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Part 45: Episode 44: Hack The World

Last time on Parasite Eve 2, we discovered that this creepy evil laboratory is actually way creepier than we thought. Like stalker creepy.

We do have this lone working computer terminal, though.

Well, we don't know the password, or what's up with that cartoon caterpillar up there. Plus, that wallpaper is kinda freaking me out.

Maybe this whiteboard is hold some answers.

"1. Install Cloud antivirus. 2. Block all outside mail. 3. For more info, see Aeris vol. 9 [on the desk]."

So, apparently, the computer systems have caught some sort of virus and we need to throw a bunch of FF7 references at it to get into the mainframe. Makes sense. We've seen that name "Yoshida" before in the dormitories. Might as well check there first!

We can unlock this door, by the way, to make another shortcut back to the main corridor of B2.

Like so.

The trip back is uneventful as no new Hot Zones pop up just yet.

Gee, I wonder if the thing we're looking for is the one part of the background not prerendered

Yeah, this is gonna be one of those wordy updates. Sorry guys.

: "The next generation computer virus 'Fate Keeper.' This virus is actually a kind of worm that opens a hole in password protection and automatically changes the passwords it finds. The worm duplicates itself over email messages, so once an infection is detected it's usually too late."

: "Fortunately, the worm announces its arrival by displaying an animated caterpillar graphic on the screen, so you know if you've been hit and can move on to damage control."

: "Once it enters a system, the worm works its insidious brand of magic by rearranging the letters of the passwords it finds in alphabetical order. Letters appearing more than once are displayed with the letter and the number of times it appears."

So, basically this "Next generation virus" exists solely to inconvenience you for about ten minutes while you track down a piece of paper and a pen.

Fatebreaker is less of a virus and more of just kind of a dick.

Anyway, now we know how to fix this problem and finally get some damn answers.

Judging from the background, the original password was "MELISSAMAYA". Aya wisely chooses not to dwell on the fact that this evil laboratory containing cell cultures based on her own cells was using a mash-up of her arch-enemy and dead twin's names as a password.

This puzzle revolves entirely around your willingness to read and follow instructions. With the knowledge from Aeris in mind, we can safely deduct that the new password is "A3EILM2S2Y".

The computer does a little start-up sequence, complete with engine revving noises. This whole UI is troublingly adorable.

Anyway, we're in. As Bowman? That's an odd coincidence. Oh well, let's see what's under the first option.


Well, Main Files sounds more interesting anyway, let's just...

I'm gonna save us all a little time and tell you that Visitor Program is the only option that works at the moment. Although why a secret subterranean laboratory has a visitor program, I dunno.

: Please answer the following for verification purposes.

So now we have to answer a brief trivia quiz to access the real shit. Again, this seems like a bad idea to program a visitor system that gives access to SECRET EVIL EXPERIMENTS info in any way, but what the hell. There's about a dozen different questions it could ask you, but luckily we only have to answer 3.

This first question was answered way back during our exposition chat with Kyle before leaving Dryfield. Vectors are things that are bad.

This one is just seeing if you've been paying attention to anything for the past few hours.

And this one if just checking if you know what game you're playing. Here's a tip: The answer to everything in Parasite Eve is always Mitochondria. Always.

: 3 correct. Visitor access granted.

At this point, Aya takes over for cutscene time.

Something that doesn't really come up in the game is that ANMCs are actually different than NMCs. NMCs are Neo Mitochondrial Creatures, which is just a fancy term for the horrors Eve created, like Rattigan and his pals. ANMCs are Artificial Neo Mitochondrial Creatures, or horrible abominations created by mankind fucking around with Eve-style mitochondria. Generally, anything with metal bits and human-like features is an ANMC, whereas stuff like the giant scorpions and worms are just regular ol' NMC.

: The 2NP harnesses the evolutionary potential of neo-mitochondria to revitalize the human race.

Well, that's sounds like a patently bad idea.

: Obtain sample neo-mitochondria with latent power equal to or greater than that responsible for the N.Y. incident.

: Administer sample to a test subject. Redesign subject's genetic profile to explore evolutionary possibilities and multiple ANMC breeds.

Next stage of human evolution: exploding babies.

: Release humanity's true potential and preserve its vitality in the coming century through planned evolution.

: Stage 1 Complete.

: I'LLll...ssssaaay!

: Problems resulted from test subject insurrection. Will attempt repression using clones from the sample.

: Further access denied.

: ID: RGP07027. Nationality: U.S.A.

I would not have guessed Aya was from Boston. Also note how they have her listed as a member of MIST despite MIST supposedly being SUPER FUCKING TOP SECRET.

: But... But then...

Luckily, Aya trails off before she can go full Other M on us.

Just then, the phone rings! Who could possibly have this number?

The game gives us control back, but we can't progress without answering the phone, so we might as well!

: If this is Baldwin calling to tell me I can't have any backup, I swear to God...

uh what

: It's me! Pierce!

: Pierce!? Where are you!?

Pierce, so we have to have a talk about boundaries?

: What? I thought... I told you to take it easy! After what--

: I'll rest later, Doctor Aya. In the meantime, I'm hacking the shelter mainframe. I'm a programming genius!

: Got a gun, genius?

: You know I don't like those things.

Aya is rolling her eyes so hard right now, you guys. So hard.

: Aya, you have to check this out. Come on up here! I'm to the north of you. Just check your GPS. You're gonna like this!

: Listen, Pierce? Don't move from there, OK?

Time to go rescue Pierce from his own idiocy. Again. He's up on B1, and only a few new Hot Zones appear, so I take the time to clear them out.

I'm sitting on quite a pile of EXP at this point. I should have another spell vote soon. In the meantime,

Pierce is chillin' on the other side of this door we've passed by several times now. Fuck if I know how he got in there, but he left it unlocked for us.

Well, this room seems pretty norm--


: A creature, like in that daydream. It's...It's gigantic! I can hear a faint heartbeat. The carapace is thick, but there's definitely something living inside...

Yeah, no kidding.

: W-What was that? A voice...from inside me! I feel ill just standing near this thing.

Yes, let's stay far, far away from the giant monster cactus.

The catwalk opens into a little control room, where that's a nice thick wall separating us from that thing.

Oh, but this dingleberry is here.

: Don't scare me like that!

: I thought I told you to rest!

: Sorry...

I really do like the body language in these scenes. It's about as close as this game gets to physical comedy.

: You're going to get yourself killed.

Yeah, what kind of idiot comes this far in the game without AT LEAST military grade hardware?

: Like you're one to talk! Hal's always grumbling about...

: Have you all forgotten that I can summon lightning with my mind? Besides, I've been calling for backup the past two fucking days!

: But...

: Curious, eh?

: Press the right sensor to switch the screens.

Yeah, yeah, shuddap Pierce. First, we'll press this OPERATE button at the bottom of the screen.

This unlocks the door we're looking at! Using this monitor is how we're going to open up the rest of the Shelter, as 4 of the five cameras have an OPERATE function. Now, let's follow Pierce's instructions and flip over to Camera B.

: When I saw you here, I called you on the intercom.

: You mean the phone?

: Whatever.

: Touch the next sensor panel.

We'll just turn that elevator on before moving to the next camera. Y'know, I'm not sure what Pierce is so excited about, I mean we've seen all these places, right?

Okay, that's unexpected.

: So green... A forest? What's up with that? Aren't these monitors all internal?

And you guys thought the Shelter was boring.

: It's an underground facility called "Neo Ark." The researchers just called it the "Ark."

: "Ark", huh? The built to save pairs of animals from the great flood... What, this is Noah's Ark? Get real!

: Hey, don't look at me!

: A greenhouse on a massive scale. It's even got an artificial sun.

: Why would anyone...?

: All I know is something in there's generating a lot of power. Enough to create some kind of electromagnetic barrier...

: That thing you saw... That big, nasty, pupa-like thing. That ANMC grows on the power being broadcast from Neo Ark.

Aya, why are you standing like that. Aya, are you an anime?

: That ANMC pupa... It must be the neo-mitochondria factory Kyle's talking about.

: Kyle...? Who's he?

: Some douche.

: So if that's the case, then all we have to do is take out the Neo Ark generator to stunt its growth big-time.

Hell yeah, let's go shoot more things!

: But where is it?

: Those're ANMCs. Each dot represents a creature.

Fun fact: This screen actually reflects which Hot Zones you've cleaned out and which you haven't. Those dots on the screen are actually behind a door we just unlocked, so there's no way to have already killed them.

: Remember that implant you picked up in the Tower?

: The day before yesterday?

: Here, take it.

: That means...

: Right. This shows ANMC locations. It's a kind of tracking system.

: That's you there, Aya.

: That blue point of light?

: Just a little trick of mine... Try pressing "NEXT."

We can actually cycle through the whole map of the Shelter from here.

Kinda neat, but we could already do the same thing with our in-game map.

This is new, though.

: That's the "Neo Ark" facility. There's a heavy-duty magnetic field interfering with the detection system.

: I see.

A crazy artificial jungle underneath the Mojave Desert and filled with unknown numbers of mutant abominations? I GUESS I'll take care of it.

: Roger that.

: But you...

: I'll stay here.

: The tracker will warn me if anybody's coming. That, and I've got some unfinished business here...

: Get a move on!

Welp, I guess we have a new objective and a new environment to explore! But first...

There's a phone here!

: I'm going to take this to HQ.

Whu? Baldwin...doing something? Pierce being useful? WHAT IS HAPPENING TO MY WORLD?!