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Part 54: Episode 53: Girl Talk

Last time on Parasite Eve 2, we fought a bunch of Golems, stole a car, and learned that sometimes the best solution to an army of monster is just a regular army.

also the President may or may not blow us all up with an orbital laser, but nevermind that, we got lotsa talking to get through.

: They're what MIST is after... They're those creatures' main ingredient.

: What about the biological pollution in the shelter?

: By now the neo-mitochondria without hosts are grouping...

: That's a hard story to swallow.

: I mean, I'm no biologist, but I'm pretty sure mitochondria don't do any of the stuff you just described. Like, I'm not even sure what you're talking about, but 'mitochondria' would be at the bottom of my list of guesses. But I don't even get a name, so whatever you say, lady.

: I wouldn't be so confident. They can also affect the mitochondria already within us.

: Actually, we did get a report of something other than the cyborgs...

: Was it a talking rat? Because if it was, I swear to God...

: It might be wise to quarantine them and run test.

: I see. It seems we have no choice... What about yourself? Will you be okay in there?

Another army dude walks into the tent at this point.

They go over and talk about army guy stuff while Aya reflects on...stuff, I guess?

Those psychic visions must get annoying after a while.

: I have bad news. We've completed a thorough search of the area but we can't find any girl or large man meeting you descriptions.

This is a sly little line they toss in, because he could just be referring to Kyle if you left Pierce to die on the water tower.

: I... I see...

: Can I still be Aya?

: Look, if you're not going to take this seriously...

: Sorry. Sorry. Please, go on.

: I thought so...

: Might you know what it is?

: Yes... I should be able to get in there. Can I go check it out?

And in one line, this nameless Lieutenant just became my favorite male character in the game. He's the only person to take one look at Aya and go "Shit, you have magic powers and a giant shotgun. You can handle this".

: The secured area should be safe, but I can't speak for the lower levels. Please use caution.

: Thank you.

Finally done talking! Now we can...walk to the next conversation! Yeah, this is gonna be a talky one, folks.

We'll start by bugging the Lieutenant some more.

: Our objectives are simple:

1. Subdue armed terrorist group

2. Secure said group's base.

Also, there's this super helpful map here! Look what it reveals for us!

Several rooms we've already been in AND the one we're in now! Wait, this secret lab had a big-ass heliport right outside? Why did we have to go through the abandoned mine, then?

Let's bug this guy!


: I'll let you know if we hear anything. Unfortunately, shortwave radio can't penetrate the shelter lining.

: That's okay. I can use the phones inside.

: Keep your wits about you. You'll find 'em.

: Thank you.

All these soldiers are so helpful and polite. There's recruitment films with less friendly soldiers!

Anyway, let's see what's going on back at HQ.

: HQ is helping me uncover some of Hal's shady connections. We may have played a part in someone's nasty scheme.

Shockingly, MIST is not the most competent top secret agency. I mean, they have a better track record than S.T.A.R.S., but that's not saying much.

: Leave things here to me, you go find that bastard. You're the only one who can save Eve and Pierce now.

: Please, be my guest.

Yeah, the chillest 2nd Lieutenant in military history is fine with us just taking a handful of grenades. No biggie.

Unfortunately, Aya will not ask to take any dynamite.

: I don't see why not... Go ahead.

Seriously, I love these guys!

Outside, we get a visit from an old friend.


: How did you find me!?

A gift bearing dog is the greatest of all dogs.

The canister is actually a nice little letter.

Well, that was nice, now let's...wait, who dat?

Oh shit, Jodie's here! Actually, which member of the B-team greets you here depends on your actions. If you saved Pierce, found his letter about Hal, AND called Jodie to give her the heads-up, Jodie is waiting for you here. Otherwise, Rupert shows up.

Rupert's a cool guy, but having Jodie arrive gives us access to different and arguably better rewards. Also, if Rupert shows up, you are no longer on track for the best ending, so there's that.

Also, it's worth noting that it's entirely possible to find out that Hal is a traitor and then just be an asshole and never tell anyone. This is irrelevant but I thought it was kinda funny.

Anyway, Jodie.

: Hey, we did it! Caught that rat Hal by his furry little tail!

: What did you find out?

Aya just don't give a fuck, sorry.

: Do you know anything about the organization?

: Most of the evidence is gone.

: Oh, too bad... But you know, it wasn't just Hal!

Hey, see this?

See this massive goddamn sequel hook? Guess what plotline Third Birthday completely fucking ignores.

 it's this one 

: Rupert's on the case -- you wouldn't believe how deep it goes.

: If anyone can get to the bottom of this, it's Rupert.

Because fuck knows the player will never get to hear about this ever again.

"I got this shit. Y'all can chill."

: No one cares

: We don't know where he is.

: Really? Oh... But I'm also kinda jealous. He's always the biggest chicken, but tell him Aya needs help...

: Ah, give the poor guy a break...

: Oooh, did I hit a nerve? Sorry!

As you might have guessed, Jodie has more to say if we talk to her again.

: I just talked to the lieutenant.

You get access to a store here with both Rupert and Jodie, but Jodie causes a few extra items to be unlocked for purchase.

Also, I'm pretty sure Rupert also does this, but Jodie has gathered up all the item boxes outside the shelter and put them in one convenient crate!


: And that little girl, Eve.

: I know.

Jodie, this is not the time for sarcasm.

: Pierce's a big old hero now, and that girl's got some moves!

: I...I'm sure you're right.

This guy is not the shop guy, but it's important to talk to him anyway.

: We're just the advance guard. Backup forces should be arriving shortly.

Yeah, I saw that last FMV, I know.

: Can I have some of that ammo?

: You've been cleared. Take as much as you need, ma'am.

Here's the other effect of having Jodie around. Rupert apparently doesn't bother to clear the request with the army or whatever, so you can't access this stash without Jodie.

Notice that "40mm Grenade" option? That's right, free infinite explosives!

The soldier chilling behind the truck is the shop dude. This is also where you find my favorite exchange in the game:

Chillest army in the world.

As far as guns go, the Army has every weapon we've seen so far and not too much more.

Y'know, except for the LASER

As far as armor, we have this. The Aya Special is one of the best armors in the normal game, and I've got enough Belt Pouches laying around to make it even better. MP Recovery is always good, and Quick Fire is handy since I tend to favor heavier weapons like the AS12.

But here's the real prize. Rifled Slugs are the strongest shotgun ammo in the game, and can pierce through multiple enemies. Also, R.Slugs crit with every single hit on a Golem. And now we can just buy them.

Load up the AS12 with R.Slugs and suddenly nothing can stand in your way. Even the final boss can't stand up against Aya Brea, the human artillery. I promptly buy all of the R.Slugs I can carry.

Rifle? Oh, I also bought something for my rifle!

Join me next time as I proceed to go mad with power