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Part 58: Episode 57: The End of The End Part 2


Aya's talking now, by the way

Not what I'd want to see first thing in the morning, but okay.

: You're alive!?

: Yeah, more or less.

: Where's Eve?

: She's fine. She's sleeping next to me.

: Phew...

: Kyle, I... There's a lot I have to tell you.

: Me too. But now it's time to rest.

: But... I...

The screen fades to black before Aya can confess her undying love to a guy she met yesterday who shot her literally ten minutes ago.

: And a child. We got two down! They're warm!

: You okay? You sure are lucky we found you in one piece! Medic! Over here!


: I see. Good.

Oh, Clinton, you so crazy

: And the media?

: Most of them are broadcasting that "cultist nuclear attack" story.

:So the disinformation worked?

I like that "cultists try to nuke U.S. soil" is a less crazy story than what actually happened.

: Any reports linking this to what happened in Manhattan?

: None at this time, sir.

: Excellent.

: All of our resources are focused on removing evidence. By the time the press gets in, it'll be emptier than Roswell.

Oh yeah, that secret space laser is kind of a "big deal", isn't it?

: No need to worry about that. We'll be releasing CG-doctored images soon showing a microwave misfire from a solar-power collecting satellite.

: Hmm...

: There's just one thing...

: What's that?

: That agent we sent...


: He knows too much! He must be found a brought in.

: I've already given the order, sir.

: Just think...


Here we have the end of the game. Before our final FMV, Aya gives us a little montage/recap of what's been going on with our bros since we saved the human race again. This is the bit that changes the most depending on what ending you've gotten.

: The FBI moved into action, arrest some of its own, and some MIST officers, on charges of collaboration with a private organization.

: However, all information regarding the organization running the shelter has been classified.

Too bad there was no Parasite Eve 3 to follow up on these massive sequel hooks!

: The report released to the public explained the events as an armed cultist uprising and its suppression. Just like that, the case was closed.

: Neo-mitochondria were filed... and forgotten.

: He's working with Jodie on a secret project... The full public disclosure of MIST and the NMCs.

i still hate you so much maeda

: By identifying neo-mitochondrial DNA, he calculated the frequency of latent carries over a 10 year span. His theory that these carriers would lead to the evolution of the human species is not widely accepted.

Oh hey, lookit that, another sequel hook that will immediately be forgotten.

: They really hit it off, and their project's going well. Pierce thinks that my case, in which the neo-mitochondria merely strengthened their host instead of taking outright control, is the true path to mutual prosperity.

: They intend of educate possible carrier before they transform, and thereby reduce the occurrence of NMCs... and the persecution of carrier that would follow.

And now I want a game where Aya fights Magneto. Goddammit, Square-Enix, that would be so awesome!

: His character has changed, too. No more timid Pierce. Jodie is greatly relieved, too.

Gah! Don't DO that!

: She's now my younger sister. No questions asked. She's been going to junior high for a month now and loves it.

: Her face reveals nothing of her dark past. She is full of life and quite popular at school. It also seems that she's lost her neo-mitochondrial powers.

Not even a laser strike from fucking orbit can kill Gary "Goddamn" Douglas

Haha, Douglas owns.

Probably hobbled off somewhere.

: I run searches for him now and then, but no luck. I haven't even found a trace. If he hadn't shot me, I'd wonder if he really existed at all.

I honestly have no idea what was up with that flying scene, so you're guess is a good as mine, Aya.

: I hope he didn't get into trouble on account of helping us...

: In the meantime, I'll keep searching. After all, he was the one who told me, "Never give up!"

: Eve craves knowledge-- she's so excited about tomorrow she can't sleep. I'll have to brush up if I'm going to be able to answer her questions.

The Final FMV

And so, we return to the Natural History Museum in New York City. Ah, memories.

Apparently, in the Parasite Eve world, we had already mastered holograms by 2001. If not for the occasional skinless monstrosity running around, their world seems pretty sweet.

: It was right here, Aya?

: That's right, kiddo. This is where your big sis punched a T-Rex to death. With my bare hands.

: Wow...


: Chicks dig the peg leg

And there you have it. Parasite Eve 2: a game about blowin' shit up and wildly misinterpreting basic biology. You can click here to watch the credits. They have some sweet music, but I won't blame you for skipping them.

There's not too much left to say. The game was pretty much begging for a sequel with that ending, but, alas, a third Parasite Eve game was never, ever, ever made. Never. We're not completely done here, we still have a few more things to show off, like the other endings and some unlockables. Actually, speaking of unlockables...

At the end of the credits, the game tallies up everything in your inventory and assigns them a BP value. As you can see, certain items, like the Medicine Wheel, are worth much more than others.

Then, the game adds up all the EXP you've acquired over the course of the game, and gives you both that and the BP sum of your items at the start of your next game. As you can imagine, this can lead to great fun and many opportunities for experimentation.

And then, depending on your total accumulated and spent EXP, the game gives you a set of items you can purchase at the start of your New Game+

one rank higher and I would've unlocked the AS12

See you guys in the magical land of Bonus Updates.