It is more economical to damage the barrels, then detonate them when the boss is near for...I actually forget how much damage, but it is extreme...and the blast will knock it down, allowing for some free criticals, or a spell or two.

Between rounds, all you get to do is loot the body of the Jumper Plug and Kyle's glorious P229, pretty much the 2nd best handgun in the game...unfortunately you won't be able to equip it, or even recover. So try to end the first round strong, as Round 2 begins immediately after the scene.

While I'm spoiling a little bit, its attacks do not change. It has the same set of moves, and the same general patterns as it did in Round 1. However, in Round 2, it moves and attacks faster, has substantially more HP, but does less damage. Applied to Nightmare, that means you can survive all but the big pounce without Antibody. With, you can even survive that (but only barely, and this assumes you've used Protein Capsules too).

If you don't like walls of text breakdowns about boss-battles, here's a summary: This guy is a complete asshole, but it's more due to the environment and not the boss itself. Its attacks are all relatively easy to avoid, and it has some very significant weaknesses to Wind-based energies. As Crowe mentioned, it is susceptible to Poison itself, but to lesser extent than the Fire Breather. While normally difficult to use during the battle, a very well-timed Plasma can knock it flat out of its normal pouncing attack, meaning free criticals while it scrambles to get back on its feet.  Apobiosis also works superbly, dealing excellent damage and paralyzing the boss for around 5 seconds...more than enough time to detonate a barrel on it. 

And finally, Happy Holidays from Aya Brea and an idiot.