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Part 37: Episode 36: Dianoga

Last time, Aya decided to risk radiation poisoning because why the fuck not?

: This panel controls room entry and contacts the control room. The monitor's displaying something...

: Looks like I can go through.

Sure it's a bio-hazard clean room in an abandoned evil lab beneath a spooky mine, but whatevs it seem legit.

: I should be okay. I don't think the sterilization system is operative.

Aya sez "Don't be a pussy, you big baby!"

Seriously, this room is perfectly safe and so are the following rooms. Or maybe they're not and Aya remains perfectly safe because her cells are literally magic.

: I shouldn't use it without knowing who's on the other end.

Oh this? No, I'm just pointing this out for no reason. No reason at all.

Well, Aya's already host to sentient microorganisms that can shoot lightning and are also the ghost of her dead twin, so bring it the fuck on Level 3 Hotzone! You ain't shit!

This is the first save room we come across in the Shelter, and one of the only ones. I think there's maybe two others elsewhere in the facility. Generally, this is a room that I'll be seeing a lot of.

There is also a handy item storage box here that I promptly dump all my excess shit in to.

Time to sabotage the Shelter by making long distance calls

: The phone at MIST will detect any wiretaps, it should be safe.

: I see... You think you found the shelter? Ah, the abandoned mine, right... Understood. Check it out.

: By the way, Boss, they seem to have MIST issue equipment down here. There's a BP scanner and a gun vending machine and everything! Any idea what's up with that?

: I'm gonna level with you, Brea. I'm pretty drunk right now and I haven't been listening to a word you've said since I hired you. Good luck with your shoe shopping or whatever. *click*

: *sigh*

Time to move on.

Huh, I wonder if there's a cutscene in here--

We rejoin the mysterious girl from Aya's dreams in the sepia toned realm of the 1930's recent past!

She is being pursued a group of ominous disembodied voices on the other side of the door.

She did what? How?

Oh my. George Lucas gonna sue somebody...

Newt here can't even afford a pair of pants, much less a lawyer, so she books it.

Through the door, she finds a...

...a thing.

The girl screams.
(there's actually a scream audio clip here that I always forget about so it always makes me jump)

Aya is disoriented by her sudden vision, and also missing a finger?

10 to 1 she's a macguffin for the second half of the plot

Well, that was weird.

Checking the doors we came in through reveals there may be more to these visions than we may have thought.

Around the corner, we find an elevator and the door the girl escaped through. Let's try to follow her first.

No dice, it's locked. Well, there was a giant spike thing in there, so maybe we don't want to open the door anyway.

Let's head down instead.

Downstairs we find another L-shaped corridor and another heavily sealed door.

Yup, also locked. Oh well, this isn't Silent Hill, so we'll be able to unlock every door eventually.



By the way, here's a nice little feature of the shotguns: you can hit everything within the bullet spread. Most enemies don't usually get close enough to each other for this to matter, but enemies like these Wall Turrets and the exploding Babies are suddenly much easier to wipe out in fewer shots.

Shotgun blasts also gib enemies when you kill them

I fuckin' love the SP12, you guys

By the way, here's Aya's new comment on the map screen. Interesting, but not very helpful if you forget what you're doing.

Whatever, let's head into the septic tank. I do like that the septic tank in housed in the middle of a central corridor that you need to pass through to reach the rest of the facility.

Also that the waste water is just floating uncovered on the sides of a rail-less walkway. That seems hygienic.


Fortunately, these enemies, called Bog Divers, are crazy weak to fire, so Pyrokinesis can drop them in one shot. Firefly Shells might take 2, but either way, Divers go down easy.

They also telegraph their attacks pretty heavily, so generally they're pretty easy to deal with.

Now let's get out of here. Just cuz Aya's a super cop doesn't mean she has to smell poo-gas.

The Main Corridor is a mirror image of the large central hallway upstairs. A double sided cross with a door at each end. One minor difference, though:

The room is lined with shallow water tanks that exist pure to give us an excuse to fight more Divers. Good thing we know that fire purifies all!

You normally can't hit them when they dive, since Aya loses her lock on, but sometimes you get luck and can sneak in a shot just after they go under.

Well, now that THAT's done, we have a whole new level to explore! YAY!


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