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Part 35: Episode 34: Bottom Hunter

So, we're exploring the mysterious secret facility underneath an abandoned mine. Here, we have some lockers.

Strangely, they seemed to locked.

This surprisingly large room seems to have a bit of a rodent problem, so let's just clear that up as we poke around.

Immediately to Aya's left, we find this little shower room.

No, you only get one shower scene per game, ya buncha perverts

There's nothing in this basket, despite what the flavor text you have you believe. Sometimes I think Aya is just actively messing with us.

So, the lockers and showers are connected to what appears to be some sort of living quarters, containing several bunk beds.

also a naked guy

Well, now that that's dealt with, we can have a closer look around.

Let's start in here.

is that a space toilet

that is a space toilet

Moving right along...

Examining the bunk beds will get you an insight into the occupant of each one. These little details are part of the reason I love this game so much.

: TOP [Floyd] This bed is made to perfection. Nothing on the bookshelf, either. Maybe this bed was left open for a new recruit?

: There's a shirt on the bed, some boots underneath. The bookshelf's full. Lots of technical manuals for wiring and air-conditioners. Chandra must have been the local inspection and fix-it man.

This next one is more interesting, I promise.

: There's a poster of a bearded man on the wall by this bed. I don't get these people. What were they trying to emulate?

maybe they just dig beards, Aya, jeez

: A bookshelf... "Human Internal Evolution"

Hey, I remember that guy! I remember him cluttering up my inventory with useless shit. Maeda!

Despite the fact that Maeda's new theory on mitochondria was collaborated by a giant blob of human cells stomping through Manhattan and destroying the Statue of Liberty, the academics had to admit it was pretty fucking ridiculous. Can't really blame 'em.

: He sent me a copy once, but it never arrived. It's pretty high-level science. No time to read it now. There's a few other papers here... Mostly organic chemistry, it seems.

psst maybe remember this name for later, just sayin'

: This bed...

: Doesn't look like a burn injury, I wonder...

oh god run away

: Some family pictures on the wall. Nothing remarkable about this bed. What's on the bookself...?

uh what?

: I wonder what this person did. A counsellor (sic)? Nah... From the books he was read, I'm not sure he was entirely with it.

No shit?

Mods, please change my name to "Bottom Hunter"

: I don't think this bed is in use. These beds must have been used by technicians who stayed at night. That said, they do look well lived in.

Yeah, a little too well lived in.

Last bunk, what wonders await us here?

: This is quite an elegant bed. All these photos... These must be family pictures.


Oh, of course to complete the basement dwelling goon trifecta, we now have an Otaku. Fantastic.

: Looks like a network administrator that takes his family... and his hobbies, very seriously.

: Wow... These sheets are so messy even the wrinkles have wrinkles.

Oh my.

That is much less interesting than I was expecting.

: The bed and bookshelf are covered with computer books and magazines. Not every programmer is so concerned with physical well-being.

Well, that was all very interesting, but I'm glad we're done reading so we can get back to shooting mo-fos in the face.

oh goddammit

: Molecular biology, cellular physiology, molecular organic chemistry... There's a whole lineup of specialized medical texts.

Is that branch of MIST also staffed by a half dozen lazy assholes and one person with super powers who does all the work?

There's a PC here, but it doesn't seem to work. Maybe we can find out why...

Oh fuck, the LAN's down? Now how is Aya supposed to play Starcraft with the gross bunk bed guys???

oh well, time to move on

"Oh, it's YOU. Y'know, I bet you think your life is sooo hard with your mutant mitochondria that keeps you forever young and fit. Look at what mine did, ya whiner!"

"'Oh no, I'm cursed with the power to shoot lightning at people! Woe is me!' That's you, that's what you sound like. Idiot."

"Yeah, yeah, shoot me to death. Whatever, I don't care. Look at me, I'm look like Jabba the Hutt took a dump on a walrus."


"Oh, hey, did you kill Larry? Oh, thank god, that guy is such a downer. Y'know, maybe we could be friends!"

"oh god why"

Now that Aya has deal with that little drama, we can begin scoping out this large central room. This room is basically the major intersection of this floor, with six doors in total. Let's start searching them in no particular order.

These doors, like many others in the Shelter are helpfully labeled.

Dammit. Y'know, if our old buddy Ned had bothered to park his sick custom motorcycle in here, we'd never have been able to get into the Shelter at all. So thanks, Ned! You made it possible for us to foil your plan! Whatever the fuck it is!

That door dead ahead leads back to the lobby, so let's hit the one on Aya's right.

Well, that sounds promising. We'll just head on it, and...

wait fuck

shit stop it you jerks

stop hitting me with paralysis god fuck

Well, that didn't go exactly as I planned. At least we can finally see what's in this control room!


I think we are seriously in a submarine, you guys.