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Parasite Eve 2

by Crowetron

Part 41: Episode 40: Cry for the Moon

Last time, on Parasite Eve 2, we cured obesity forever and met back up with Kyle Madigan. Now, let's try to get away from him again.

Once again, Kyle will actually follow us around and fight along side us for a few screens. You may notice, however, that he has replaced his old handgun with an assault rifle with what appears to be an underslung flamethrower(!!!). This section is less of an escort quest and more of a "save your ammo while the arsenal in a turtleneck mops up" quest.

This door is locked from the other side. Luckily, there's a small corridor off to our left that might be kinda hard to see because Kyle's stupid fat head is in the way

Yeah, this corridor.

Man, it sure does feel nice to be out of that garbage dump! I wonder where these stairs go?

Oh. A sewer.


So, this is the sewage system where waste and garbage is washed away. Or maybe it feeds into the incinerator? I dunno, but there's a whole lot more of those failed experiments chilling out among the refuse.

Mad Strangers and their mutilated bros are largely harmless, and the rewards for killing them reflect that. Still, PURGE ALL XENOS

Y'know, these Kyle sections don't make a lot of sense to me.

It's like they wanted sections where you need to look out for a partner to add tension and mix things up a little. Kyle only has the most baseline level of health and you can't heal him. If he dies, it's game over.

But every time this happens, Kyle only follows you for a few minutes and you only face the weakest possible enemies available while he's around. Plus, he's armed, which makes the fights even more unfair than they were before! Granted, on the harder difficulties (and one specific bonus mode), I can imagine these segments being more troublesome, but on normal playthroughs? There's no chance of either of you dying or likely even getting hit!

I just don't understand what the point of these sections actually is. But I guess I can't complain for an easy ride after a boss fight.

Anyway, you're probably wondering why this sewer seems so dry. Where's all the water?

Oh, there it is.

And Eddie Boggs!

Well, this pool is blocking our path. Kyle appears to be getting impatient.

Someone at Square-Enix remembered this line, so now The Third Birthday has fully playable bikini skins! Thanks for missing the point of your own series, Square!

Bitching aside, here's the console to drain the pool. We'll just flip a switch and...



Okay, I guess we need a numerical password. Note that we need a password to drain the sewer, but all we had to do to get into the TOP SECRET EVIL LAB was turn on the power.

Fortunately, there's a memo containing the password not five seconds away! Guess they need to pad out a few extra seconds of game time.

Oh, a puzzle, is it? I'll play your game, you paper cad.

This puzzle is super easy. A rat has four legs, a roach has six, and a spider has eight. 4 + 6 + 8 = 18.

I am a goddamn math genius

The grates open.

The pool drains.

And the sewers flood! Our path is now open.

I wonder why this sewage system was designed in such a way that a worker would have to walk through the water if they wanted to actually fix anything.

I bet Aya's regretting that skirt now. Or is it shorts?

If I was a Survival Horror game protagonist, I wouldn't go anywhere without wearing a pair of those big rubber fisherman pants.

So, inside of this massive underground facility made of steel and sci-fi laser turrets, there's this brick and mortar hallway in the sewers. Because, why not?

Wouldn't it be funny if those pipes on the roof were for the facility's drinking water?

Oh, hi there.

This Bog Diver is unique in that we've drained the water right out from under the poor guy. He can't move in water this shallow, so he can basically just sit there and wait for death.

well, naturally he can also fart electricity, that goes without saying


Now that he's dealt with, let's take a look at that gate up there.

This is the Full Moon Gate, by the way. It's not labeled in any way, but trust me, it totally is.

Naturally, it's locked.

Naturally, I press the examine button until Aya gets annoyed.

Heading back the other way, we find another set of stairs behind the recently deceased Bog Diver.

This one has a ladder, so let's head on down.

We're back down alongside the sewer trenches. We can't go back through them because of the water, but we can follow this new path.

am I forgetting something?

nah, probably nothing

The water is now populated by the occasional Bog Diver. Populated very briefly, at least.

Down to our right is where we first came into this sewer system. We just went in the biggest, smelliest circle ever!

At least we found the exit!

Here, we find the locked door to the save room (which we can unlock from this side), and an elevator leading back into the Shelter proper. Here is also where I realize that I DID forget something!

Time to go back!

Oh, and I guess this thing is a lift? Whatever, let's go.

There's actually a little walkway here that I completely didn't notice!

Aya celebrates this discovery via an impromptu light show.

Here, we find the lever to open the Full Moon Gate. Told you it was called that.

Annoyingly, it also needs a password.

Luckily, the note with the clue is located in the very same room.

Well, that wasn't very useful. Hang on, I think I remember seeing something on Japan and the Moon just the other day.

Oh, here it is.

Well, clearly the answer is 15! In all seriousness, I have no idea what's up with this puzzle. Maybe there's some correlation between the Full Moon, the Japanese, and the number 15 that I'm completely oblivious to, but Google says the answer is 15, so 15 it is!

Hey, thanks Google!

I wonder where this mysterious passage connects to?

Between this familiar rope and the faint sound of barking, I think we're back in Dryfield!

Aya's responding to the barking noises, by the way.

Ever notice how's Kyle's never around when we're talking to Douglas? How we've never actually seen him interact with anyone but us? What if he can't? What if Kyle Madigan doesn't really exist? Maybe Kyle is just a figment of Aya's deranged mind? What if the monsters are, too?! HAVE WE BEEN SHOOTING REAL BABIES THIS WHOLE TIME???

Or maybe the developers were just done with the whole escort quest mechanic, whatever.

Worried about Douglas? Worried that he's been kicking too much ass and is kinda tired now?

: I know. Go check on Mr. Douglas now, and join me at the shelter later.

: Right.

: Kyle...

Well, looks like we're back in Dryfield for the moment.

It's good to be back.